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  • Re: Drake is the best rapper right now

    Yo ban this muthafucka now!!!
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  • Re: Lil Yatchy Album Cover *WARNING*

    gns wrote: »
    Shit is really changing
    Niggaz is old as hell(me)

    I saw spoiler and thought it'd be more something like this
    But i forgot new niggaz are trendy faggots

    Yoooooo... Who tha fuck is this!?
    Built 4 cuban linxMorganFreemanKing
  • Re: South Region Elite 8.... #2 T.I. vs #4 J. Cole (T.I. Final 4)

    Beta wrote: »
    Stew wrote: »
    Beta wrote: »
    Us or else is hyped up because it's cool now to be "woke"

    It's garbage from the randy wagstaff of the rap game

    Explain how it's "garbage" .
    Stew wrote: »
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    blacktux wrote: »
    There is no way in hell Cole made better music than TI.

    Dude weak now, but come the fuck on.

    Guess yall the same cats that let Krit take Wayne in this tournament. Yall sick.

    TI last album is flames

    Lookin for somebody to tell me that For Your Eyes Only is better than Us Or Else

    It's not.
    @*~queenbee~* just in here gettin teebagged all across the board huh? :joy:

    @Beta, LcnsdbyRoyalty is still at me for some apparent reason that is unknown to others. Please get rid of my problem for me! <3 <3 <3

    The same Beta that's keekeeing at Louis CK's coming out the closet? Okay BRUH.

    Lol nigga talking about louis CK...
    Beta wrote: »
    I enjoyed this more than both chappelle stand ups

    Nigga u not bouta pretend u wasn't caping for that gay ass special
    BetaChi Snow
  • Re: Kendrick Lamar Album Discussion 4-14-17

    Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is the only greatest rapper of his generation. Period. Thats jussa fact yo. No rapper under 30 (including honorary youngbuck J. Cole) has earned that title more than K-Dot. Look no further than this #Humble joint for all the evidence you gon need b.. Yea I kno Mike Will Made It made the beat. Fuck you Mike Will Made It n ya corny ass name.. I actually still dont like you one bit but this record is haaaard yo. A song witta beat that sounds like it was made on a $35 Casio keyboard from 1989 aint spose to be this fire. Shit sounds like what you might get if you unthawed a caveman n put a MPC in front of him nahmean. Had the Rae Smurfeder muthafuckas rapped on it Im sure the garbanzo beans nature of the beat woulda stood out to me more...but Kendrick went apeshit on it so he basically elevated it to Ambitionz Az A Ridah or Bridge Is Over level instead of some Cold Like Minnesota or U Guessed It shit. Name another rapper who could make this shit work.. n not jus for the little millennials thats allergic to quality music n anything resembling integrity or RESPECT FOR THE CULTURE...I mean jus regular ass muthafuckas wit good taste such as myself. This is damn near alchemy yo. "Sit humble" is bout to be the slogan for 2017. When Agent Orange gets impeached n charged wit treason I hope CNN n MSNBC use this song as the opening music to every segment they do to cover that story namsayin. In the meantime Ima jus sit back n watch the young king play chess wit Big Sean whole career. This man really tryna monopolize the fire emoji yo.. Thank you #kendrick

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  • Re: South Region Round Of 64.... #5 Jeezy vs #12 Curren$y(Jeezy moves on)

    Snow... @jazzybella get in here and vote woman!!