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  • Re: Roland Martin vs. Dr. Umar Johnson

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    If we were living in the 60's niggas would've been like "why should we listen to Malcolm X, he was a criminal he was a pimp, he used to date white women, anybody that listens to him is a sheep, he's a fake Muslim"

    Ultimately though this guy has to stand on his own. Not deflecting to Hillary or Bill Maher as you did earlier. They have nothing to do with this. Why even go in that direction? Thats literally not connected. Maybe this is a glimpse into the mentality of those who are subsceptible to this type of thing. Change the subject and go in tangeants and just go, dont worry about connecting dots and making sense. Play the game And most of all...get their money. Emotional manipulations work good for that not reality. And Malcolm's credentials are not Umar Johnson's. People have pointed out various real inaccuracies, vagueness, flaws, and nonsensical positions he has taken. Its not about making up points its just seeing whats there. There is a lot of foolery.

    The same reason why those people on the panel defelected into his lineage and his degrees and money for his school, they had a issue with him and used those things to deflect and discredit and y'all are in here doing the same. Y'all are hypocrites shit on Umar but give passes to others that y'all like. Either be consistent or shut the fuck up.

    Speaking specifically of Umars situation, this lack of paperwork will always leave a question mark over his head. Theres no running from that. If Umar was a white supremacist, he'd still need to have that shit.

    Had dude not came on the scene with that, itd be different. But since he did, he needs to be consistent as well. If for nothing but to keep his enemy from having it as a weapon to use against him.

    His so called lack of paperwork does not or should it take away from his message and the work he has put in.

    No one gets a pass for false flagging a PhD.....

    His main point in the interview was that blacks cannot marry white and truly be down for the cause....

    Which has been proven as bullshit far before umar was born...

    No hate and nothing wrong with being a lecturer.....


    What work has he put in....????

    You would be hard press to find majority of black people down to fight white supremacy that will agree with interracial relationship.

    Can you imagine Harriet Tubman with a white man talking about let's get free???

    lol Frederick Douglas was every bit as involved in the fight against slavery as Harriet Tubman, but he married a white woman, so I'm not really sure what point you're trying to make.

    There are good or at least understandable reasons why some are against interracial marriage. However, a lot of the reasons given are dumb. They usually boil down to charging every white person with being responsible for white supremacy, which is silly. Every white person is a beneficiary of white privilege to some extent, but not every white person is out their promoting white supremacy. Most whites aren't even in a position to do that with any effectiveness. The fact is a lot of people that are on this site have anti-white feelings and they believe those feelings are good reason tell other blacks that they shouldn't marry whites. Those anti-white feelings are understandable, but they don't make for a good argument against interracial marriage in general.
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  • Re: 4:44 Album - *JAY-Z* (06/30/17).

    jono wrote: »
    rip.dilla wrote: »
    Vol. 1
    Reasonable Doubt
    The Black Album
    The Blueprint

    This is pretty much my list

    Really? Vol. 1 is straight trash to me. I listened to that album and wondered how Hov even recovered from it. It's one of the most boring albums I've ever heard from a great rapper.
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    AggyAF wrote: »

    Y'all fucking with this Ha remake?

    I like it better than the original to be honest. It's smoother.
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Kat wrote: »
    They doing too much.

    Hit dog holla?
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    I was helping my daughter do some homework, and I learned one thing. Not only did Harriet Tubman invent mean mugging for pics. She committed to it harder than anyone ever has or ever will. She stayed bulldogging the camera. I bet you can't find a pic of her that doesn't look like this:




    This is the closest thing I found to a smile:


    she was a slave running for her life what did she have to smile about though?

    Ya'll know Harriet Tubman lived til 1913 right? A couple of those pics were taken well after slavery was abolished. She also wasn't just a "slave running for her life." She actually saved hundreds of people from slavery. I'd say that's something to smile about.
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