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  • Let Trump Win

    So we can make that stockmarket moneyyyy...Brexit was easy cash - and now that with a Trump win, markets worldwide will display similair movement - indices like the Dow, Dax etc and forex markets are all there to be sold....were talking buying a house or whatever the fuck type of money....10k becomes a 100k, a 100k becomes a milli and so on...its easy money...all depending on your margin

    So how plausible is a Trump win? With the Brexit I knew a couple days in advance how shit was going down but now, Im reading landslide victories for Clinton and on the other hand photo finish victories for both parties...

    Whats your take on this?
  • Re: Trump vs Hillary Debate Round 1

    Everyone lost man, two losers and one of em is going to run one of the most powerfull offices on the globe..
    A Talented OneKingFreeman
  • Re: How long will it be before we eventually see a black Batman or Superman (Steele doesn't count)...

    Why? Why should we have a Senegalese, Chinese or Peruvian Batman or Superman?

    what does their 'race' have to do with their abilities? Theyre above all that nationality/race shit imo, unless Harry Kane etc had/have some hidden supremacy agendas n shit, which Im not aware of.

    I dont think one should hold importance to (anti) heroes nationality/race, when I read a batman comic or watch a anime, the last thing Im thinking about is race. I like that background(religion/race etc) are non present issues.

    but cause I know the struggle you guys go through in tbe states, I would endorse a black bruce wayne or superman as a vato lol.