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  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    iron man1 wrote: »
    The manga is non canon

    Neither is "canon" really

    It doesn't really work like that. The canon for DB is basically whatever Toriyama actively works on. In this case that's the anime. The manga is outsourced. It's given the same basic storyline, but the writer is willing to take liberties, and he's taken enough to the point where the two are very different.

    You don’t know what you’re ralking about . lol toriyama writes the storyboard and both the manga people and the anime uses the storyboard and create whatever they want . Like someone said they’re parallels

    The anime writers do very little to what Toriyama gives them. They just adapt it for TV. Toyotaro is actually putting his own spin on the story in the manga. On top of that, the anime was actually the first version of the story to come out. This time the manga is following.

    I thought there was an official statement, but it appears there isn't, so I guess it doesn't matter one way or the other.
  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    nm, just peeped the pics


    jiren was bad enough... i cant handle U11 havin two niggas can ride on our whole squad...

    something must be done

    They are probably setting up for Vegeta to have a challenge too.

    Let it go bruh its over for vegeta

    In the anime, it looks like it. The manga is different though. At this point Vegeta can still do everything that Goku can and they are still hyping him up in the same way they are with Goku. It can change, but the anime and manga handle Vegeta very differently.

    Yea vegeta cant do kaoken or IT or defend himself against hit

    Kaioken SSB isn't a thing in the manga. Instead, they developed something called the perfected SSB. Goku managed to do it first against Zamasu. Vegeta did it later vs Beerus. IT is just a technique. Vegeta has techniques that Goku doesn't use as well, so that's not a big deal. We don't know what Vegeta can do against Hit now. Hit didn't push Goku to the limit in the Manga the way he did in the Anime. Goku didn't need a special powerup to keep up.

    Also, Vegeta has the red SSG form and he's the one that perfected switching between it and SSB, not Goku. So again, the Manga is keeping Vegeta and Goku at roughly the same level.

    So goku didn't use kaiken agaibst hit in the manga?

    Nope, their fight was much shorter and had much less drama. Hit tried to fight Goku the way he fought Vegeta, but Goku knew the secret, so he was basically able to defend against Hit's attacks as a SSJ2. Hit got more serious and Goku went SSR to counter. At this point Goku is basically outclassing Hit. Hit then goes into his full powered state believing, it would be enough to beat Goku. Goku switches to SSB in the middle of Hit's attack, counters, and then tries to finish Hit with a Kamehameha. Hit dodges it. It seems that Goku was the superior fight, but he points out that he knows Hit was forced to hold back due to not being able to use his assassin techniques, so Goku leaves the ring.
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Lol I'm almost 35 years old. Tired to hit the club with my cousin who turned 23 today. Ain't been out since 2008. I felt so out of place, never heard half them songs they was playing, it really changed lol.

    Told my cousin I gotta bounce, gave him a few hundreds to have a good time tonight and left. Now I'm watching Netflix and cooling. Getting old man.

    I know how you feel. Everytime friends come to the city, I'll roll to the club with them and spend the whole time like "What the fuck is this shit?"

    That said, if you find a lounge that plays decent music and has reasonable drink prices, you'll love it.
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  • Re: The Nagging Mom: What the **** is up with women and censorship?

    I always think it's funny that people complain about the women in comics and video games being scantily clad as if you can't go outside on any given day and see women walking around scantily clad. Outside of professional/office type environments, tell me an arena where women frequent where there aren't chicks walking around with shit hanging out. It's not like men make them dress like that. A lot of women actually like wearing revealing shit. So that's ok, but if a dude creates a fictional character that does the same, it's a sin? Craziness.

    so the overwhelming majority of women out in public outside of a professional setting you see are either dressed in barely there mini skirts; skin tight spandex from head to toe and stilettos; or barely there tops to show off their DD breast, because according to video games and comics we all have DD breast???? lol

    the issue is the lack of balance....the lack of nuance

    Video games are products of fiction. There is no expectation of balance or nuance. In fact, the purpose of many games is to do away with such limitations. No, the average average woman doesn't walk around looking like a warrior stripper, but the average man doesn't walk around looking like a Greek god either. This is such a nonsensical issue. The media you're referring to is highly fantasy based. That's basically the point. lol @ Designing a video game with a main character that looks like some mundane bad bodied chick you'd run into at a Golden Corral.
  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    nm, just peeped the pics


    jiren was bad enough... i cant handle U11 havin two niggas can ride on our whole squad...

    something must be done

    They are probably setting up for Vegeta to have a challenge too.