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    He made 80 million off G-Unit clothing and in actuality it was Ecko that owned it. Boxing is whatever. Record label, he still sold 45 million records worldwide off of G-Unit records, Ross has never gone platinum. Anyways Ross is a claffy and he's jaded af. He's not selling how he used to and MMG took the biggest and most Ls in 2015 so we'll see where Ross and MMG is in 5 more years. Lookin like Wale gon jump ship....
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    Ahhh fuck it I need to come clean....

    - I witnessed my father's wife steal 3Gs from him and pin it on one of my brothers - never told him cuz she was the best thing to ever happen to him & held down the household. She was suppose to use the money to pay for her school at the time - and she didn't even go back SMMFH.


    - sometimes when I'm crazy bored on the IC I edit posters' posts to say gay or out of character shit.... niggas stay blaming it on Makaveli or PR but nah it's been me all along. Some of em led to roasts.

    PS but it was posters niggas didn't give a fuck about anyways


    - when I was 13 I got my first job selling newspapers (used to make $40 a month which is a lot of money to a 13 year old), after the first month I started throwing them shits away and pocketing the cash.


    - one time my homeboy left his facebook on & unsupervised so I sent advances to all the bitches he had on there & dissed all the ugly ones. Don't know what the outcome of it was after. But one of the girls he was talking to for ages trying to fuck finally gave him a chance off that shit.


    - one time this douche bag at school said some off hand racist shit to me, so later that night my homey said he knew where he lived & that we'd get retribution. I took a shit in a brown paper bag, we went to his house lit it on fire, rang his doorbell & waited for him to come out. His sister came out & we egged her.


    - One time when I was really young, me & this girl were looking for places to fuck, so we broke into my friend's house and smashed all over the place. Nutted all up in his bed sheets. We went back to school and met up with everyone after. Plan was to go to his house to play N64 SMMFH. We when got there niggas were throwing their bagpacks & hoodies all up on his bed sheets. I couldn't stop looking at my girl SMMFH, I said I was feeling sick & went home.


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  • Re: Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Biden vs. Ryan In The Bluegrass Offical Thread

    Paul Ryan is a faggot....
  • Re: Question, following ppl thread to thread just to hit wack or feelings...


    @Cain Marko.... I don't know LOLOL

    @Louis Cipher..... I see what you sayin but real talk it's just to limit nigga's who troll and stalk other posters over nonsense. Shit's wack but I care not to understand why some niggas do what they do LOL.
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  • Re: Question, following ppl thread to thread just to hit wack or feelings...

    Soon we (mods) are gonna be able to see who's abusing the reaction/flag features and when we do niggas will get banned if we see it's excessive.....
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