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YEP........................ MEDICINAL!
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  • Re: Right Now Thread

    Just had a fried Oreo for the first time...#AMAZING
  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    Beta wrote: »

    On an intense moment with Charles Barkley on set during commercial: Ernie Johnson: We’re in the playoffs and we had taken the show on the road and what I have instead of carrying a big old format of the show in front of me with the computer print out, I just kind of jot down a roadmap for the show on these 5 by 7 cards and break into first segment, second segment, third segment and then if we have to make changes – Tim Kiely who’s the producer can say hey we’re going to switch that highlight from segment two to segment three and we have some sound of Gregg Popovich on segment four so I’m jotting this stuff down so I know when we get to it what the traffic is. – via For The Win

    Ernie Johnson: In between the third and the fourth segment, Kenny’s just like Charles I dare you to rip those cards in half. This is in a commercial break. Charles is like ‘you really think I should?’ and I said ‘Charles, this is my preparation for the show this is important to me this is my roadmap for where we’re going next. I need this stuff.’ He reaches over and rips it in half. Then we’re like 30 seconds from coming back on the air and he knew I was ticked off. I told him I said, ‘man if you do that again this hot coffee is going all over you.’ Kenny’s like ‘Man, I ain’t ever seen Ernie this hot Charles.’ We come back on the show and I just iced him out. I didn’t talk to Charles that segment. I wasn’t going to ask him a question, I was going to Kenny and Shaq with everything. Charles finally was like ‘hey, hey, hey’ I said ‘look I ain’t talking to you we had something going on here and if you want to take part in the show you won’t do that anymore.’ – via For The Win

    Lol chuck an asshole

    yeah they talked about this before... Chuck said he had never saw Ernie so pissed.. wonder if there is actual video of WHEN it happened
  • Re: Walking Dead Season 7 Thread

    dope episode... the murder morgan one was good too..

    crazy to see the squad jacking another for they shit .... shows the shit don came full circle
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  • Re: Welcome To High School In 2017....

    Ravie so goddamn bad
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  • Re: Wendy's Tweets Pepe Meme, Claims It Wasn't Aware Of Racist Alt-Right Mascot…

    texas409 wrote: »
    Whataburger and Checkers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    not up on Whataburger.. but checkers naw... unless you talking strictly the fries
    texas409numbaz...80's baby