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  • Re: Female Dr stabs her boyfriend, hits him with laptop n punch, judge says jail would be too severe

    T. Sanford wrote: »
    it's a bird, no it's a plane, no it's white privilege

    Also a healthy dose of the female privilege that females claim don't exist. Let's be real, a man is not going to stab a woman, and have judge be lenient for that reason. Not unless he's rich. Rich privilege trumps all.

    Healthy dose of female privilege? Eh i dunno...white men are out here getting little to no jail time for rape and manslaughter

    And while female privilege does exist there is a such thing as intersectionality ...meaning a blk woman would more than likely not receive the same lenient treatment

    A blk man definitely wouldn't unless he had a high priced legal team

    So i agree money helps alot

    It's usually rich white men or white men with some kinda status (e.g., beloved athletes) that get away with that. The average every day white man gonna have to pay for some shit like this too.

    And yeah, you're right, a black woman wouldn't walk, but she probably wouldn't get the book thrown at her completely either. This is one of those instances where there is a hierarchy of privilege. This just happens to be one where black men are at the bottom and black women are a couple rungs higher. We all know there are circumstances where the opposite is true too.
  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    Hevalisk wrote: »
    qawshun wrote: »
    Great episode. All fighting and no clown shit. Gohan was bout that action and forced goku to goo ssb kaoken to fight.

    So in a matter of hours gohan can make goku go all out smh man listen you know what never mind

    How much time as passed since Trunks went back? That's when he originally started training again. Plus the fact that Gohan is supposed to have more talent than Goku and Vegeta.

    I stopped watching after the Goku Black saga ended though.

    Slight correction, Gohan has more innate power than Goku and Vegeta. He's nowhere near as talented a fighter as either of them though.

    Also people have to remember, that SSB isn't the power boost that people think it is. As they've described it, it's more of a stamina and control boost. If you notice with Goku, it more or less has just taken the place of SSJ3. It's probably a little stronger than that form, but the big bonus is that he can stay in SSB almost indefinitely whereas he had a very short time limit for SSJ3.
  • Re: The Flash (CW)

    deadeye wrote: »
    Iris tho......


    She's fine, but she's annoying as shit.
  • Re: White Cop Who Finds He Has African Ancestry Sues City, Chief Over Racism

    A lot of whites got african dna since the moors traveled and smashed Europeans but they won't acknowledge it

    Nah, for him, it doesn't even go that far back. He's got an 18% admixture. Each grandparent potentially contributes about 25% of your DNA. Each great grandparent contributes around 12.5%. So he's basically got a great grandparent + a mixed great grandparent worth of black in him.

    And this should shut those people up that thing the "one drop rule" is defunct. Those cops basically showed that all you need is a little bit of black in you and that's all it takes for some to let their racist flags fly. This is clearly a white dude, but he's got a couple drops and that's somehow cause for mistreatment.

    Usually, people say that the one-drop rule is a bad idea, not that it is "defunct."

    Also, this doesn't prove that blacks with more "black blood" aren't treated worse than people who are less black.

    No, people on here claim that the one-drop rule doesn't even exist anymore. They say it to discredit any struggle that mixed people may face.

    And no one has ever said that blacks with more "black blood" aren't treated worse. Of course full black people have been treated worse over years than mixed people.
  • Re: gotdamn idiot drops old lady on her head then throws her in the pool

    5th Letter wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    Black people have been brushed with a broad stroke for centuries, so what's new now? You think this incident made a difference in their viewpoint about black people? This didn't "reinforce" anything. And BLM is a code word for black.

    You're brushing them (whites) with the same broad stroke that you accuse them of brushing us with. Yes, there are some that are just hardcore racists and it doesn't matter what happens, they hate blacks. All of them are not like that though. A lot of them are very much influenced by shit like this. Yes, it's stupid to allow isolated incidents like this to mold your opinion on an entire group of people, but Donald Trump is our president now, so that should tell you everything you need to know about the intelligence of a lot of people in this country.

    I'm treating them like they treat black people. This incident didn't influence most if not all of them who already think the way they do.

    Well, we can agree to disagree. I know for a fact that all racists aren't these hardset unflappable bigots that ya'll seem to think. But regardless of whether you believe that, or not, it's a fact that racists, especially ones in power, use distorted narratives centered around minorities to push their bullshit agendas. The Southern Strategy isn't my imagination. It was real. And incidents like this always play front and center.