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  • Re: Drake's Friend Shot and Killed in what Police Call 'Targeted Assassination Overkill'

    i ro ny wrote: »
    Mister B. wrote: »
    That was some Malcolm X shit right there. Dude even reloaded the gun to shoot the guy again.

    Nah. It looks like the gun jammed.

    Nah the Gun was still shooting,
    He got sidetracked w/ Wiping off his prints on the Door.
    He was even still shooting the gun unknowingly while tryna pull his sleeve over his hand.
    Look at the window beside the door catch 3 bullets while he's pulling up his sleeve

    But if these nikkas some real hitta's, why weren't they wearing gloves??

    Seams a lil' amateurish imo.
  • Re: Side Piece tried to extort Kevin Hart and he said bump that!

    fortyacres wrote: »
    Cinco wrote: »
    Marquee? Cosmopolitan. One of the biggest spots in Vegas.
    U a married star at a party u supposed to curve all them hoes like bron bron

    every nigga that has ever approached a chick has been in this chick’s position...lmao

    Can't relate.....

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  • Re: Throwback- Cool Breeze-Watch For The Hook ft. Goodie Mob and Outkast

    Classic jawnt!

    But I never understood why as a debut single, they put him on the very end of posse song and he doesn't really even have a verse, just a glorified bridge. Letting Kast and Goodie Mob rap b4 you kinda defeated the purpose of exposing/showcasing him as a solo artist.

    Should have been a 2nd single w/ him spittin' earlier imo.
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  • Re: Funk Flex Says "DJ Clue is A Wack DJ" + He Doesn't Want to Battle

    J-GUTTA wrote: »
    Heard Clue DJ and Flex is right DJ skills wise Clue was wack

    I remember when Clue came to Norfolk State Homecoming. All the nigga did was talk on the mic, while another DJ was spinning.

    I ain't tryin to hear about your guts and glory
    I'm tryin to hear B.I.G. and some cuts from Nore
    And you keep talkin over the beat like Clue *JUST REMEMBER!...* Go find somethin to do

    That's basically what he does when he "DJ's"
  • Re: DJ Paul-Underground vol.17 for Da Summa(9/16)

    T. Sanford wrote: »
    @MallyG As long as I been a Three 6 fan. I never could tell who did what beat lol. I'm going to assume that Juice did songs like Gorilla Pimp, Life We Live, Know The Business. Also, I think Paul produced the entire Devil's Playground album. Can you give me a list of other beats that Paul & Juice did, so I can tell from their styles apart

    Aye bro, the only way you can tell the difference between the two is to listen to Chronicles of the Juiceman, mixtapes Cutthroat 1 & 2 and Realest Nigga In The Game. It's just the best way to conpare.

    Juicy's beats aren't as sinister as Paul's are on average. Although he can make some gloomy shit too, J usually keeps his beats melodic/smoother even when the beat is hard (if that makes sense).

    Juice also likes to use strings (orchs, cello and pizzicato) and pianos A LOT....

    Here's an example...

    You here the strings throughout and the 3 key piano riffs in and out..... Which leads me to believe he did the majority of production on tracks like....

    Although it's an orchestra sample, it's still strings. Plus you here that one piano stab after every 2 bars (as in 2 rap bars = 2/4 measures).

    Another example....

    Another piano riff along with a synth (voice) stacked on top of it.

    He also likes to use bass guitars over his kick drums. I'm pretty sure it's b/c he's a huge fan of blues music and it's jus the Memphis in him.


    (Still trips me out he didn't rap on that outro b/c that beat was RIDIN'!! Straight up on some pimp type shit!)

    I could go through their catalog and break this shit down all day, but it's too tedious! lol... Those two guys just meshed so well together w/ each of their styles.

    I'ma producer (I'very been on a hiatus for a while now) who has beem in the band since I was 9. My ear is pretty impeccable when it comes to stuff like this. I study beats!!
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