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  • Re: Big K.R.I.T. "4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time" (10/27)

    HafBayked wrote: »
    Sion you a businessman....a smart one....and I get what you're saying

    you just seem to have all your logic narrowed through business books

    and it aint always black and white

    you'd make a great record exec....idk about artist or teacher or motivator lol

    SN.....hate to be the guy to pull excuses but none of the "other guys in his class" are from Meridian, MS.

    They all have a "rap persona" that may not necessarily be who they are irl ( and I dont think Krit could do that if he tried)

    Logic is......Logic lol.... and sounds like Em.....sells by itself

    I do believe that Krit is so authentic and unwilling to bend image wise, that it does stifle him a little as far as NEW sales go....but this only makes his true fans feel more connected

    the true independent run will show where he's at

    Stop it man no need to try and insult anyone. This ain't the place for it and I can get disrespectful.

    We all want to see him grow and become so much more. The quality of music is definitely there but his business sense needs to be better if he wants to reach those heights. Every major artist from Big, Pac, Cube, Em, Ye, NaS, even Drake, Kendrick, Logic and Cole understand this dynamic of having to make sure their business is right especially to reach the masses.

    If I'm a fan of his of course I want to see him reach those heights because I think he's better than his peers.

    And don't compare Logic to Eminem, Logic has gold albums and you prolly can't name one single from him. And Eminem is the only white rapper that sells the way he does and there's dozens of white rappers who can't even get on.
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

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  • Re: The Random Facts Thread

    Lou_Cypher wrote: »

    There's gotta be more to this

    My cat doesn't cover her poop in the litter anymore she stopped doing it 3 years ago. She don't like anyone but me picking her up, feeding her or nothing. She follows me EVERYWHERE, and even greets me at the door when I come home from work.
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    Dayum man niggas can't have nothing out chea sheeeesh
    SionKing of GA(Nope)Chi Snow
  • Re: Dope MC or Wack Rapper part 20 Lil Wayne

    Fuck a hater Lil Wayne is dope af
    StoneColdMikeyWeazelCeLLaR-DooRCutler 26 INT's LOL!CashmoneyDuxMoore7snujerz84silverfoxxthagreat45