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  • Re: Amazon, Facebook, Google and other tech giants urge Trump to continue DACA program

    ghostdog56 wrote: »

    Can you show me where immigrants want to be black peoples allies? And let's say we do become their "allies" then who will protect us from them when they get what they need from us considering that they have a home country and we don't? Black people in America have no allies all we have is us but most of you would rather trust others before your own

    It's not about trusting others before trusting our own. Frankly, that's almost a cartoonishly stupid interpretation of what I'm saying. Black people have to be for black people. My point is that there will come a time when that is not enough because all of the power black people can amass will be relatively miniscule. I'm not talking about trusting any other group to be our buddies. You think Britain trusted France in WWI. No. They had been enemies for hundreds of years. They just recognized a greater common enemy and allied with each other to take down that threat. It's the same with us now. White supremacy is the major enemy to all people of color and even lower class whites. So wouldn't it make sense to work with whoever was willing to take it down? The only thing you have to trust as that brown people don't like being shitted on by white elites anymore than we do. Again, you're missing the point that I'm not talking about doing this to help them. I'm talking about doing this because ultimately having them on our side helps us.
    blackrain wrote: »
    So for the "its got nothing to do with black folks" crowd you really think no black people would be affected by this?

    Vast majority w/ DACA work permits are Mexicans
    Why should african americans care? Always want the moral police but these allies dont do shit when your ass is on fire

    Really? Because I've seen a lot of non-blacks take up the mantle and speak out against the shit that's been happening to black people in this country lately. The chick that basically died for the fight against racist monuments wasn't black. Why is it so wrong to suggest that when given the opportunity, we do the same for others when we something wrong. I'm not saying niggas gotta get out and protest. Most of ya'll don't even protest for the black shit. But this nonchalant attitude towards blatant racism just because, for this once, the racism isn't direct at us is kinda fucked up.

    Bruh keep it concise

    Are there allies in the struggle for equality? Yes - Im an ally of african americans - I'm Jamaican born.
    Im giving my perspective - black americans are in a world of hurt and have more pressing concerns than work permits for 800,000 people. I think people oversell the "brown-black" alliance.

    African americans need to prioritize themselves and their communities because at the median, there hasnt been economic progress since King & X died - its proportionately the same

    Prioritizing black communities and allying with other communities to fight white supremacy aren't mutually exclusive. You can do both. I'm not saying people have to invest a bunch of time in this. The right thing to do could be a simple as speaking out against this shit rather than taking the "It ain't our people, who gives a fuck?" attitude.
  • Re: Amazon, Facebook, Google and other tech giants urge Trump to continue DACA program

    babelipsss wrote: »
    Sure it makes sense to link up. But that's never going to happen. They have shown us repeatedly that they aren't interested in our situations. They need our support but that doesn't mean they support us. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. This is simply not our fight. Hate it for them but that's about all.

    Who is they? I keep telling ya'll, you need to get that white programming out of your heads. You're treating Hispanics like a monolith the same way White people treat us as a monolith. Sure, the fresh over the border Mexicans often think like that, but what proof do you have that the most or many of these Americanized immigrants that are part of this program think like that? You might be right, but it seems like a lot of black people like clinging to these paranoid notions that everyone is out to get us. Sure, a lot of other groups look down on us, but that's by design. They've been programmed to do that. Hell, the programming has been good enough that a lot of us look down on us. The same way you aren't going to dismiss the idea of working within the black community because some blacks are coons is the same way you shouldn't dismiss working with groups outside of the black community just because members of some of those groups are racist.

    Again, I'm speaking from the standpoint of doing what's best for the black community, and I don't see where isolating ourselves from everyone is what's best for us. If we're at war with white supremacy, then we need all the help we can get because we don't have the power or influence to defeat it alone.
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  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    lol I was mostly joking about T.I. winning, but you Floyd dickriders are hilarious if you think he would survive longer than 10 seconds against anyone with even a basic understanding of takedowns. Hell T.I. has just as much experience in combat sports as Floyd has with defending takedowns or kicks to the leg.
  • Re: Protesters Call for Boycott of Missha Beauty Supply Store

    I hate when people protest shit like this. It's probably wrong, but is a shopowner wrestling with someone who tried to steal from him worth this kinda response?

    Sometimes it seems like some of these protesters believe criminals deserve to pick their own reaction to the crimes they commit. And let's be real, if that was a black owned business, they would not be protesting this.
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    I was helping my daughter do some homework, and I learned one thing. Not only did Harriet Tubman invent mean mugging for pics. She committed to it harder than anyone ever has or ever will. She stayed bulldogging the camera. I bet you can't find a pic of her that doesn't look like this:




    This is the closest thing I found to a smile:


    she was a slave running for her life what did she have to smile about though?

    Ya'll know Harriet Tubman lived til 1913 right? A couple of those pics were taken well after slavery was abolished. She also wasn't just a "slave running for her life." She actually saved hundreds of people from slavery. I'd say that's something to smile about.
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