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  • Re: Trial For The Murderous Pig Who Executed Philando Castile Begins Today…

    Trillfate wrote: »
    The only reason they picked as jurors is because they're recognized as coons in the first place

    They Stack the jury with right wingers and cop lovers and token black coons.. it's systematic

    I don't know if they are coons or just uninformed/stupid. You do have a point though. They said the prosecution got rid of any potential jurors who seemed to have even the slightest problem with cops.
  • Re: In a PR blitz before his trial, Bill Cosby blames racism for sexual assault claims

    gotta hand it to bitches tho...
    they stick together..

    blah blah blah

    very good point here

    Not really, but he was able to say something more than just "LESBIANS!!!," so I guess it's good for him. We do have to judge the mentally deficient by different standards after all.
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  • Re: In a PR blitz before his trial, Bill Cosby blames racism for sexual assault claims

    babelipsss wrote: »
    Yay for the decent jurors who saw through the lies!

    Bill Cosby is innocent!

    That's not what a mistrial means.
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  • Re: Hillary clinton used black inmates for free labor for 10 years

    this guy..

    so mrs "criminal activity"

    ur tryin to tell us that this country.. this system..
    the laws passed and policies put in place arent to pigeonhole black people into bein criminals..

    i dont care if we talkin petty theft or a nigga doin a drive by..

    we arent born inherently violent..
    but when u set the conditions jus right a person will turn to violence.. and ur sayin its okay cause they did somethin violent when it was all part of the plan..

    jus like bullshit religion..
    god the "creator" creates man wit a flaw and sets him up to make a mistake and punishes him for makin it..

    when he couldve jus simply romoved the flaw or the condition in that case a fuckin tree and a devil he created..

    oh and to make shit worse he as well as the government manipulates idiots like u to feel guilty for the shit they do to u and conditions they put u in..

    u so fuckin dense u talkin about the effect..
    im talkin about the cause..

    maybe u aint as smart as u think.

    Are you being serious right now? I mean I know I've insulted your intelligence, but that was mostly just taking shots at you. Now I'm really starting to think you're just that dumb. Do you really still not see your mistake? I've explained it twice now.
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  • Re: Hillary clinton used black inmates for free labor for 10 years

    Kwan Dai wrote: »
    I don't really care about this to be honest. So some convicted murderers have to go to a mansion and work for free. Yeah, it's basically modern slave labor, but these aren't innocent people that were kidnapped and forced to work. They are convicted criminals. Is forcing them to work for free really that much worse than putting them in a cell all day? I guess I just don't have a lot of sympathy for violent criminals.

    Yes, considering the history of convict leasing and alarming rate of trumped up charges and Black men that are let out of prison years later after having committed no crime at all.

    It's not about sympathy it's about the truth and reality of a system clearly run by white supremacists.

    That's not really a knock against this practice though. That's a knock against the criminal justice system. How is working in the governor's mansion any different than sitting in a cell? If you go down that path, then you'd have to basically have a problem with any punishment.

    "if u go down that path.."

    lol & smmfh
    things a cornball would say..

    While I'm not gonna call Monk a cornball, I definitely agree with Boss. It ain't like niggas initially was tryna go to jail for whatever reason.

    By "path" I was talking about the logic behind @Kwan Dai's argument not partaking in a criminal lifestyle. It's best not to let @BOSSExcellence influence your thoughts. His reading comprehension is questionable.

    as far as "path"

    if someone is purposely starving u and u steal food who's the real fuckin criminal..

    the one who choose the path or the one who laid it!!?

    yall excuse The Lesbian Monk..
    nigga been revealed his chemical make up..


    lol @ this idiot still not understanding his mistake.