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  • Re: Hollywood Sex Abuse Scandal Thread - Harvey , Kevin, Andy etc

    VIBE wrote: »
    And all those years they went after Michael Jackson yet his name has not surfaced once amongst this current wave of exposés. It just shows how Hollywood and showbusiness can literally make you and break you - an innocent black man has his name dragged through the dirt while all these white perverts stay protected for all these years.

    MJ wasn't innocent, man. After all this shit, you know damn well he wasn't. As fucked up as it is..

    May be odd but he legit loved kids in a non pedo matter look. At how he grew up 0 child hood he was trying to be a kid through kids

    If he was guilty he would if been caught because he was set up from jump

    MJ is like the Catholic church man...

    Everyone still listens to their shit but no one is sending their own kids to bible camp lol.
  • Shenmue III teaser...and shit is amazing!

    Check it out:

    Facial expressions are obviously in development but the old themesong and scenery took my breath away man. Officially hyped now lmao
    metal face terroristsilverfoxxOmegaConflictjee504genocidecutterT. Sanfordsapp08_2001hueyThe Recipe
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    Mastery wrote: »
    Mastery wrote: »
    If we don't acknowledge bran, rickon, arya and sansa as half Tully why we acknowledging jon as half stark????


    They do though. It was said more and once that Sansa and Rob in particular seemed to be more Tully than Stark. The father's line is always the naming line, but when two major houses come together, both houses are always acknowledged. That's the whole reason they arrange those marriages to begin with.

    lol @ this clique shit though. Ya'll taking it serious as shit.

    Literally like 2 weeks left and then it's pointless. We gotta go hard one last time

    Comments like his let me know that some niggas just ain't built for this bruh haha

    That comment ain't tell you shit shut up nigga lol

    Talking about the nigga you quoted haha

    @inglewood_Lark is more sensitive than a chick on her period atm...

    Larkboy looking at posts like:

  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    So what we can't post shit about the new ep in spoilers??? Since when

    Since I said.

    My goodness what has this thread become niggas goin' mad with power everywhere I look

    On the real I'd let up for the next episode. idk if the leak is out for that or not. But ppl can't even act right less than a day after being warned. Ppl couldn't help themselves for 2 days bruh.

    nah Gab..
    dont let up shit.. from what i heard HBO got hacked somethin serious..

    this may not be the only leak..
    of course @Sion and @Mastery and that Lzo nigga when he comes back got the script..

    any nigga talkin needs to get clapped..

    that shit be lame as fuck..

    u watchin shit before everyone else!?
    then talk to yoself about the shit ONLY U seen! the fuck!!?!

    nigga you snitching?

    Fam, Depp played him in a movie:


    Largboy used to spam the realm with #informantExcellence ravens...

    Heard he is working undacova in the sex industry now...

    Shit pretty sure he had an internship at our brothel in Kings Landing now that I think about it...

    Back then his name was Podrick...

    Shut up nigga


    That's enough out of you today

    Listen sidekickLanxx, just take some notes from Mikey and just:


    Beat it kid

  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    Sion wrote: »

    Only you and I run da triggas bidness now, I say we divide sion's share 50/50 and keep running shit as usual. More paper work now but I guess we can hire some interns to ease things up.


    Well I guess YOU 2 niggas can figure out how to change ya name back then....

    I ain't gon say it no mo....


    Elzo still the homie but wow I just can't believe this disrespeck from Hundo



    I didn't like doing it but you know how these wicked westeros can get....

    With that said...


    I did you a favour my man, you n I both know you were a Stark all along...reclaim your status in the north, Lord knowz them fuckboys need leadership...with all the Ws and experience you have gotten as a Trigga, I'm confident you can fulfill a prominent position on that side of the realm.