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  • Re: Humans Are Fucked Up: Ultraviolence Edition.

    Hands cut off, beheaded, arm cut off, all with a dull blade
  • Re: Humans Are Fucked Up: Ultraviolence Edition.

  • Re: Humans Are Fucked Up: Ultraviolence Edition.

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    Ayo it's Christmas

    You right. My bad.
  • Re: How you feel about Chris Rock's Niggas vs Black People Stand Up?

    We all knew what he was getting at with this bit. The absolute worst types of people took it in the exact way you'd expect them to, though.
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  • Re: Ladies, please help Conflict come to terms with his homosexuality

    Absolutely pissening. Strong everything.

    A good friend of mine who programs for a living, and writes books as a hobby in his spare time coined a phrase that sums up quite nicely my current mental state as it pertains to our darker toned citizenry…”nigger fatigue”. You can be as even tempered, tolerant, trusting, and objective as you can possibly be, and yet you get to the point where you’ve seen the same stereotypical behaviors for the millionth time and you just have to throw your hands in the air and reach the same conclusion that many a good man has come to in their lifetime…these goddamned niggers are going to be the ruination of us all. Now look, I don’t hate blacks so much as I hate black culture. I am not a cultural relativist…I do not believe that all human cultures are worthy of the same respect and regard. Some cultures have marked the path of upward social development and have made tremendous contributions to that slow and tedious process. Other cultures are still locked inside of reality tunnels that existed before electricity and flushing toilets, and one could argue that their eradication from the human memesphere would be a major contribution to the ongoing well-being of humanity. It’s hard to respect cultures that condone the execution of a woman via stoning for supposedly inciting her own rape by sitting in a room with a man to whom she is not betrothed…it’s hard to respect cultures that routinely put AK-47s into the hands of 13 yo boys to go out and fight the good fight for the Warlord of the Month…it’s hard to respect cultures that carry out political discourse by putting gasoline filled tires around peoples necks and setting them on fire. I have no verifiable explanation for modern African-American culture. People far smarter than me would argue that what we observe happening is a culmination of complex interactions of convoluted social, economic, and political factors as they coalesce to incentivize self-destructive and ruinous behavior upon the poor, downtrodden descendants of Antebellum era cotton pickers. Hey, my IQ is well above room temperature, and I’m certainly capable of listening to and appreciating such academic appeals to pity, tolerance, and the further looting of my weekly paycheck in order to finance social programs aimed at feeding, educating, and warehousing these victims of history. Capable, yes…willing, no. Life is short and I choose to accept a far simpler explanation for the modern monkeyshines of the American Pavement Ape. Everywhere you see these knuckle dragging lotharios…their rotund breeding sows…their filthy screaming progeny…everywhere you see them gain a foothold you will see nothing but urban decay, political turmoil, declining social values, overfunded and underperforming school systems, a decimated tax base, overworked and frustrated police dealing with an escalating crime rate, and the overall economic and social destruction that occurs as those who are able to flee the stinking hoard take their ball out to play in suburbs and leave the remaining populace to be pulled down into the crab bucket of rampant nigger nesting, congesting, and digesting. As I look at the state of the African continent…as I look at the state of America’s once proud urban centers…as I look at any place on earth that has become a breeding and stomping ground for the Negroid humanimal…I can only conclude that they are indeed the “coons” that many a white man has proclaimed them to be. Just like that particular woodland rodent, they have a penchant for trespass, theft, and destruction. Much like raccoons, whatever they fail to destroy they will shit on.