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  • Re: Female Reactions

    JusDre313 wrote: »
    mryounggun wrote: »
    I'm always amazed that people pay THIS much attention to reactions. It's bad enough to keep tabs on your own reactions. Who the fuck got time to sit around studying the reactions that OTHER people get?!

    have said this is as well.. some of these cats be obsessed wit reactions...

    yall niggas lack the mental capacity to simply notice reactions? Does it take that much of you alls brain power to simply see that oh, niggas click reactions unnecessarily? Reactions are literally the first thing you see when you see someones post. That clearly attracts more people to that particular post if it has a lot of reactions. Thats literally their whole point.

    I swear, yall say whatever to put the next man down/look cool. I see why S2J lasted for so long he fits right in here.

    umm its a difference between "noticing" reaction and the cats who sit, count, and get mad if someone is reacting or not reacting to post.. yall take this posting on a fourm shit waaay to serious doggy

    just post and enjoy..... ole "aint enough cats cs my post ass nigga"... calm down
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