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YEP........................ MEDICINAL!
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  • Re: This is counterproductive

    Jus Dre is a fucking dumbass too.

    Just putting that out there since I never have before.

    you call me a dumbass while not offering a rebuttal.. figures

    you a fuck nigga, if you actually had a father im sure he'd be ashamed of you.
    A Talented One
  • Re: This is counterproductive

    5th Letter wrote: »
    This is the IC. A lot of these niggas low key worship rappers, so u already know u aint gonna get too many ppl on here to admit the detrimental effects rap culture/music has on Blacks. Especially impressionable Black youth.

    Waste of keystrokes arguing wit some posters regarding this topic.

    Is rap music the cause of the fucked up school systems? Poverty, lack of resources? The environment that these people live in are why they turn to crime, not no damn rap music.

    Lol right, because most rappers are out here rapping about socioeconomic topics like fucked up school systems. I love rap too, but shit lets be real, a lot of these rappers promote nothing but evil in their lyrics.

    thats not what he is saying bruh.. what he is saying that poverty, crime, drug use and all these other issues that is plaguing the community happened before hip hop was created. people wont stop doing fucked up shit if rappers all of sudden stopped talking about things people perceive as negative. if hip hop is to blame for all the hood struggle then how come so much fucked up shit happened prior to hiphops creation??

    Im not trying to give any of these rappers a pass, i just know that rapper A rapping about doing drugs isn't doing more harm to the community as the white media portrays it. notice all these bill oreilly, sean hannity, right wing conservatives.. yall dont even realize yall using their same talking points. "its the rappers fault"

    yeah some rappers say some fucked up shit.. but their has to be some form of accountability by the consumer.. and yes parents if that person is underage.. u says its folks on the IC that praise rappers (i agree, fucking disgusting) but there also are people on the IC that lets the white media form their opinion for them.. The same white media that will bitch about how raunchy & violent hip hop is... While they'll sit with their kids watching people get eaten alive on walking dead or some king have an orgy on Game of Thrones...thats another thing too there is so much violence in movies, televisions shows , videos online , but I never hear criticisms of these mostly white industries.. but somehow the one genre of music that is majority black... always gets blamed.. wonder why that is
    5th LetterA Talented One7figzTrillaaaaaa
  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    i havent been following the manziel shit.. so he went to vegas?? is it something else im missing? did he miss a practice, meeting or something because of this. or is folks just up in arms for the fact its johnny football in vegas?? tf he in a wig for..
  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    tupacfan12 wrote: »
    I heard RG3 wants to go to Dallas too. Why won't they go to a team that needs a QB?

    RG3 and Matt Forte would be a great look in Houston imo.

    Almost every football player from Texas dreams of playing for the Cowboys don't matter how bad they are, just like football players in PA outside of Philly wanna play for the Steelers or players from Cali wanna play for the 49ers. Those are legendary teams

    That's cool and all but fuck that. Get to the money. I guess they want to be career backups.

    JusDre313 wrote: »
    i havent been following the manziel shit.. so he went to vegas?? is it something else im missing? did he miss a practice, meeting or something because of this. or is folks just up in arms for the fact its johnny football in vegas?? tf he in a wig for..


    They said he showed up to the facility "inebriated"

    Dude has been 'counseled' on numerous occasions not to go out of town and get drunk. He's ignored those request a few times. That's why he was benched during the season. It happened again so he was cut. Just look at it like this.....

    You got 2 employees that show up to work hungover all of the time. One still does his job well and continues to prove it on a daily basis. The other is a new employee, still on a probation period, and hasn't proved shit to show that he belongs there.

    Which one would you fire?

    i get that i just was hoping it was more to the story from what i heard... i had only heard he was in vegas and heard him getting ripped on sportsradio.. i was just thinking for going to vegas??? .. bottom line you cant be coming in to work drunk regardless of your profession.. so i damn sure get that, but telling a nigga he cant go out of town?? thats bullshit IMO.. i mean long as u aint missing team activities... but like i said i havent been following the story so im probably missing some facts...
  • Re: South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder In Black Man’s Death

    Trillfate wrote: »
    mryounggun wrote: »
    Footage looks fake as shit.

    Smh @ the people who co-signed this acting so outraged to what they regard as a fake vid.
    I cosigned becuz it does LOOK fake... it looks unreal like a low budget action flick

    noone is suggesting the vid IS fake

    hes a fucking idiot fam..
    TrillfateA Talented Onemiamivice305