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  • Re: Irv "Gotti" try's to explain racism in America on IG and fails miserably at it...

    Irv is not right in that the Kardashian's are not the cause of this, of course. But his overall point is correct, in that the heart of racism is to control women. Racism has thrived with the idea of the black man going out and sexing white women, that fear has been around since day one, even in the first movie that made hollywood an industry...birth of a nation, was all focused on the rise of the KKK which came about over a fear of oversexed blacks going out raping white women.

    Even the reason drugs are outlawed are because, whites were afraid of black men on drugs being all sexed up and attacking white women.

    The funny thing about this all is that it was the white slave masters that were raping black women all the time and breaking up the families and so on, not black men going around raping white women. But there is never much logic involved in hate.

    Of course what's going on in charlottesville is not directly because of kardashian's... however, best believe all of those nazis and kkk guys are not happy with black men being all on tv and rich and influencing white girls and posing a threat to their white power structure. that is clearly at the heart of all of this.

    It wouldn't be the I.C. without the obligatory "well actually he has a point..." post.

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  • Re: Big Brother Season 19

    Cody and Jessica's entitlement is hilarious. They think they're special. This house is full of clowns, but they make everything personal.

    EDIT: Lmao Josh STILL crying like a bitch

    I like that Chenbot reiterated the ether that she could have possibly stayed in the house if she wasn't such a cunt blinded by her own anger and entitlement.
  • Re: New

    yo. this shit looks like a pyramid scheme. this shit is like the website version of buying a timeshare off an infomercial.
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  • Re: Damn Usher burning ladies out here. wrote: »

    i don't understand those titties at all.
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  • Re: Happy Birthday Cage's Movies for the Blind

    Agent Orange was dope. They used to play that all the time on Stretch & Bobbito

    I wasn't really trying to hear whole Cage tape though.

    It's hard to believe it's the same dude that started doing this wack emo rap shit...