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The Lonious Monk
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  • Re: What would YOU do in this situation? NEIGHBOR EDITION.

    I have gotten into loud arguments an smashed shit...
    Id be pissed if someone called the cops on me over a spat with wifey

    Yeah, I don't really give a fuck about you arguing with your lady. It's the kids crying combined with the loud noises and screaming that would be a problem with me. If I think your kids are in danger, I don't really give a shit about your feelings.
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  • Re: Straight Black Men Are the White People of Black People

    Westie wrote: »
    LordZuko wrote: »
    LordZuko wrote: »

    You tip toeing fam. Like you take eight paragraphs to say what can be said in three sentences.

    And you spending all this back and forth energy on this bitch for what reason?

    I'm not really sure what you mean. They make multiple points. I address each of their points. If those points have merit I acknowledge it. If those posts are bullshit, I say that too. You say I can say the same thing in three sentences. That's not really true. What I can do is dismiss their points, call them bitches, and tell them to shut the fuck up like you niggas do. I'm not going to do that because it's pointless and honestly every bit as bitchmade as you accuse them of being.

    Also, it was a slow day at work and 3 paragraphs wastes more time than 3 sentences.

    Bro. You are writing as if she isn't using strawman arguments in the first place. You make a point and she either gaslight you or moves the goal posts. I don't even address her.

    You aren't wrong. I admit that.

    He's right?

    How so? lol

    Moving the goal post?

    Yall niggas man ....smh

    First, you tell us that we need to listen to what you guys are saying.

    We say "Ok, educate us. Give us the knowledge you think we should have."

    Then you say "I'm not going to spoonfeed it to you. If you want to know you have to do your own research, and if you don't do that then you must not care."

    That would be moving the goalpost.

    This convo sounds familiar


    Ok, but I think it's stupid to attack her under those consequences if she's being sincere.

    It's basically (even though this seems like a case of a white person trying to cape)

    Black People: Hey, we have grievances we want addressed.
    Gaga: I'm listening.
    Black People: Fuck you. Figure it out yourself.

    Does that make sense to you? Well, maybe it does because passive aggressive bullshit like that is a favorite tactic of your gender.
    WestieMister B.blackgod813
  • Re: Floyd Mayweather: Trump Spoke Like A Real Man For "Grab em By The Pu**y Comments"

    There is a difference between saying "Damn she got a phat ass?" or "I wanna smack that ass." And saying "I am the man and can do whatever I want, so I just went and grabbed her pussy."

    The first example are locker room talk and yeah damn near every dude has said something like that. The second is basically an admission of sexual harassment. And most dudes probably know someone who has said something like that, but anybody acting like that's ok and just as mundane as the first examples are lying or are dirtbags themselves.
  • Re: Chicago teen found in walk-in freezer after attending hotel party (social media going hammer time)

    Shit was crazy. This would be a good case study for online idiocy though. Things got way out of hand real fast.

    I am just happy to say that @Westie and I, 2 females, was not with the fuck shit. We thought things over and proved that women can indeed be rational.

    Shame on the rest!

    lol Indeed. Maybe what they say about women being illogical and unreasonable is false.


  • Re: New Hampshire Bi-racial kid nearly lynched by white teens

    SneakDZA wrote: »
    But but but all the racists are in the South...

    but but but... whoever said that you southern fried feelings catcher. stick to the subject.

    Lots of people act like that. Every time some racist shit happens in the south, niggas make comments to that effect.