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  • Rapper Ranking Project: Rapper #1 - Jay-Z

    So after some of the discussion we've had lately, I figured we could actually come up with a IC ranking list of well known rappers. Of course rankings like this are always subjective, but I think we can break down the criteria that makes a good rapper, come to some general consensus as to how well each rapper stands up in the various areas and use that as a relatively quantitative way of ranking them. I'll put the rules in the spoilers below.
    So the way this works is I'll open each discussion for each rapper by scoring that rapper in the categories listed below. I will provide reasoning for the scores and everyone can discuss. If you believe my score for an area needs to be adjusted, make the argument for it. If you get a lot of support (i.e., cosigns or posts in agreement), I'll adjust the score accordingly and keep it up til there is somewhat of a consensus. If there is no real consensus I'll just make a judgement call. I think anyone whose seen my posts on here will agree I at least try to be objective. I'll do the same here. Each area will be scored from 1 to 5 with 1 being Wack and 5 being Elite. The areas that will be scored are:

    Lyrics - The strength of writing. How complex are the rapper's lyrics? How well does he or she deliver a message? Does he or she have a unique style of lacing words or is he or she like everyone else?

    Delivery - Flow, voice, ability to ride a variety of beats. Does the rapper consistently sound good when rapping? Can the rapper ride a variety of beats? Can the rapper switch flows easily and regularly between songs or even on the same song?

    Language - wordplay, vocabulary, use of figurative language (e.g. metaphors). How clever is the rapper with the way he or she makes a point? Are the rapper's lines slick or are they usually plain in nature?

    Storytelling - Ability to deliver a cohesive narrative. Can the rapper tell a story that makes sense? Has the rapper displayed the capability regularly? Do the stories make sense and are they interesting?

    Catalog - The rapper's body of work. How many classics does the rapper have? How many trash albums? On average what is the overall quality of the catalog?

    Subject Matter - What the rapper raps about. Is the rapper capable of speaking on a variety of topics? Does the rapper regularly mix up different topics? Does the rapper sound out of place when addressing certain topics.

    Creativity - What separates the rapper from the pack. Does the rapper have a history for bringing a unique sound? Does the rapper make unique songs or apply unusual concepts? Does the rapper address unique topics or address topics in a unique manner.

    Collaboration - Presence when rapping with others. How often has the rapper outshine others on a track? How often has the rapper been owned? Does the rapper collab with other strong rappers and hold his or her own?

    Impact - How much the rapper has influenced the game. Has the rapper sold a lot or made well received albums? Has the rapper's work or style changed the culture? Has the rapper's characteristics (e.g., style, flow, persona) been copied or imitated?



    Lyrics (5) - Jay has been consistently strong in the quality of his writing. His lyrics are clear and easily understood, but also exhibit a style that keeps them from being mundane. He's caught some flack for biting in the past, but he has enough of his own lyrics that the accusation has always come off as overblown.

    Delivery (3.5) - Jay has a decent flow and it works in most cases, but it's not the most dynamic. He also picks pretty safe beats usually, so he hasn't really demonstrated a great ability to sound good even over unorthodox beats. He sounds strong more often than not, but as seen on 4:44 he is not immune to sounding boring at times.

    Language (5) - Jay isn't necessarily the best at this, but he is masterful. His work is littered with examples of slick wordplay. In fact, if you name a clever writing trick, Jay has probably used it and sounded dope doing so.

    Storytelling (3) - Jay can tell a story, but that's not really his lane. His storytelling is ok, but it's not one of his major strengths and he doesn't turn to it as much as some others.

    Catalog (4) - Jay has been prolific. He has 16 unique albums between solos and collabs. He has at least 2 generally agreed classics (i.e. Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint) and several fan classics. He has had some missteps though (Magna Carta) and several of his albums have lacked longevity. Still with the number of albums he's put out his track record is pretty good especially among his fans.

    Subject Matter (3.5) - Jay has shown the ability to touch on a number of topics. He clearly has go to subjects, but he has strayed when needed. Overall he is not as diverse with topics as others, but he's definitely not a one or two trick pony.

    Creativity (2) - He's not particularly creative. He plays it very safe and tends to take on whatever style of rap is popular at the time. His songs are usually very straight forward and he hasn't really used any unique concepts. He has a few gems like 22 2s, but those are relatively rare.

    Collaboration (4) - He's rapped alongside some of the best rappers out there across several eras and generally holds his own. He's outshone people, but also been outshined. In general, he sounds like an elite no matter who else is on a track with him.

