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i wish you guys nothing but best..the ceiling is the roof!!!
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  • Re: Walking Dead Season 7 Thread

    Huey_C wrote: »
    this past episode was fucking stupid. they go strong arm guns away from some chicks and they're supposed to be good guys? ooook. it was ok to go murdering ppl you dont know in their sleep too. smh the writing is just a complete cluster fuck...

    The saviors weren't some innocent group tho, when they meet a group they want to extort it's automatic that they bash someone's head in. The preemptive strike made sense it just wasn't planned out properly.
    also the saviors made the first move by shooting fat girl in the head with that arrow and trying to rob Darryl Abraham and sasha.

    actually those guys were acting on their own, wasnt Negan's orders. Therefore, Negan's people didnt deserve to get killed like that YET. It also resulted in 2 people getting their heads bashed in. Bottom line, they have made this group completely unlike how they were originally written. Its garbage writing and they do it for simpleminded simpletons like you.

    ill be the first too admit the writing is hit or miss at times, but you also being very selective with your recollection cuz.. at the bolded... how was they supposed to know. they were attacked for no reason, point blank

    and the show has been bad this season, but its had some good episodes as well.. and if you haven't noticed.. the squad hasnt been "good" for a while now... think that was kind of obvious once they went and murked neegans squad at the out post...
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    dope episode... the murder morgan one was good too..

    crazy to see the squad jacking another for they shit .... shows the shit don came full circle
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    Max. wrote: »
    Mayb it was dr dre

    bruh wtf happened to him... i forgot about cuz
  • Re: The Flash (CW)

    man soon as the episode started and i heard "last week on supergirl" i should have turned it off then..
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  • Re: The Flash (CW)

    then 1 minute into the show they talking musicals.... niggas gave TWO hints to bow out this week and i didnt smmfh.. thats on me :#