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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    caddo man wrote: »
    Bruh WTF is this.
    College student arrested; tried to trade chicken Alfredo, Sprite for sex

    Youngstown State University student Albert Maruna was caught red-handed and arrested this week after he allegedly attempted to have sex with a 15-year-old boy, who turned out to be an undercover officer.

    Maruna IV, 22, is charged with attempted unlawful sexual contact with a minor, disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, possessing criminal tools, and importuning.

    Austintown police say Maruna started chatting through an online dating app with an undercover officer.

    They say Maruna's conversations were sexually graphic, he sent nude pictures of himself and he set up a meeting with someone whom he believed was an underage boy.

    According to police, both agreed to get together on Tuesday, Dec. 12, and Maruna would bring lubricant, chicken Alfredo and Sprite.

    Police said Maruna traveled to Austintown, where he thought he'd be meeting the teen, when he got there he was arrested.

    At the time of his arrest, police say Maruna was carrying an iPhone, a MAC book, three zip drives, a bottle of Astroglide lubrication, Vaseline lotion, two bottles of Sprite, and chicken Alfredo in a Tupperware container.

    Maruna is currently being held in the Mahoning County jail.


    Peter Griffith is a natural fag!
    caddo man
  • Re: Official Star Wars Cinematic Universe Thread: Now Showing : Ep VIII - The Last Jedi (15 Dec)

    Funniest part was when Luke told Rey to reach out to feel the force and she stuck her hand out.

    Luke rubbing Rey's hand with stalk: "You feel that, you feel that?!
    Rey: “Yes, yes, I feel it!”
    Luke smacks Rey's hand with stalk: "FOH!"
    other funny moments , when Luke milked that sea creature and drank the milk right in reys face that look he had. Lol they turned like into an old self pitying angry fart. I'm surprised they didn't Mae him a drunk. Nick nolte could've played his role almost.
    Lol at benicio del Toro studdering like Timmy from south park. Han had golden space dice hanging in his space hooptie (millennium falcon) I always wondered what those shimmering things were in the cockpit back in episode 4
    C da Night King
  • Re: Official Star Wars Cinematic Universe Thread: Now Showing : Ep VIII - The Last Jedi (15 Dec)

    Another thing
    iwish marvel only showed the infinity war trailer in the theatres . it looked so dope on the big screen it was a nigga in my row with his girlfriend that fool was hype as fuck bouncing around in his seat during the black panther fight scenes lol.
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

  • Re: Chris Brown got competition!Pop Locking Pops

    He prolly was a b-boy back in the early 80s

    I think a lot of folks don't realize that pop lockin been around since the early 70's. 74 year old Toni Basil was one of the original members of the Campbell Lockers (later known as just The Lockers), the group that originated pop-locking, and can still run it.

    There's a whole lotta 60+ year old cats out here that could out pop-lock Chris Brown. There used to be this cat that rode the bus with me back around 2006. Old white dude the a white Santa Clause beard, had to have been in his 60's. Bus would pick him up near ASU's campus and every day he was at the bus stop locking while he waited and he was good as hell at it.

    Dope but i bet she had to bathe in Epsom salts a after that and rub some ben-gay on them joints lol.
    Valentinez A. Kaiser