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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

    Sion wrote: »
    You muthafuckas did not predict any of your fucking dragons dying LOOOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLL AHAHAHHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA

    you can't be serious.....

    *I'll be back...*

    Go ahead search I know neither you or Boss predicted that B)
    CapitalBSmokey Tha Bandit
  • Re: Rapper Ranking Project: Rapper #3 - Tupac

    Subject matter-5

    SMMFH @ niggas giving Pac a 3 for storytelling as if Against All Odds, All Eyez On Me, Hail Mary, Holla At Me, Teardrops & Closed Caskets, Who Do You Believe In, Hellrazor, Troublesome 96, arent amazing songs with full blown stories behind em. Most werent even fiction those were actually what he was goin thru.

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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

    aneed123 wrote: »
    Boss banned or something? A Jackson is hilarious lol

    Nah he's just embarrassed is all, if he enters guarantee Elzo and Hundo putting him in a body bag LOOLOLOL.

    This is one of those fine times where you just gotta take the L in silence !
  • Re: Rapper Ranking Project: Rapper #3 - Tupac

    Sion wrote: »
    @Sion Got an issue with objectivity. If Pac is not the best at storytelling, he can not be 5. That's what this series is about. He has no stories as detailed or clever as Rewind or I Gave You Power in his whole catalog. That's an automatic no 5. You can find other rappers who tell more detailed stories than Pac that aren't as clever as Rewind or I Gave You Power, so they would fall in the 4.0-4.5 range. 3.5 isn't an outlandish score by any means.

    Him receiving a 5 doesn't make him the best it just means he's exhibited an excellent rating from his own capacity. By your logic, Scarface is the greatest storyteller period over NaS, Big Boi and a dozen others and therefore no one can be a 5 if they're not better than Scarface even if they are. Nor can they match him.

    And yes Pac does have stories as deep you can't be this foolish - Against All Odds is based on actual events that's so deep it's intertwined forever with "who killed 2Pac" theories and more. That song helped carry an entire theory that Pac would rise from the dead to get revenge on his enemies. As did Hail Mary and countless others. Pac's songs were connected. 3.5 is outlandish AF imo because it's undermining the impact those songs had on real life circumstances and the legend of Tupac.

    Shit like this is why I hate the Reason sometimes. On the IC though shall not go against the "Nation of NaSlam", Lupe Fiasco is second the greatest rapper of all time, we cannot say Drake has ANY hit songs, everyone fucks dimes and lives in Trump tower with an orange juice maker ice cooler installed on the TV, J.Cole has 8 classics and southern Hip-hop is to be denounced SMMFH. FOH fam, let's keep it honest and keep the bullshit out.... You can give Pac lower ratings in other places but storytelling isn't one of them. Being objective, how he can be a 4 lyrically but a 3 for storytelling is mad disrespeckful SMMFH. Brenda's Got A Baby almost got black listed from radio, Baby Don't Cry, Keep Ya Head Up, Troublesome 96, Teardrops and Closed Caskets, Shorty Wanna Be A Thug, My Block, Mama's Just A Little Girl, All Eyez On Me, Letter To My Unborn Child, Better Dayz, Life Goes On. Negro Tupac was writing stories about him still living having us thinking he was still alive for 7 straight years SMMFH.

    Scarface's stories aren't as clever as Rewind or I Gave You Power. They're just very good. I wouldn't give him the 5 either. If you start handing out 5s with "his own capacity" attached to it, you could start making arguments for a lot of 5s.

    And you talking about the wrong one when you mentioning objectivity because I actually agree with a lot of your rant paragraph. The IC act like because Drake had someone write some of his worst music that he never was a good writer at all. All of his best verses are his "[*] o'clock in [location]" series and those are definitely all penned by him. I agree J Cole isn't great, FHD was his best album but still not as good as any of Kendrick's. And the south doesn't get enough credit.

    You can make a legitimate argument for Pac to be a 4 or a 4.5 storyteller but not a 5 because the cleverness of a story counts. I understand there's a lot of posters in the Reason that denounce cleverness or witty bars saying it doesn't matter. If your story is concise, detailed and clever all at once, you are the better storyteller. Subject matter of what you're actually saying is a different category.

    Thank you. @Sion if you disagree with a 3, fine. Make a good argument. Pick a story or two, show use how they demonstrate the standards mentioned for good storytelling and then suggest a reasonable score. It's not that difficult. Stop acting like everyone else is being anti-Pac because we're not cosigning your belief that he deserves 5 in everything.

    I just did that SMMFH LOOLOLOLOL

    This is based on your own personal view (or dislike) of Pac. That being said I see there's no respect or real acknowledgement in opinions voiced. I'm out.

    Only in The Reason is Pac considered an "average rapper" SMMFH
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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

    THEONSUPREME grew up in Winterfell alongside the Starks, despite his father being a Greyjoy. So is he a Stark too ??

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