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  • Re: Folks are getting @ YesJulz for tweeting out an image of a shirt w/ the word n!gga on it…

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    Lemme tell the irony story since I was there.
    So we all the chilling on Tinychat talking and whatever. ironies in the kitchen with some Becky a roomate of his i guess. She's about to make something to eat and rapper bro sez he wants some nigga food. Then she repeats back what he sez to her with no caution, no discomfort, no fux....just rolls of her tongue. This cat finishes talking to her then looks in the camera like......I already know what yall bout to say...... I know y'all heard that @kat was shocked and disgusted rightfully so because she's loyal.

    He has been getting heat for it ever since. He even dropped pics with his wigger homeboys talking bout how they'll catch bodies for him. I believe @kai and a bunch of others have called him a coon since.

    You got some of the details wrong but it's cool.

    she repeated what I said.

    Which was nigga right?


    She repeated what I said, ultimately.

    Theres a dude in this very thread who said the girl he was fuckin said "gimme that nigger cock". My roommate simply repeated what I said. She didn't call me a nigga.

    Well technically, she didn't call me a nigger, either. She said "nigger" in reference to my dick. Nh.

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  • Re: Folks are getting @ YesJulz for tweeting out an image of a shirt w/ the word n!gga on it…

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    Aww shit.

    Out of all the white girls I fucked with, that incident right there hasn't even gotten close bruh :joy:

    Exactly. They know better.

    These hoes be actin up and these niggas be letting them

    That shit baffles me man. I fucks wit all flavors of the women rainbow but I'll be damn if I get disrespected in the process just for some pussy.

    She said she thought it would turn me on. You know those embarrassing memories you try to shout away when they pop up in your head? This is one of them.
    She was fine as fuck, tho'

    :joy: see now you gotta post a pic. Miss me wit the u don't have any, u know her name, she gotta FB/IG =)

    FUUUCK that. I aint #scumbag crew. :lol:
  • Re: Folks are getting @ YesJulz for tweeting out an image of a shirt w/ the word n!gga on it…

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    My cuzin was telling me about this guy that goes to the barber shop he go to. He has a bad white chick as a girlfriend and they both be talking crazy to each other while having sex. This nigga say he be having that bitch tell him to "give her that nigger dick" and call him that and everything. As a turn on while smashing her brains out. Lol

    Yo, I had this lily white chick look me dead in the eye and tell me, "give me that nigger cock". I had to do some introspection on if I gave off the vibe that you could just say that to me like shit's sweet.
    My mind was pissed but my body betrayed me. Pray for me
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  • Re: why you gotta mess with the lion tho?

    Translation: "Really nigga?"
  • Re: Gilbert Arenas Views on Darker Women

    I'm dark-skinned, which is a deal breaker for some women, because they simply don't find the look appealing, nothing more, nothing less.

    Now I can understand being bemused when folks start making insinuations about your character and status based on nothing else but your skin pigmentation. That's different.