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  • Re: TMZ Details Tyrese’s Financial Problems

    These black celebrities aint as wealthy as yall make them out to be. To a regular Negro like me, $800k in the bank (i hope its not sitting there in cash) would be enough but these people spend like white people

    No he spend like a nigga

    Most niggas aint seen rich white people up close.
    Im an CPA by trade - youd be surprise

    Story time - Brother has a moving company on Long Island, summer in college, we moving a doctor’s stuff from their Hampton house to Manhattan. Placed filled with expensive rugs, art work, chandelier, i aint seen no nigga never buy shit like that in New York, just a plastic covered couch. And we did Sag Habor, Southampton too

    White people make you think they got their shit together, they just have ALL the bread.

    These are things that (if well maintained) holds or APPRECIATES in value tho.

    Not saying all white people are smart w/ their money, b/c we know that's not the case. But a majority them are more inclined to choose GUNS over Butta!
  • Re: Has your city ever had a Serial Killer?

    skpjr78 wrote: »
    MallyG wrote: »
    skpjr78 wrote: »

    "The only thing we feared was Williams, Wayne. Never thought about hitting licks or slanging 'cane" - 3 Stacks

    Was gonna post Wayne.

    For some reason, I still think he had help. 28 murders from one cat is possible, but it makes me skeptic.

    I wasn't born when the ACM started but my parents told me that other (black) parents wouldn't let there children go outside. If they did they would watch them or have to be accompanied/chaperoned by older brothers sisters in groups. It was truly scary times!

    I was around 4 when he was convicted so I came up during the aftermath of the Wayne Williams era. I don't remember much about it but my sister who is 3 and a half years other than me went to school with one of the missing and murdered children. I do remember the commercials that would come on tv saying it's 8 o'clock do you know where your children are? I remember "Officer Friendly" coming to our school and giving us the don't talk to strangers speech like once a month. I remember my aunt, cousins and grandmother taking us past Wayne William's house and most of all I remember his name. Wayne Williams was the real life boogie man for any kid who lived in or around Atlanta during the early 80s.

    I still wonder if Wayne Williams did that shit. He got caught throwing a body in the river so I know he did something. The body they found was of a 28 year old and Williams was actually convicted of murdering 2 adults. They used questionable technology and methods to tie him to the missing and murdered kids. There were rumors that the klan and/or the police were actually killing the kids. Those rumors still exist today. I know Wayne Williams did something but my gut tells me he didn't do it all.


    Oh yeah, I remember my folks and others tellin' me about the "Do you know where your children are??" commercials.

    Funny thing is, I was born on the day he was stopped by the Chattahoochee River (which he was subsequently brought in 2 days later and arrested a month later). They didn't actually see him dumping the bodies, they heard the splash and pulled him over b/c he close enough. I'm not absolving him but.....

    Speaking of the Klan, here's an excerpt from an article....

    "Williams and his family members have also blamed the murders on various others over the years, including the Atlanta police — who they believed were trying to avoid a race war — and the Ku Klux Klan.

    Spin magazine investigated the case in 1986, and revealed that a secret investigation discovered and then covered up the fact that a Ku Klux Klan family, the Sanders, may have been responsible for the murder of a young black boy and was possibly linked to the murders of 14 others in an attempt to ignite a race war between blacks and whites, according to court papers. But as the evidence against the Sanders family grew, the committee investigating the killings allegedly became nervous that revealing that the Klan was behind the murders could trigger racial unrest in the city. Members of the committee reportedly decided to terminate the secret investigation and seal its findings — but the controversy continues to this day."

    I do believe this shit has a lot of credence! And I do believe the cops possibly were letting this happen or weren't extremely motivated to catch anyone and just pinned it on a nigga who was a weirdo who just so happened to allegedly dump a couple bodies in the river. It's like I think he was intertwined somehow, but was mainly a patsy!

    A lot of evidence in his case is merely circumstantial too.
    skpjr78Lou_CypherYoung Stef
  • Re: Tyrese Has Some Words For The Rock

    a.mann wrote: »

    Tariq's a funny ass

    But this is real talk

    You have fooled & convinced yourself that your apart of Hollywood, you're in a big budget film franchise, your apart of the "IN" crowd....

    They don't give a fuck about you nigga! These white sumpremacist don't give a fuck about NIGGA SHIT and NIGGA TEARS!

    They like negroes around them w/ no problems..... happy negroes, and right now you the dangerous negroe b/c you emotional, they don't like emotional negroes

    You out here acting like u a shot caller talmbout "I ain't gonna be in no movie if...." U in somebody else house tryna move furniture around. U bout to blacklist yaself actin' a fool... "My baybeeeee, what more do you want from mmmeeeeeee!" Nigga sit you ass down, lookin' like a big ol' bitch!

    U ain't runnin' shit! They will replace u with a whole other nigga and put Michael Ealy in the next FNF.

    He was raised by a single mother (who was on drugs) and it seems he took on a lot of single mother ways/mentality. Always beggin' for something and tryna shame another man (The Rock) for some money. Tellin' people that he on steroids.... that's ho ass shit and sucka shit! U might as well be @ the county building like "I need my food stamps! I need my EBT card! Actin' out and showin' out.

    I'm sayin' this out of love!

    :joy: :joy: :joy:

    This shit was hilarious! Especially the cryin' impression!
    a.mannValentinez A. KaiserKoltrain5th Letterkingtob330gh0stblakfyahkingLPastblack caesartexas409BenjaminErip.dillamike06jazzybellablacktux
  • Re: Three White Pigs Brutally Arrest And Taser A Black High School Student…

    It's always a gang of these pork skins that can't subdue one person (in this case a CHILD) while on the ground.

    These nikkas need a strength and conditioning program.
    rickmogulstringer bellblackgod813
  • Re: TCM - Nas, De La Soul & "The Disaster Of Commercial Success"

    Nechesh358 wrote: »
    jay got me back with the dynasty. i didnt even wana hear it when it dropped but then my boy came thru n played it for me and i cud tell he was taking his sound in a different direction.

    co sign wu pun and x doing there thing. gang starr came with some heat too in 98. but some cats lost their careers trying to sell out. remember mic geronimo? his debut album was fire but for his 2nd album he had puff n trackmasters all over it. shit was trash and pretty much ended his career.

    "Still Don't Nothin' Move But The Money!" LoL

    Crazy enough, I remember this like it was yesterday! It was a far cry from "Wherever You Are" and "It's Real".