    Impact (5) - He's pretty much the GOAT here. Has a ton of platinum albums and is one of the biggest figures in Hip Hop. His actual influence in the sense of setting trends has been overrated, but a Jay cosign of a trend can instantly make it popular.

    Overall Score - 34.5

    Post thoughts. I'll let this run for about a week before finalizing the scores. Next Rapper: Notorious B.I.G
    Busta Carmichael genocidecutterStew313 wayz
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

    CapitalB wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    So Jon is the actual rightful heir to the throne. Interesting.

    a TARGARYEN is the ONLY rightful heir to the throne..

    now WHICH one is up for debate..

    Jon don't want that shit, but it would be funny for you to have to bow to a Tark TARGARYEN.

    nigga won't be no STARK on the THRONE nigga..
    the thought is asinine..

    only way he'd have ANY claim to the throne is if he drop the "bastard" and accept his Targaryen heritage ..I mean shouldn't be hard considering he MAKES IT A POINT to not claim his Stark heritage and we go from there..

    he'll ride Rhaegal.. he'll do the nasty wit Bae in true TARGARYEN fashion..
    and I'm okay wit that..

    OR he can be a Stark and keep his ass in the North and we keep that THRONE as the RIGHTFUL heir..

    win win for me..

    Sing yourself whatever lullaby you need to, but Rhaegar was the only one from your disgusting line that took it outside the fam. Jon is only half Targ. Must be 2 sides? Yep.

    his daddy a Targ..

    only niggas I know that take on they mother's name is the son/daughter of a slut who don't know who the daddy is, and/or the father was a bitch nigga who couldn't handle the role..

    now if thats who Jon is then u can have that genetically weak fuck...
    but we know that aint the issue.. so he Targ nigga.
    I don't care who step daddy is..

    me bein a stepson I can tell u personally that yes u do pick up a stepfather's trait..

    but genetics is a muthafucka.. I didn't get to know my father until I was 15yrs old.. and all my life all I was told was I act jus like my father..
    some shit is learned behavior but alot is inherited..

    why u think Drogon recognized him tonight..

    he's his father child not even knowing him one day. lol
    my lil cousin I got custody of.. born 6days after his father died.. nigga never met him never will but act jus like him..

    that nigga is a Targaryen through and through..

    deal wit it..
    u niggas didn't even raise him like a Stark..
    y'all raised him like a fuckin bastard..
    not even a stepchild.. but a fuckin bastard..

    y'all should feel ashamed of urselves and look lame as fuck trying to champion him now ALL OF A SUDDEN..

    He is a Targ by heir. No one is arguing that. But both sides of a person's lineage works. That's why arranged marriages exist and that's the whole reason Targs are incestuous. They want both sides to be from the same line. Jon being a Targ and Stark gives him the power to unite the realm through bloodlines alone. Dany can't do that.

    And the only reason Jon was raised as a bastard is because the latter members of the Targ line were such dipshits that simply being a Targ would have been a death sentence for him. In other words, as bad as being a bastard was, being a Targ was even worse. Lastly, Jon doesn't even look like a Targ. Both Targs and Starks have distinctive features. Jon clearly has Stark features. Oh, and he's also a warg, which is tied to the Stark bloodline not the Targ line. So, as much as you want it to be one way, it ain't that way. It's the other way.
    Chi SnowKing of GACaininoria.mannplat-grillz1982CapitalBjee504Sionmiamivice305
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

    So Jon is the actual rightful heir to the throne. Interesting.
    Smokey Tha BanditInglewood_Bplat-grillz1982
  • Re: How legendary is Bobby shmurda?

    Legendary for what exactly???? This fool had a hit with "hot nigga". Had the streets thumpin. And then him and his whole crew get locked up for doin petty shit. If Bobby Shmurda is legendary then so is J-Kwon, Vanilla Ice, and Bone Crusher. All 1 hit wonders

    I guess because him and his dudes let their guns blam they're supposed to be legends. I know plenty of dudes who busted guns at one point and can't say there is anything legendary about them either

    How dare you.....Vanilla Ice had Ninja Rap also. lol

  • Re: Rate the Discography-Vol.42 Wu-Tang Clan

    36 Chambers 5/5
    Wu-Tang Forever 4.5/5
    The W 3.5/5
    Iron Flag 3.5/5
    8 Diagrams 4/5
    A Better Tomorrow 3.5/5