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  • Re: Dipset Will Reunite At Spotify's "RapCaviar Live" Concert

    TheGOAT wrote: »



    And lmao @ "force to be reckoned with". Them niggas had 1 album
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  • Re: Hell naw!...........Fabo What You Doing Man?!?!

    miami cane wrote: »
    Who cares

    Exactly. He still smashing Emily B. fine ass?


    Be rocking the shit outta an ankle bracelet for that, b

    So u would beak your principles, for a woman who u think is fine..just to fuck her?

    Break my principles?

    Nigga clam the fuck down, I didn't say I'd smack my mother or something.
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  • Re: Eminem 8th studio album "TBA" (11.17.17)

    Broddie wrote: »
    Stew wrote: »
    Broddie wrote: »
    Stew wrote: »
    Em needs to just leave the politics the fuck alone.

    Why? Not like he hasn't done this before.

    Last time he did it it was one of the most embarrassing phases of his career. So out of his element. Sounding like a smart dumb nigga but thinking he intellectual cause he was wearing glasses.

    Politics is not his element. Even Nas seems stupid when he goes there (see: These Are Our Heroes) but at least sometimes he knows what he's talking about. He needs to stick to rapping about sniffing glue and weird shit like smacking a baboon upside the head with a dildo or whatever.

    I'm almost certain he has the time to see what's going on in the world, he's never held his tongue abou it. Dude has a voice, he used it ala Kaepernick and Lebron James. What did he say that was wrong btw?

    Tbh I didn't make it through the whole thing so I honestly can't say. First few bars were too pretentious for me to keep it on. I've seen him go down this road before though and then stay mum after the album tour wrapped up (Encore). This shit is just hype.

    Who knows how genuine it really is. You really think his boss Jimmy voted for Hilary? This shit is strategic and people are falling for it hook, line and sinker. At least we know where Bron and Kap are coming from. Here's someone who benefits directly from white privilege trying to downplay it to seem on the side of angels. Please.

    Seemed suspect back in '04 with good reason and seems suspect now. Just my 2 cents. I could be all the way wrong but there is something transparently disingenous about this to me.

    Typical, nigga bitching about something he hasn't even listened to or seen.


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  • Re: Your Thoughts On Suge Knight

    All Revisionism and blind Hate for a Man that has never Effected your life personally aside, Puffy is a bigger snake than Suge could every be all the shit and layers to shit he has been involved with over the years and noone bats an eye because he is so deeply entrenched in the industry he just gets a pass. Hell Jodeci and Mary J Blige ran to Suge to help get them out of deals Puffy had them in.

    Most of the Suge hate you kats have is the unhealthy indoctrination of a Media Machine that Sabotaged one of the most Powerful Black Owned Labels to ever exist. It shows you have taken the narrative they wanted to give you to heart rather than actually peeping game and recognizing what has really been happening.

    What Deathrow did as a Independently owned entity has not been redone yet closest to do it was Master P and with the nature of Media today that level of Power will never be attainable again. Suge's whole story is a tragedy in large part of his own Creation but the parts that are not is where haters fail to give credit and writeoff what really went down for the Story they saw On MTV News or CNN back in the day...

    LOL @ the irony

    Replace hate w/ love and Suge w/ Pac and you just described yourself (and others) on here.

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  • Re: Your Thoughts On Suge Knight

    bck145 wrote: »
    5 Grand wrote: »
    bck145 wrote: »
    a_list wrote: »
    bck145 wrote: »
    5 Grand wrote: »
    bck145 wrote: »
    bck145 wrote: »
    RickyRich wrote: »
    bck145 wrote: »
    Unless you out touching children...then im not rooting for anyone to sit in jail

    The guy built the rap record label that ran things in the early 90's....if he turned his life sure he has some gems hidden away that would be able to get released

    1. Actively ran with booty goons who raped his engineers and artists.
    2. Started the "rap record label" with vanilla ice and Harry-o's money.
    3. Financially raped his artist and continues to terrorize them decades after they leave the label.
    4. Pretends to be blind in court
    5. Actively pursues his former artists wives and impregnates then.
    6. Ran a 500 million dollar label into the ground.

    Nah dude might as well be a predator.

    wat bout puffy ?

    1. No knowledge of him stealing money to start bad boy
    2. Was actually a manager
    3. Never prentend to be blind in court
    4. Death row been dead. Ten years from now bad boy will still be on top.

    Except bad boy wasnt shit before 97...they had a little run and hasnt been shit since then

    Death row was a legendary record label, bad boy had 1 act

    Yep. This is definitely going in the dumbest things said in the reason

    Explain then

    Puffy made biggie a one else from bad boy made it to the levels even close to pac, snoop, dre

    Shyne was decent but thats about it...lox were ok but overrated...mase or black rob? Lol

    Even when death row was weak their roster still had more talent....crooked i, eastwood, kurupt

    Nonsense, Faith, Total and 112 both had hits on the R&B charts. Ma$e sold 4x platinum. How can you say they only had 1 artist?

    Also, just to add on, Death Row was valued at $500 Million at one point. Seems like a lot of money but thats NOTHING to investment bankers, politicians and Senior record executives (I'm talking about Jimmy Iovine and people on that level). He thought that $500 Million gave him a free pass to do whatever he wanted, but $500M isn't as much money as he thought. It might seem like a lot to you and me, but there's cats walking around with 3X that amount of money that look down at Suge like a pauper with no class.

    Because who takes mase seriously as a rapper? He was bubble gum bullshit

    112 and faith were fly by night acts

    Im also not talking about what something is worth....more so the quality of work that was released under suges watch, legends came out of that camp...which goes back to the original point...he probably has unreleased gold

    This cac really is dumb

    From 95 to 98 112, Faith and Total had just many hits as any 3 Deathrow artist and 5 Platinum and 1 Gold album to got with.

    Just stop typing you sound like a fucking idiot.

    Total had a platinum and a gold album as well...that dude need to google shyt before he start

    I never said they didnt sell....i dont care about platnium plaques...everyone went platnium in the 90s

    The more important thing is....was the quality good? Do people remember or still listen to those albums the way they do doggystyle or all eyez on me....and the answer is no....its not difficult to understand

    Theres just some brain dead ppl who cant back up their stance so they try and spin the discussion so they dont look as stupid

    Thats like me saying oh the doggfather went 2x platnium.....its not a very good album, so why even bring it up....lazy ass arguements

    Who do you know that bought 112 and Faith's albums in the 90s that doesn't still listen to them?

    I dont know anyone who still listens to them and ive never met a person in real life who ever owned a faith album

    No shit cracka. When live in a cul de suc in Kansas you probably ain't meeting people who own a Faith album.
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