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  • Re: Better Rapper Vol. 125: Joe Budden vs J. Cole

    bck145 wrote: »
    Ibex wrote: »
    bck145 wrote: »
    Ibex wrote: »
    bck145 wrote: »
    Ibex wrote: »
    bck145 wrote: »
    Ibex wrote: »
    I'm still not understanding how a rapper that can't craft a great album is better than a rapper that can?. Budden has been living off mixtapes primarily his mood muzik series, but every great mixtape rapper has at least made one album that was a classic or had an impact. 50 has Get Rich or Die Trying, Curren$y has Pilot Talk, Wayne has the Carter 3.....So I ask again WHERE THE FUCK IS BUDDEN's ALBUM???

    His albums better than j coles albums which die after a week of listening

    Las year alone rage and the machine >>>> for your eyez only

    I think there's about 4 million people that would disagree with you about Buddens albums being better than Cole's, and if you think any Budden ALBUM not a mixtape an Album is better than Forest Hills Drive you not listening to music you just skimming through it.

    Good for those 4 million people...they are wrong

    Fhd is a decent album..not my favorite j cole album and neither are touching most of Joe's albums ....maybe u should listen to budden before you judge solely based on who sells records

    Bruh I listen to hip hop I don't go off record sales don't come at me with that bullshit. I was making the point that there is an overwhelming amount of people that prefer Cole's albums over Budden.

    Budden's mood muzik projects are his best. Cole's Friday Night Lights, and The Warm Up are equal to those projects. So if that evens things out you have to base everything on albums an FHD is shitting on any Budden album.

    Your the one brining up 4 million ppl like it plays a role in whose music is can save that popular opinion shit

    Mood muzik might be the best mixtape series by a rapper ever and changed the way ppl did mixtape...j coles aren't close to that

    You over rating fhd like crazy my's a decent album and nothing more..It got old after 2 weeks...Budden got multuple albums better than that album

    "Mood Muzik is the best mixtape series ever" Really????? C'mon bruh if Budden your favorite that's cool but don't be disrespectful. I guess 50's G-Unit radio series, Wayne's Dedication series, Lupe's Fahrenheit series was all wack then.

    I didn't say any of them are wack...well except lil Wayne dedication, that shits wack

    But mood muzik is better than g unit radio and fahrenheit...50 cent best mixtapes came before the g unit radio series actually

    None of that has anything to do with budden's mixtapes are better than j coles

    Some niggas in here don't know their hip hop... Lmao at g unit radio mixtapes being better than mood musik.

    Gucci Mane's The Movie Trilogy>>>>>>>Mood Muzik B)
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  • Re: Asher Roth >>>>> Kid Cudi + Currensy

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  • Re: This Bitch Here:Kat Stacks calls black people dumb

    Westie wrote: »
    Ibex wrote: »
    She ain't lying though, it's way more dumb niggas than smart black people.

    You dont realize that comment puts you in the dumb nigga category do you?

    Bruh there are complete county's of worthless dumb niggas especially in Florida. I'm just saying if we counting blacks as a whole I'd say 55% ignant 45% intelligent contributing members of society.
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  • Re: This Bitch Here:Kat Stacks calls black people dumb

    She ain't lying though, it's way more dumb niggas than smart black people.
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  • Re: Rate The Discography Vol.39-Common

    Can I Borrow a Dollar - 1 Star
    Resurrection - 3 Star
    One Day It'll All Make Sense - 1 Star
    Like Water For Chocolate - 3 Star
    Electric Circus - 2 Star
    Be - 5 Star
    Finding Forever - 1 Star
    Universal Mind Control - 1 Star
    The Dreamer/The Believer - 1 Star
    Nobody's Smiling - 1 Star
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