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  • Re: No Plug Details Killing Bankroll Fresh in Self Defense: "He Shot At Me First"

    Bruh wayyy too smiley about the situation for my liking... And he seems gay af
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  • Re: T.I. Paperwork The Motion Picture 10/21/14 Cover and Tracklist

    Read this thread before listening to the album and was expecting it be trash.. This album is far from bad. Its def not great, but the wackness was greatly exaggerated. I give it a 7/10.
  • Re: Who's done less with more in their careers, Jadakiss or Juelz Santana?

    So we gone act like From Me 2 you wasn't cold af? Juelz was far from trash. Just a lazy unmotivated mf
  • Re: Guess That Rap Song. Story Telling edition.

    lol You can't pick a Nas song right after people guessed a Nas song. Their minds are already on Nas.

    Here's one:

    The rapper has taken a young dude under his wings. He gives him little jobs here and there and schools him on the game. The young dude eager to learn and soaks up everything he's taught. Because of their relationship, the rapper feels responsible for the kids. When the kid makes mistakes, the rapper corrects. He never goes overboard, and he's fair with everything he does. He doesn't mind the kid making mistake, but he does have a problem with the kid betraying him. And he's starting to feel like that's what's going on. He feels conflicted because he's got love for the kid, but he knows that what the kid is doing deserves a harsh reaction. In the end, he decides not to kill the kid. Instead, he cuts him off.

    The rapper's crew wants to kill the kid, but the rapper is cool with the kid's family so he doesn't want to do that. He explains to the kid that the things he's been doing would normally get him killed. He gave him some money and instructed him to move somewhere else and make his own way. He leaves the kid with the warning that if he ever saw him making moves on his turf again, he'd kill him. The rapper accepts the choice he made, but deep down he feels like it was the wrong one.

    The kid doesn't take heed to the rapper's warning, and now the rapper is angry. He realizes that he should have done what he knew was the right thing all along. He finds the kid and confronts him. The rapper pulls out a revolver and puts a single bullet in it. He spins the barrel and closes it. He points the gun at him and pulls the trigger. Nothing happens. He asks the kid if he's feeling lucky, and pulls the trigger again. Again nothing happen. It seems the kid is lucky. The rapper pulls the trigger three more times, and still nothing happens. The rapper berates the kid for betraying his trust and spitting on his mercy. The rapper let's kid know that since he didn't give a fuck about the rapper and what he'd done for him, the rapper no longer gives a fuck about him. The rapper then pulls the trigger again, and this time the gun fires.

    DMX- 'Here We Go Again"?
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  • Re: Lil out

    I don't think niggas really understand the respect and love Boosie get in the south. Nigga got a cult like following in Mississippi. Im from the hood but I aint a "hood nigga".Got a degree, work in IT. But I fuck with Boosie heavy. I just can relate to him. Maybe ya'll dont know crooked cops, niggas that struggle with dirty baby mamas, or lost niggas close to you from violence. If you from the hood, you got a brother or cousin, or daddy that's just just like him. That's why ppl feel him. You ain't gotta be ignorant to be a fan of him. If he ain't for you, he just ain't for you. You ain't bout to get no super lyrical shit. Niggas bugging if they think Boosie aint got substance or its just "ratchet tunes". But this shit ain't just hype. Ppl really fucking with him