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  • Re: Mercedes Benz s550 coupe is a classic

    MallyG wrote: »
    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    The AMG is tough.. But that joint is 165k.. Aston Martin money.. And completely out of my price range at the moment.. lol.. I saw one at the Mall the other day and it definitely has presence...

    CLA looks similar, it's based on the S class. So if u can survive with less horsepower this is a cool car. It's around 50k. I think i am going to buy an used car in the 2-4 year range. But this car came out 2013, so i still have to wait.


    U can find them well under 50k, that priceline is for the AMG's.

    It's a nice lil' car, but it jus screams hair salon/beautician whip in my eyes. Plus the interior leaves a lot to be desired. The screen/console area which is usually a centerpiece inside a car looks like a complete afterthought. That shyt literally looks like an aftermarket accessory.

    real can't be no grown ass man getting out of a CLA and trying to stunt

    that shit would be hilarious

    the CLA looks nice, but I don't think cats really consider just how small that car really is

    Exactly! lol

    Let's jus call it what it is, an economy sized CLS (which there is a growing market for tho). The CLS is hard, but unless your a smaller dude, it's interior is a lil' snug (not uncomfortable tho). It's outward appearance would suggest it has more room. Same goes for this car, but it's ergonomically worse.

    I'm not dissin' it (besides the console), b/c it fits a certain demographic, I jus know if a dude pull up in one, it looks like he in his ol' lady car. *shrugs*

    jayvon32misunderstood solide
  • Re: Dumb sh#t that happens in movies that no one questions...

    gh0st wrote: »
    The word nigger used by white people in random movies.or random moments
    Looking at you Goodfellas and the departed they dropped the n bomb twice for no good reason
    Dope movies but every time it gets to that part I be like

    To be real, Italians (not all, but some and definitely their mafia) use that word somewhat religiously when speaking on/of us.

    And let's keep it funky, The Departed is set in Boston........ it's phuckin' BOSTON! It's like the "pick a city" in Mississippi of the North. Them cacs roll out the bed and stretch sayin' "Niiigggeeeerrrrr" when they yawn. lol

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