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  • Re: Why Isn't Snoop Discussed More With The GOATS???

    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    IDGAF what ya'll niggaz talking about.. Snoop Doggy Dogg in a legend.. That niggaz contribution to hip hop cannot be understated.. Ya'll niggaz trippy in here..

    Plenty of people have said Snoop is a legend.

    But there's a difference from a hip hop legend and GOAT.

    Diddy a hip hop legend, but he ain't nowhere near Goat, just like Snoop.
    DR. JEK
  • Re: Marvel's The Defenders

    Idiotic response.

    Anyway, Sigourney Weaver's character wasn't as believable as critics said she'd be. She wasn't bad but she wasn't the best actor by far. I found myself paying Madam Gao more attention in their scenes together.

    Dumb ass post, get dumb ass responses.
    soul rattler
  • Re: Marvel's The Defenders

    Best things about this show were Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Misty Knight, Elektra, and Luke Cage. Honorable mention to White Hat... although....
    I really didn't like how once again, the black character has to be the first to die. Even in a group of 5 villains, 2 white, 2 Asian, and 1 black, the black guy dies first. And half of the next episode they just keep showing his decapitated head on the floor on some Mike Brown shit.

    Hollywood has a fetish for seeing our people die.

    Claim down nigga, it ain't that deep

    And Bukuto ain't white. In rl or the character

    You say it ain't deep till you look at the last 100+ years of media. Your dead body is entertainment to them.

    My bad, you right b

    I've never seen a white person die in a movie or on TV.

    soul rattlerplat-grillz1982The Divine Visitor
  • Re: Who would you say is the hottest rapper currently?

    anduin wrote: »
    Ear2DaSt wrote: »
    Yall really do make J-Z hotter then he really is no he wasn't hot 20 years straight

    real talk is a more of a Hip-Hop icon then an hot rapper

    He rides off the shit he did in the late 90's to early 2000's

    Music wise he has had slow spurts but really his biggest hits where from the past

    He would drop some shit but no huge hits ....

    the industry needs a familiar face he is that token dude

    the say he manipulates the numbers

    New York is like the capitol of the world he is pretty much the representative

    New York gonna back him with sponsorship all that high power media shit

    but his music aint been that hott

    but if u got numbers to prove other wise .....

    I can't think of his last big hit in 10 + years but you stans will make a mountain out a molehill

    Roc Boys
    I Know
    Run This Town
    Empire State of Mind
    On to the Next One
    Niggas in Paris
    Holy Grail
    Tom Ford
    On the Run

    Why do you retards insist on looking like morons when it comes to Jay's stats

    All does songs were only hot in tha east coast that's why they came n went

    nah a few of those were crossover hits where the songs entered mainstream pop radio

    He's fuckn idiot
    trendsetta1030Built 4 cuban linxTHE_R_Like Water
  • Re: Is hov officially the GROAT?

    Nah Son wrote: »
    Nah Son wrote: »
    5 GOAT rappers to consider before Jay-Z
    3. LL Cool J
    4. Nas
    5. 2pac

    Yes Jay-Z has many achievements in his career along with awards and album sales. But to be considered GOAT ask yourself this question is his music better than the ones listed above? Is he as influential? Has he made a bigger impact? In my honest opinion no. Is he one of the greatest? yes.

    nahh @ LL. He a legend but no GOAT contestant to me. Had a spark in the eighties and a nice comeback album and that was it. Been livin off his name for like twenty years

    mfs clickin on wack and nosign as expected but wont bring up facts

    aight name a memorable LL song in this century yall

    and Accidental Racist dont count

    Love u better
    Control myself

    All hits in this century

    Hits, but none them shits was any good.
    sapp08_20015 Grandachewon87rip.dillaTrillaaaaaaMaywood