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  • Re: Side Piece tried to extort Kevin Hart and he said bump that!

    fortyacres wrote: »
    Cinco wrote: »
    Marquee? Cosmopolitan. One of the biggest spots in Vegas.
    U a married star at a party u supposed to curve all them hoes like bron bron

    every nigga that has ever approached a chick has been in this chick’s position...lmao

    Can't relate.....

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  • Re: Throwback- Cool Breeze-Watch For The Hook ft. Goodie Mob and Outkast

    BenjaminE wrote: »
    MallyG wrote: »
    Classic jawnt!

    But I never understood why as a debut single, they put him on the very end of posse song and he doesn't really even have a verse, just a glorified bridge. Letting Kast and Goodie Mob rap b4 you kinda defeated the purpose of exposing/showcasing him as a solo artist.

    Should have been a 2nd single w/ him spittin' earlier imo.

    Right, and the second single was "Cre-A-tine" where he was on some reverse-Juvenile shit that didn't really showcase his talents either...


    Exactly!! U ain'the neva lied, BUT....

    "Cre-A-Tine" was hard as a muhphucka!

    (I got people who)
    Still on parole (I got people who)
    On house arrest (I got people)
    With time to the door, pleading no contest (I got people)
    Who serve to survive (I got people)
    Who never go home (I got people)
    Who make dirty money (I got people)
    With taps on their phone (I got people)
    Who love to hustle (I got people who)
    On powder and pills(I got people)
    Who never go broke, (I got people)
    Who never pay bills (I got people)
    Who act like they know ya (I got people)
    Who can't be touched (I got people)
    Who never say nothing (I got people)
    Who don't talk much (I got people who)

    One the greatest/realist hooks EVVVAAA!! RNS!!
  • Re: DJ Paul-Underground vol.17 for Da Summa(9/16)

    I wanna check it out off the strength of it being Vol. 17,

    But i KNOW it's gon be Trash lol
    He need to only get production from J Green, Lil Prod, or lil Awhree
    How you can't recreate your own sound correctly?

    That is pure ether right there! lol

    His production is so hit or miss now, but I'll definitely check for it.

    Listening to most, if not all of Paul's projects since 3-6 disbanded, I knew that Juicy was the more talented producer between the two. Together their unfuckwitable, but I BEEN saw the disparity between production styles from sampling, drum programming, key/synth riffs, etc.

    "Hustle Til' I Die" album alone shits all over the majority of Paul's post 3-6 production. They used to be neck and neck way back in the day but that time has since passed.
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  • Re: Throwback- Cool Breeze-Watch For The Hook ft. Goodie Mob and Outkast

    Yall got me thinkin' bout this album (which was criminally underrated) and Tenn. Points was such a dope song!! The production is beautiful and he saying some real ass shit. Hell, Peaches come on from the start givin' you (dope) game...

    "Point 1.... Call a meeting, end the grudges and pay ya debt!"

    "Point 2.... Don't hate the haters, it clouds ya judgment."

    "Point 3.... Neva let THEM know what ya thinkin'"

    "You did it before, YOU'LL DO IT AGAIN!"

    That's Nivea on the hook btw.
  • Re: HYPNOTIZE MINDS (Appreciation Thread)

    "Da Summa"

    "Smokin' On The Dro"

    Timeless 3-6/Southern music!!!
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