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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    Well well well....

    I thought this thread was done n dusted but the fuckboys of the realm keep @yourstruelly...award time? Really larkaryans? Smh...all my ravens are retired so Ill guess Ill do this personally:

    Mastery wrote: »
    Best BEEF
    Beef? What beef mofos? Triggas ran through everyone like the Dothraki did the Lannisters...shit...LossExcellence single handedly served the entire Larkboy crew...guess the best beef was between da triggas n the largs... @Elzo69Renaissance and @CapitalB

    Best Squad MVP

    Largs: Has to be the BossLoss aka as informantExcellence, simpexcellence and CapitalL...why do you ask? Well one has to keep in mind that the larg leader Dany is the equivalent of feminine insecurity, entitlement issues, hubris, white saviour complex, a nagging petty hoe...and who else resembles a lil white bitch better than capitalL? The true embodiment of white girl privilegde...give him a standing ovation everyone! Well done.

    Larks: @chisnow got this...never have I seen someone take Ls so gracefully...mofo went to the wall and could tell them Ls came naturally for him...through experience he has learned to adapt and embrace those Ls all for the glory of the realm. Congratz fam, you held those Ls like your name was HoLoss!

    TeamBurr: Charles invented the hashtag but it was none other than @2stepz_ahead who kept it #burr at all times...even went back to gifschool to study and shit...

    TeamLion: @Madame_CJSkywalker , she thought her crew wouldnt make it out the season, kept shit 100. Mainly nominated cause she was the only Lannister out there lmao. Lemz didnt show.

    Triggas: @Sion got this...yeah we kicked him out...but that was by design. We gave him a pre emptive L and thus triggered him out of the Ls of true trigga fashion...he is the only former lark n trigga member still breathing.

    Best Gifs
    CapitalSimp of the united simps of essos got this and its not even close...fuckboy was droppin gaves like we owed him gifs in the thread...shit...the gottdamn forum!

    Best Comeback (The Jon Snow Beric Dondarrion Award)
    TeamTrigga after the queer af exposure. I got mad @lastery in the spoiler pms cause there was no coming back from that shit...but we did, largs couldnt be subtle and spammed the thread with faggotry, exposed themselves and left us all disgusted out there in the realm...we let them spin their faggotry to the ground untill we could point their flaws out. Classic trigga move.

    Most Shocking Moment of the thread
    Largs being petty and nagging about the shows writing after e6.

    Most Loyal Team
    Triggas. We knew we were done for before the season even started but we still repped...largs n larks scattered like mice when shit hit the fan while we stayed true to our plight.

    Most Underrated Squad
    TeamLOL. Mainly because no one repped for em.

    Protector of the Realm Award
    @atribecalledgabi regardless of her spamming my penthouse with ravens, she kept shit moving, banning mofos before dawn, 24/7 about the bidness...shout out to @lastery for all the assists...and @Sion for coming through all season...shit, all 3 of em were in here like the trinity:

    Most Shocking Moment in the Show
    Regardless of knowing it beforehand: the death of Baelish...When I knew we were going out like a bitch I was the way it happened...seems like the writers didnt know how to write Baelish (and Varys). Went from one of the most witty and compelling to the gottdamn most ignorant. S1 to S6 Baelish and Varys were completly different than their s7 counterparts...I know yall feel the same cause yall expected Baelish to tell Jon about his pops n madre in the catacombs and didnt understand why he gave the dagger to Brann etc...weve just been lurking all season and got schooled by Sansa like...euh...yeah like we were Sansa from s5/6. Damn shame.

    Rookie of the Year
    @larkboy inori. Fam was coppin please, bitching all over the realm and didnt know how to take them Ls gracefully like his great leader and veteran of Ls Chicity could. I expect him cherish these Ls and bond with em so he ll be able to rock the L banners with full force the coming season.

    Funniest Poster Award
    LordLoss got this. No one has made me laugh more than largexcellence and his damn afropick gifs.

    All Time Thread MVP/The Best Poster
    @lastery bar none. We knew the spoilers and the amount of foreshadowing this mofo did that flew over everyones head was truelly masterfull lmao.

    Three Eyed Raven Award
    @Mister B. He almost spoiled it for team trigga. Called us out in the beginning of the season, all I could do was call him a fuckboy(which he is).

    Most Disreespeckful Neegha Award
    @d.morgan...that meme/gif was pure disrespect for us all.

    Lone Wolf Award (Most Independent Poster)
    @Inglewood_B ...only mofo I can think of that was part of a crew but went out his way to let his admiration of white mens beards be known. Started with a crew but once fam's menstruation cycle began, nwo slowly started to distance themselves from said fuckboy which lead to him becoming a true indie: alone with his admiration and bloody pun.

    Most Treacherous Poster
    @atribecalledgabi ... Still not sure if she is a lannister undercover with the largs or a larg undercover with the Lannisters... Obviously a double agent.

    Best Tag Team
    The prime members of the simps of the roundtable : ser Lastery and ser capitalL

    Biggest Trolls

    Gotta be teamtrigga...Notice that we never went in depth on the show and derailed. We really had zero moves in the show, all I could do was spam all you fuckboys with disrespect.

    @Sion @Elzo69Renaissance


    MaywoodMasteryatribecalledgabiChi SnowinoriCapitalBInglewood_BMadame_CJSkywalker(Nope)Sion
  • Re: Mental Health Thread: What's your take on Therapy and the whole psychosocial industry?

    Really depends on the psychiatrist I'd reckon...just like other doctors, not all are good at what they do.

    Only been to one twice...shit helped tremendously. I always try to improve myself, believe I can will power my way through everything but at the time I guess one could say I needed an outsider to help me out n put shit in perspective.
  • Re: The Official 2017/18 Football/Soccer Thread

    Great start of the game man

    Didn't know Jese was at Stoke lol

    How feyenoord playing compa are they any threat to City

    Usually not but anything can happen in De Kuip (Feyenoord home ground)...I've seen them beat man u and back in the day Dortmund, Inter etc. Great atmosphere there, should be an entertaining match hermano.
  • Re: My name is My name

    Its funny, here in Indonesia people in general dont have family names. Theyll give their kids brand new names and shits hilarious'll think a mofo has some Western/foreign heritage but nah, the parents just made it up lol.

    For example: my mother in law has a Russian name and my father in law an Italian one. They have zero ties to those nation's. Their folks just digged the names. They gave their daughter a western name...

    So I allmost chocked out my father in-law when he suggested to give my son a different last son carries on my fams name and my wife has my last name added to her name...

    Yeah it might be Petty and egocentric shit at the end of the day...but still my kids n wifey need my last name for unison/family bond related shit.
  • Re: The Official 2017/18 Football/Soccer Thread

    Yo @aggyaf your fam is making moves!


    Plays for the under 21 squad and just made a transfer to Heerenveen (same club the likes of Van Nistelrooy, Huntelaar and basically every damn scandivanian player went to before they made it big). Just read up about him on the most prominent dutch footy site...apparantly he is considered highly talented and might be playing for the main dutch national squad next season.