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  • Re: So certain females are mad @ Jesse Williams for divorcing his wife & then supposedly upgrading to...

    Copper wrote: »
    Sion wrote: »
    Copper wrote: »
    "Simply bc you're an animal acitivist doesnt mean you can't wear fur"

    If he said you couldn't be with a white woman this would apply but he didn't say that in his speech.

    The two aren't related at all but in Jesse's case I get it. The outrage for this is bullshit tho. Harry Belafonte, Sydney Poitier, etc. And it doesn't discredit what they did for the black community or civil rights either.

    The argument that who you date negates your work is one that was never made.

    But a high profile problack celebrity/activist looks a certain way not dating a black person.

    Y'all niggas keep saying this shit not realizing that your fucking contradicting yourselves.

    If who ever they are dating doesn't negates their work then there shouldn't be a "but"
  • Re: Has Kendrick Lamar lowkey surpassed Drake in hip hop stardom?

    Sion wrote: »
    No one could have predicted Jay-Z of all rappers would be where he is today at the forefront of rap music and popular culture. I don't understand why that's so hard to comprehend.

    Jay has pretty much been at the forefront of rap music and popular culture since Vol. 2 dropped. Has he shared that spotlight through out years with others (X,Ja,Em,Nelly,TI,50,Kanye,Kast,Wayne,or Drake)? Absolutely, but you acting like Jay was just in the background and an afterthought til 03/04 which is bullshit.
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  • Re: Has Kendrick Lamar lowkey surpassed Drake in hip hop stardom?

    aneed123 wrote: »
    Sion wrote: »
    Sion wrote: »
    The 2 shouldn't be compared at this point. Both have different ambitions. Kendrick wants to be the best rapper, Drake wants to be the best entertainer. Drake about that bag, Kendrick about the integrity.

    Kendrick Lamar isn't as big as Drake in terms of stardom but that doesn't mean he can't surpass him in the near Future. In 2000/2001 it was farfetched ​to believe Jay-Z could surpass DMX and today look at how their careers stack up to one another. Shit it's possible Wale could come out the woodworks and surpass everyone and one day become the GOAT rapper. I mean it's not like anyone saw Pac coming amongst the Snoops, LLs, Wu-Tang, Ice Cubes, Ice T, Hammer, Heavy Ds, Scarfaces, or Busta Rhymes of the time..... No way in hell could anyone have predicted that the dancer from Digital Underground would become "2Pac" as we came to know him...

    Slim I swear you be having the most revisionist history on this bitch.

    Jay at worst was on the same level as X back then.

    TF you be coming up with this shit.

    Stop it negro, I remember that era clear as day. X was multi platinum off 2 albums in one year and sold like 12 million records in the span of the same year. Then the year after did like 8 million. No doubt Jay was dope but Hov was NOT the Hov we look at and praise now in 99/2000. Jay just got his first major album and became a household name. X was already there 98/99.

    Hell if you said in 96 even that Jay would be hailed the GOAT in the same tier as Big, Pac, Heavy D, Wu-Tang, NaS etc. Niggas would have laughed at you. It's not always easy to tell. I remember when DMX was supposed to be the next Pac and end up being bigger than him. And look at X today.

    I guess the 18 million records Jay sold worldwide over the same time period ain't shit.


    Log off b.

    He right tho. X was hotter at that time and Jay was a after thought in 96....

    Guess that Sion-itis is spreading.

    X was hotter than Jay in 96 even tho no one even heard of him til 54321 or Money,Power, Respect both of which was released AFTER 96.

    X was hotter than Jay in 96 even tho Jay had 2 hits in Ain't No Nigga and Can't Knock the Hustle and a Gold selling single in Dead Presidents.

    X was hotter than Jay in 96 even tho Jay dropped Reasonable Doubt that got critical praise, went Gold, and had features from to of the biggest artist in there respective genre ( Mary J & Big ) at the time. While X wouldn't release his album for damn near 2 FUCKING YEARS.

    Folks wanna criticize white Em fans for being part-time hip hop fans and not knowing anything about hip hop...... then niggas type this bullshit. SMH
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  • Re: DJ Akademiks Goes on COMPLEX Rant

    Start at 33 mins to see why he furious lol Budden was clownin his ass lmao

    Man that nigga akademkis comes off as a lame ass nigga
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  • Re: WOW..would anyone on the IC eat from Tony Boloney's in New Jersey..?!!!

    TheGOAT wrote: »
    I dont buy my tacos from white guys named Tony Boloney

    Don't you live in Iowa? Yes you do.