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  • Re: What's Worse, A Son That's A Fa99ot Or Son That's A Snitch?

    The only worse in the life than a snitch is a pedophile. Snitching is so beyond reprehenisble that there's really no word in the English langague to describe how fucked up the act really is. Take Sammy "The Bull", Gravano. Yeah Gotti was the head of the Gambino Crime Family. He plan, plotlined, and on his others had niggas killed, but Sammy was the bigger threat to society. Sammy had around 19 bodies to his credit, one including his own brother-in-law. Sammy was a thug, but when it came time to do that life bid, his true colors came out and he told on Gotti. The cold part about being a government rat is, often times, they'll want you to tell on niggas that don't even have anything to do with the initial case you turned bitch made on. Sammy Gravano was testifying against niggas in the other families in NY, and families in other states. Once you agree to be a bitch and tell on niggas, you're in effect the governments bitch and the U.S. Attorney will have you tellin' on anybody and everybody.

    Snitching is outside of my frame of reference. How in one instance, you can beat, extort, intimidate, maim, and kill niggas. Build a repuation as one of the baddests muthafuckas to ever walk the earth, but then when you get caught and those white folks indict you with RICO statues, have you on tape plotting and scheming. Then procesutors starts throwin' those years at you, you want to bitch out and tell on niggas. How can you testify in open court against the same men you once considered friends, the same dudes you kill for, then tell on them in court? How can muthafuckas who this look at themselves in the mirror. How can you live with the fact that when it became time to go to the pen, you were man enough to do it.

    Don't get me wrong, being a faggot is some disgusting and ruplsive shit, aside from the fact that faggots engage in perverse sexual activity, they do have a sense of honor and intergrity about themselves. Unless you have a trannie freak son, you may be able to deal with the fact he sucks dick. However with a snitch as son, you have to live with the fact that the nigga wanted to be a part of the game, reap the benefits of the game, but didn't have the fortitude to deal with the consequences of the game. If Godforbid, I have a gay son, he come still be a part of the family; however, a son that was a snitch would be disowned and dead to me.

    There's nothing 'perverted' or 'wrong' with being a homosexual or a pedophile (leaving aside the issue of child-adult sex itself, I mean an attraction to prepubescent children).
    DR. JEKillestni99ainneRanxx