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  • Re: Scarface - Tony vs Manolo Right or Wrong

    I never understood why he had a problem with it. His sister was going to date/marry someone eventually, who could he trust more than his best friend not to mistreat or take advantage of her?
  • Re: VH1 reality star does a ghetto gaggers porno and says she is empowered

    KingJamal wrote: »
    Any Black woman who does shit like that gets whatever is coming to her. If she gets raped or even killed I could care less.

    She deserves to be killed or raped for starring in a porno? What the fuck is wrong with you?
    "This is Raven. Tell me, had I been a man and said what I said, would you have wrote an article casting me in a negative light? If I was a guy you’d probably be singing my praises while putting the girl involved on the chopping block. It is your mentality that is responsible for the rape culture, a culture that in our society seeks to gain control over a woman’s body by puitting her in the context of a double standard, a double standard that states that, if she steps out of line, she’s a slut, if she does porn, she’s a whore, if she is sexually assertive or, in any way, DARES to defy sexist false morals, she deserves to get hurt. So what I did porn! There are guys out there WHO PAY for humiliation! They call it BDSM. I don’t see you calling them out. And why do you follow the woman hating stereotype that a woman who does porn is a stupid whore? The undelrying implied context is, whether a woman does it consensually or without consensually, she should be ridiculed, if she is forced into it, it is her fault for not being a good girl. Cum (pun intended) into the 21st century and get out of that whore/ virgin complex that you have of women. Do you support rapist! This article points in the affirmative."

    I agree with this completely. I don't understand the 'sacredness' of sex that cultural conservatives are so concerned with. There's nothing 'pure' or moral about being a virgin, monogamous or sexually conservative. People should be able to have sex with whoever they want to and for whatever reasons (ie. personal pleasure, money, ) as long as their actions don't harm themselves or other people.

    I haven't clicked on the link and I'm not going to. I'm convinced that porn damages your computer.
  • Re: Why is killing dogs such a big deal in the USA?

    I agree that it's inconsistent to see nothing wrong with killing and harming chickens, pigs and cows but hold dogs to a higher standard because you're emotionally attached to them. In my opinion, the only relevant characteristic an animal needs to possess to warrant being given moral consideration is a capacity for pleasure and pain, if ants can suffer, their suffering holds the same weight that human suffering does.
  • Re: What are you Listening to right now?