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  • Re: Floyd need to hop on the money fun ASAP

    This ain't the 1st or 2nd time Floyd has had tax problems. He shouldn't be in this position @ all, but he'll eventually straighten it out a lil' further down the line. I think he owes 7.5% on top of what he already owes....

    I'm more than sure he has the money to do it now, but he's jus bein' a "nigga".
    7figzblack caesar
  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    MallyG wrote: »
    Are there any objective LeBron fans on here? Let's keep it a buck it's only like 2 maybe 3 real Cleveland fans on here. The rest of yall jumped on the bandwagon in Ohio to Miami then back to Ohio again.

    Because I am not seeing this shit. Maybe I'm wrong but unless some miraculous shit happens GS should win this series.

    Bruh, I don't know if your skimmin' post or not, but most people in CS got GS winnin' in 4 or 5. So what your seeing, the overwhelming majority is seeing.

    Shit, just yesterday nikkas was tryna see if KD or Steph was gonna be MVP.

    It's a few. I'm 98.9% sure they're not actual Cleveland fans. I remember a bunch of folks on the wagon rooting for Miami
    So I'm trying to understand how Cleveland wins this series from someone who can be objective.

    I have no problem with someone having a different opinion. I have no dog in the fight but I'm trying to see the other side. Cuz from this side I can't see shit.

    Just like @BlackAX410 rides for his IT and the C's, @Beta rides for Wall/Waiters/Wade and the Heat and @BOSSExcellence rides for Bron. Nikkas don't really have to have complete logic behind it. Folks gone ride 4 who they ride 4 even if the situation looks bleek.

    Hell, I'm ridin' for/with Bron Bron (I'm a fan of many players tho.) They should legit lose the Finals b/c KD put the cherry on top, but I hope Bron/Kobra Ky/KL and the Cavs bust dat cherry (NH)!!
  • Re: Cheap Seats Whats On Your Mind Thread

    BlackAX410 wrote: »
    Think a thunderstorm on deck cuz it's humid as a muthabitch in the 410. I had to unbutton the top 3 buttons on my shirt having the percolating chest hair out lookin like a 90's R&B album cover



    Nikka got nunchucks bruh, shit is still hilarious!
    BlackAX410Chi-Town BullyTheBoyRoO.G.FigoCJsouthsil4lilPeezy_Jenkinsiron man1caddo manjee504King_MOEbrabigev240#1hiphopjunki3
  • Re: Do certain foods give u maaaaad gas?

    People shouldnt eat cheese nor drink milk. After childhood, dairy isn't that beneficial for you.

  • Re: Fight at the Buffet over what...?

    Shizlansky wrote: »
    It's a buffet in I think Bush La, it was off the chain. I haven't been in over a decade but it was only open on the weekend. I think because they caught all the seafood themselves.

    Every type of seafood. It's over $20 a pop though.

    I don't know if it's still like it was but it was the best

    20 bucks is damn good for a seafood buffet.

    Hell, anytime I get seafood from one of the various seafood spots I hit up on the reg I usually a dub (or close to it) for a plate.
    Arya TsaddiqBcotton5xxCivicxxlord nemesis