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  • Re: @leah_bonita wassup

    Stopitfive wrote: »
    its a trap...

    a trap he set for hisself but his goin on my ignore list
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  • Re: Simps! Congregate!

    Don't simp just textually rape them
    Sage Wonder
  • Re: Caption this Pic

    1st Pic
    Ye:yo will can me&kim be in men in black 4 she can play the lead
    Will:There not gonna be a men in black 4
    Kim:oh yes there is (pulls out video camera)

    2nd Pic
    Will:yo kanye how me dick taste
    Kim:will we never fucked
    Will:who said i was talking to you bitch
    Kanye:(silence) -__-
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  • My Worst Date Ever

    It happened a few years ago when I was working at a hair salon. A very cute guy came in to get his hair cut by a coworker and we started chatting. He seemed nice and normal enough. After he left, I told his stylist that I thought he was cute. She told him and the next thing I knew, he was calling me and asking me out. We decided to meet at a local bar a few nights later.

    I had to stay at work later than I thought so I called to let him know I would be late. He said that was fine and that he would just hang out at the bar until I got there. I got there an hour late (totally unavoidable) and apologized profusely. Well, apparently in the hour that he had been waiting for me, he got HAMMERED. We’re talking swaying, slurring, eyes glazed over- drunk. Within two minutes of me being there, he found out my birthday was in August and proceeded to berate me for being a Leo, saying that all Leos are psycho bitches/liars/whores that only want attention, etc. etc. etc. I stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds, not sure why he was screaming at me like this, until at some point during his rant he let out that his ex-girlfriend was a Leo. The pieces fell into place: Recently broken up, crazy ex- girlfriend, hurt feelings, booze, drunk rant…

    I felt bad for the guy but turned on my heels and got the hell out of there bad cause he was really good looking i would have gave him some sooner or later if he would of play'd his cards right.

    Ladies have you ever met a guy you would of gave it up to if it wasn't for the fact he did something dumb af to mess it up?
  • Re: R.I.P TRILL 5015 aka Ivan

    How exactly is Ivan ur cuz when u look 100% nigger bitch and he looks like he from ecuador and shit?

    And how u know so much about me, that lame really sat there and talked to u bout a stranger, or u was over his shoulder every 5 mins lookin at him post, either way yall both sad, well ur sad, he WAS sad...

    i was on this shit sometimes i did say shared account. he was just on it more than me&i said i was adopted i never knew my real parents his mom was the de-fax lady she took me in. i swear no one reads the post i put before they just comment.