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YEP........................ MEDICINAL!
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  • Re: 2017 NBA Off Season Thread: Draft & Free Agency & Summer League

    its....JOHN Bmarc123CJsouth4lifeKingFreemanFocal PointKing_MOEbrasoul rattlersilverfoxxd.greenCapitalBOlorun22MallyG0clark_kent#1hiphopjunki3gman82WhoisDonG???FlightKing
  • Re: SPINOFF: Blatantly racist shit you STILL FUX WIT

    Brian B. wrote: »
    Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    if I'm correct, I believe their pilot episode is titled

    "The gang gets racist" lol

    great pick... they have even done blackface on the show MULTIPLE times...but the show is so funny i never got mad
  • Re: The Get Down (Netflix Original) - 2016 (Season 2 2017 has begun)

    lamontbdc wrote: »
    is this shit safe to watch at work?

    pretty sure there was no nudity.. i dont think...
  • Re: Money and Violence Season 2 (Every Tuesday Night)

    one more thing im surprised no mentioned
    that tai was out here snitching.. dropping that anonymous tip about shane.. it could have only been him since he the only one that knew what happened.
  • Re: You know what?

    JusDre313 wrote: »
    Most of these other minorities want nothing more than to become white.

    It's sad, but it is true.

    So do you

    Yeah, that's why I'm so obsessed with colorism, and why I'm always complaining of y'all putting light-skinned black women on pedestal.

    But you put white and Asian women on a pedestal and talk down on black women.

    You're a bad troll

    No, that's not what I do. You're either a dumbass or you're not paying careful attention. Or maybe it's a little of both.

    You're a fucking liar. So according to you, 500 posters just call you a coon for no apparent reason? We all have some sort of agenda against you?

    You've talked down on black women countless times while praising white women. I can pull up the receipts.

    What bugs me the most is that when you know you're wrong you just flag a post without giving an answer as to why. I know you're not stupid but you are very misinformed about black people and racism in general, which is why alot of people think you're white.

    the bolded cause he childish. he flags cause he know u got him beat... like you said he aint stupid... he does gets easily stomped in debates, then flags you like a bitch cuz hes too arrogant to say "your right" or I didnt think about it like that

    and dude aint black i dont give a fuck what this cracka say.. he one of many saltines posting like their black ..which is corny as fuck in its own right. considering their are a bunch of cool white posters on the IC ..

    the worst part is.. if this dude is black, and really this misinformed about race.. he could have learned so much from IC, but naw he post "if you dont think this, then your a dumbass"... how the fuck you gon learn something, if you aint willing to listen?? most smart people know this.. so maybe he is just retarded

    You know that you are one of the few regular posters -- if not the only remaining one -- that thinks I'm white, right?

    Nobody in their right mind would read my posts and think I'm white. Perhaps you can excuse the less regular posters, but you have no excuse.

    Anyway, I don't always have time to respond, and if you're insulting me chances are I'm just gonna flag and KIM.

    like busta said your such a fucking liar... in that "blame rap" thread you made. I came in posted my thoughts. never mentioned you. u flagged me then called me a dumbass, so miss me with that "im not responding if you insult me" bullshit.... dont dish it if you cant take it you super sensitive faggot

    bottom line you be wrong as fuck, and niggas call u out on it.. tired of being called out??? well listen you retard. might actually learn some shit... Since you swear we're all stupid and only u have the knowledge.. ur arrogance disgusts me
    A Talented One