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  • Re: Faizon Love: Snoop could've stop Pac from getting killer

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    5 Grand wrote: »
    Bloods and Crips are everywhere.

    The main difference in Los Angeles is that they wear colors (red and blue)
    skpjr78 wrote: »

    The CRIPs were not always the gang-bangers they are known to be. The CRIPs were formed in 1969. Raymond Washington, a high school student at the time founded the organization in response to the increasing level of police harassment of the Black community.

    CRIPs stood for Community Resources for Independent People. It was styled on the Black Panther Party which was formed 3 years earlier, by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, further down the west coast in Oakland.

    There were many organizations springing up around the same time all over the country with the same ideas of protecting and serving the community.

    Like so many of these organizations, their commitment to these basic values was not given the opportunity to run its course.

    Individuals, marked out by police as leaders, were targeted and arrested on various bogus charges then convicted on the flimsiest of evidence.

    Many organizations were pitted against each other through the work of informants and undercover FBI agents who would provoke confrontations as well as provide information as to the whereabouts and movements of individuals. Others were just plain murdered by the police.

    The ferocity with which police departments went after the Black community, particularly young Black men, is shown by the fact that by 1971, 2 million Blacks were being arrested each year. The fear of the Black community producing any more Huey P. Newtons or Malcolm Xs, of the development of a strong revolutionary movement were the main reasons behind such police action and J. Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program).

    Thus, any spirit of resistance was literally harassed, imprisoned or murdered out of the community. Gangs however remained, serving a different purpose.

    Y'all are very much misinformed lol

    The Crips were EMPHATICALLY not formed in 1969.

    Bloods and Crips go back as far as civilization. Bloods think alike and Crips use hand signals. Thats the difference. whether or not you're a Blood or a Crip is determined at birth. Its like being right handed or left handed (best analogy I can think of).

    As far as the gangs in Los Angeles, the difference is that they are a criminal organization that engages in illegal activity. They sell drugs, guns and kill each other over territory. Rich white people in the suburbs are Bloods and Crips but they don't gang bang.

    Just because you're a Blood or a Crip doesn't mean you're a gangbanger.




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  • Re: Faizon Love: Snoop could've stop Pac from getting killer

    TheGOAT wrote: »
    Snoop and Dre should make a sequel to The Wash

    The Wash >>> all the Friday sequels

    All you're saying is

    Horse shit>>>>>>>>>Dog shit
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  • Rate The Bars: Rah Digga

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  • Re: Ali Vegas Exposes The Gay Rituals He Saw Rappers Do For Fame!

    Why would a nigga who gave up his ass want to talk about that? If a person knows there life/family could be on the line if they start talking shit, why would they?

    It's not like every nigga who ever makes the charts is put in these positions, but if you get to a certain level of fame, then new doors start opening up.

    It shouldnt be that hard to believe considering all the money in the world comes from a very small group and they all follow the Kabbalah and worship Satan, so if you want to share their wealth, why would they trust you if you didnt?

    These are facts, I dont know why yall are fighting this, it takes more energy to try to defend your favorite rapper, than realizing he probably rubbed elbows with some niggas that would kill there own mother to stay in control.

    Our president is a known child molester and you want to talk about CIA leaks? Yall niggas are confused.


    So who dick you sucking to get that check you collecting? nh

    No way you can ask that question and say no homo... that was very gay

    Noticed you dodged the question and didn't deny the question.

  • Re: Bow Wow out here stuntin on you broke niggas

    DaBull wrote: »
    yea, i guess im in the minority here, I didnt really feel anything racist on the post, just felt like he was speaking facts and calling Bow ignorant, which ironically is the meaning of N word

    Wasn't no racial untones. Slim just clowned a clown.

    Nothing more nothing less

    It's definitely there. White men aint stupid. They know how much rappers identities and manhood hinge on bold display signifiers of wealth. That's how disenfranchised people show that they've made it. Meanwhile, wealthy white men don't ave to flex like that because they can assert themselves and their power in other ways. So him talking bout.... "I dont drink sizzurp and hennessy...hang out with broke ass musicians....I use my brainpower.... #Stockmarket this and that He know exactly what he saying.

    Yeah, cuz the white man made them do that shit.

    Dude pretty much regurgitated what CTG said about Bow Wow last week. Was there racial undertones then? Or was he just calling out an idiot?

    Ok so a white man randomly shares that "I dont drink sizzurp and hennessy" and that has nothing to do with the fact that he talking to a black male. Okie doke

    Nope. That cac was shitting on Bow Wow, not me, my brothers,my cusins,ect. Bow Wow

    Don't know about you, but I as a black man, don't equate myself w/ sizzurp or hennessy. Sorry

    So if a white boy calls somebody a nigger, your response would be "Well I don't equate myself with niggers, so that wasn't a racial statement. What are you even talking about? It doesn't matter who this man was shitting on or what you equate yourself with. The original statement was that there were racial undertones in the post, which is obvious that there are. He wouldn't have mentioned no sizzurp or hennessy otherwise. What you equate yourself has no bearing on what image he was clearly conjuring up. Fuck outta here...he know exactly what he was saying.

    You haven't really shown these supposed racial undertones though. You've proven that the CaC might be taking shots at rappers in general, but unless you believe rapper = black men in general, I don't see how the CaC's words are automatically an attack on black men. Maybe he does see things that way. I don't even know who he is so I can't say. But let's be real there are plenty of people out there that think the average rapper is a joke, but don't necessarily feel that way about all black men or women.

    I'm sure you know what an UNDERtone is. By literal definition, I would not be able to PROVE that he was talking about black men, in general. That's precisely why it's referred to as an undertone. And of course you wouldn't recognize anything racial if it slapped you in the face and offered you watermelon.

    Then what the fu.....


    So YOU equate blacks males w/ sizzurp or hennessy.