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Panhandling on Davidson... #sparesomechange
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    ^yeah i saw that... i was thinking @7figz is Rickmogul dont sound too right... still hilarious he got banned none the less
  • Re: Snowfall

    mc317 wrote: »
    ^he did resurface, aint no coming back from asshole rape.

    naw what i meant was that they left that as a cliffhanger for next season.. the raped dude getting payback for Franklin..
  • Re: Ozark (Netflix) - Jason Bateman & Laura Linney

    This is a great fucking show. Finale was crazy.
    my whole weekend was bout to be ruined when I thought that preacher dude was gonna drown his baby

    i was smoking a joint, not paying attention and that scene caught me by surprise. when i watched it.. im sitting there like..

    not that i wanted him to drown the kid or anything lol, but that preacher sold that shit like crazy.. they had me fooled i thought he was going to drown him
    MsSouthernatribecalledgabimarc123Will Munny
  • Re: Power Season 4 thread: June 25th(You will be banned for posting SPOILERS)

    soulfulcat wrote: »
    Lol, @ Angie being white

    Bruh even without saying her last name, you can tell just off of her cheek bones

    That shes not white

    You niggas need more culture

    Lol her dad is white, so she white

    "So it’s interesting because my dad’s white, my mom’s Mexican, and so I am a lover of mixed-race marriages."

    You niggas need education

    damn i aint know she was mixed.... i thought she was puerto rican smh
    deadeyeRecaptimus_Prime360CashmoneyDuxRevolver OcelotLos216
  • Re: Fastest youve quit a job?

    1 day...3-4 hours..idk
    Picked up a pt job at a bread factory (?) The shit that stacked the pans was broken and since that place was run on seniority they wanted me to catch those mfs off the oven line and stack em...i asked dude if he was serious and he said yea and gave me 2 rinky dink ass oven mitts...5 pans in and that shit is HOT...pans start hittin the floor and im like fuck it...they had a gatorade break(no bull shit) and i told the foreman dude that i was going to my car. He was like "i know that look, youre not comin back.." i kinda smirked and bounced...never came back

    Had a similar situation too.. worked at this factory for like 3 days.. and they literally had me standing infront of a bin full of thousands of screws for 8 hours ... my job was to pull out and discard all the "bad" screws.. mind you they never told me what a bad screw was.. nigga just put me there.. .. i was like 19 had a job interview somewhere else on like my 4th day.. i asked the supervisor could i get some time off for it.. and he said "are u seriously asking to take time off from a job you JUST started, to interview for ANOTHER company" thinking back yeah that wasnt the smartest thing to do. but i remember being 19 and not knowing no better i said "yeah who the fuck would want to pick screws all damn day"..... they let me go like 15 mins later..
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