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  • Re: This World is Shyt.... what do we do now??

    Ok what you are saying has some good points, but Again... you are talking about Exactly what I think we should avoid at the same time. Playing God. No offense but, White people seem to be obsessed with it. NASA is 99.9% White/ that HAARP program = White People. Who built that fucking gigantic USELESS $9 Billion dollar Hadron Collider that failed to reveal anything about earth anyone gives at shit about.... = White people. Im just saying also.But stop playing God.

    Why shouldn't we "play God" if we can do a better job than he ever has? Why should people suffer because of some outdated, superstitious belief that we're not supposed to "interfere" with "nature"?

    If we have the power to make certain "God-like" decisions then we can't avoid "playing God" since only "Gods" could be in a position to have to make that decision one way or the other. Even deciding not to 'play God' is 'playing God'.
  • Re: How is Egypt (Kemet, the Black land, descendants of Kush, located in Africa)...

    but at the end of the day whether you consider it the Middle East or not.... isn't it still North AFRICA?

    what is the Middle East? Is it a nation? Country? Or it jus a vague title for a geographical area of land.....

    Geographically, Egypt is an African country but using the term 'African' geographically is meaningless (to me) if it includes countries that have very little in common. What common identity does an Egyptian share with a Namibian (as an Egyptian and as a Namibian and not as Muslims, men, humans, vegetarians etc. ) that the Egyptian doesn't share with an Iraqi?

    It's a matter of perspective. It's not my place to classify or define other people for them.
    Valentinez A. Kaiser
  • Re: VH1 reality star does a ghetto gaggers porno and says she is empowered

    H-Rap 180 wrote: »
    He never said she deserves it, he said he would feel indifference if it did and I agree with him.

    Any Black woman with a piss-blonde weave doing porn entittled "Ghetto Gaggers" were white boys urinate on them, choke them, and abuse them is a lost cause and no longer worthy of our compassion or sympathy.

    Why should her doing a porno be the reason why you don't care whether or not she is raped or killed?

    Compassion/sympathy isn't given because people are 'worthy' of it, it's given because it's needed. I could understand your attitude if she murdered children or bullied people but why do you resent her for being in a video that you consider to be self-degrading? How can you morally blame her for 'degrading' herself?