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  • Re: Irv "Gotti" try's to explain racism in America on IG and fails miserably at it...

    Irv is not right in that the Kardashian's are not the cause of this, of course. But his overall point is correct, in that the heart of racism is to control women. Racism has thrived with the idea of the black man going out and sexing white women, that fear has been around since day one, even in the first movie that made hollywood an industry...birth of a nation, was all focused on the rise of the KKK which came about over a fear of oversexed blacks going out raping white women.

    Even the reason drugs are outlawed are because, whites were afraid of black men on drugs being all sexed up and attacking white women.

    The funny thing about this all is that it was the white slave masters that were raping black women all the time and breaking up the families and so on, not black men going around raping white women. But there is never much logic involved in hate.

    Of course what's going on in charlottesville is not directly because of kardashian's... however, best believe all of those nazis and kkk guys are not happy with black men being all on tv and rich and influencing white girls and posing a threat to their white power structure. that is clearly at the heart of all of this.

    It wouldn't be the I.C. without the obligatory "well actually he has a point..." post.

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  • Re: The Official Final Ill Community Read Only Thread

    Well friends,

    So far this year, I've been to Philadelphia, New Orleans, London, Amsterdam, Denver, LA, Miami, and Atlanta.

    Next week, I'll be in St Louis. Next month, Phoenix, Vegas, and Montreal. October is DC for Howard's homecoming. November is Costa Rica. And New Years Eve will be in Phuket, Thailand. I had so many more selfies of a quarter of my face in front of a local landmark to share. But I guess I won't get the chance. You guys could have been anywhere in the world while I was on those trips. But you were here with me...on the IC. I appreciate that. So long friends!

    Where do u get the time and money to travel so much?

    It's called not having any kids.

    We should totally hang out and not have any kids together.
  • Re: You're a boxer about to enter the ring, what song are you using for your ring walk?

    ol' Fight Night Round 2 lookin' ass.
  • Re: Lawsuit Alleges White House and Faux News Coordinated on Seth Rich Conspiracy…

    fortyacres wrote: »
    This is gonna backfire because Assange could easily just show that Rich was his source. They tryin to bury this story but only will bring more attention to it.

    Assange a Trump/Putin supporter fuck him

    Assange is a Trump/Putin supporter? So you buy whatever bullshit the powers that be tell you now? Dude has done nothing but tell the truth for the last 10 years.

    Assange exposed Debbie Wassermann(who's still in dirty shit now that Awan was revealed) and the DNC colluding against Bernie and his supporters. You know, Bernie who was beating Trump by 10+ points and wouldn't have lost blue collar states. The Dem establishment was cool with sabotaging Bernie because they only support globalist candidates who keep the money flowing. The DNC leaks only helped Trump because the Democrats didn't replace Hillary. The same people who kept Pelosi in over Ellison.

    Its funny how people know the system works against us..but then buys into its lies. Hell in 2008 Hillary got exposed against Obama, but a few endorsements and she had many 8 years later saying "I with her". Whole thing is pathetic. Bitch is a modern-day Cersei Lannister.

    Trump/Putin are literally "the powers that be" you obtuse motherfucker.
  • Public Enemy: Nothing Is Quick In The Desert - free album