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  • Re: George Lopez goes off - "if you can't take a joke, sit the fuck down or get the fuck out"

    @5th Letter did I hurt your feelings, you sensitive little bitch.
    5th LetterRickyRich
  • Re: My Special Ed Class in Sweden

    I know i take meds but im still smart

    supergangsterValentinez A. KaiserJoker_De_La_Loverdetcatinva
  • Re: Who Was The MVP of 1994

    nas had the best critically acclaimed album, but that shit took two years just to hit gold, and didnt hit plat till 2001, and only sold 59k albums its first week, thank god niggas couldnt download songs back then or it might of gone wood Triple Cs style.

    Snoop sold 800k+ it was a classic, it was the fastest-selling hip hop album ever at the time, had hit singles, shit was banging

    It was called bootlegs
  • Re: What series to start?

    TheGOAT wrote: »
    Swiffness! wrote: »

    at this point, Sopranos sorta is like 2pac - undeniable trailblazing GOATness on multiple levels, cultural icon, fans that will fistfight you, BUT some of it hasn't aged well IMHO and people gloss over the weaknesses.

    Like all those dream sequences, that people dissected to the bone about what they meant and in the end they meant jack shit except for 2 of em

    Which ones?

    The dream episode when he was kevin finnerty was one of the best episodes. And he was in a coma which was the reason for it. Had tons of hidden meanings and was a trip.

    That whole coma shit was a waste of time and in the end really meant nothing. The only dreams Tony had that meant something was the talking fish and the Annette Bening one and we all know what followed after each.

    TheGOAT wrote: »
    The Sopranos would be 2nd. First 2 seasons are great, 3 & 4 are kinda weak, 5 is great because of Steve Buscemi, the rest is meh.

    My favorite episode of any tv show off all time is "Soprano Home Movies" in the final season.

    The one when tony & bobby hangout at the lakehouse.


    The fight at the end was ok the rest was like watching paint dry, and I'm not the type needs action every 5secs. Season 6 part 2 was just boring til like the last 2/3 episodes.
  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 4 Thread (In Production)

    hippoetry wrote: »
    some are just plain dumb

    hippoetry wrote: »

    Stern has stupid money and wouldnt wanna be defeated by jamie, matter of fact he probably refuses to be defeated by not only a person of he probably has eyes on jamie, watching his every moves, putting information ninjas after i wouldnt be surprised if greg is working for stern now....and further more, that basett chick told him while looking up "now everyone will know who you are"

    Stern knows he is a drug underlord, he sent her to make ghost become st-patrick and st-patrick ghost, he was great at what he did in the streets because he made "ghost" become a myth, now all the social media people will know tje face...then stern/bassett will expose him as ghost

    But the main security guy did put a tracking device in bassett's pocket whe. She was showing ghost his social media profile...but ghost is slipping, he hasnt been as well calculated as he was, the writers wanna show him being smarter when in the streets than being legit

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