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  • Re: August FBI Memo Called ‘Black Identity Extremists’(BIEs) New Terror Threat…

    I'm not an Obama lover, but I don't understand the logic here. Beginning a probe and taking an action are two different things. Law Enforcement begins probes when it looks like there may be a problem. During Obama's presidency, there were multiple incidents of cops being executed and killed by people were either linked to or influenced by the protests. A probe would just be a response to that to see if there is a fire or just a bunch of smoke. I doubt that the probe would have lead to the same result while Obama or any other Dem was in office.
  • Re: Chicago teen found in walk-in freezer after attending hotel party (social media going hammer time)

    Westie wrote: »
    An actual article

    stop listening to teenagers on facebook and easily faked screenshots please
    Jenkins' mother has said police told her that Jenkins apparently let herself into the freezer while intoxicated and died inside.

    But wait, I thought that was impossible. Wow, no one could've guessed that might have been what happened...not in a million years.
    R.D.WestieJoshuaMoshua  Maywood
  • Re: Fans Unveil Racism Banner at Boston Red Sox Game

    Westie wrote: »
    Were they being racist or making a statement about racism?
    eastbay510 wrote: »

    To me it seems clear they're making a statement against racism

    Clearly, you didn't understand what they meant lol

    I looked at the other way, but I could see what you mean


    why were they ejected from the game then????

    Because it's Boston and they forget that they are racist.
  • Re: Amazon, Facebook, Google and other tech giants urge Trump to continue DACA program

    AggieLean. wrote: »
    babelipsss wrote: »
    Sure it makes sense to link up. But that's never going to happen. They have shown us repeatedly that they aren't interested in our situations. They need our support but that doesn't mean they support us. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. This is simply not our fight. Hate it for them but that's about all.

    Who is they? I keep telling ya'll, you need to get that white programming out of your heads. You're treating Hispanics like a monolith the same way White people treat us as a monolith. Sure, the fresh over the border Mexicans often think like that, but what proof do you have that the most or many of these Americanized immigrants that are part of this program think like that? You might be right, but it seems like a lot of black people like clinging to these paranoid notions that everyone is out to get us. Sure, a lot of other groups look down on us, but that's by design. They've been programmed to do that. Hell, the programming has been good enough that a lot of us look down on us. The same way you aren't going to dismiss the idea of working within the black community because some blacks are coons is the same way you shouldn't dismiss working with groups outside of the black community just because members of some of those groups are racist.

    Again, I'm speaking from the standpoint of doing what's best for the black community, and I don't see where isolating ourselves from everyone is what's best for us. If we're at war with white supremacy, then we need all the help we can get because we don't have the power or influence to defeat it alone.

    Aren't you mixed my man? Or light skinned? I'm all for helping out, but as a dark skinned man, I've been overseas to where a lot of these immigrants are from and I've seen how they treat darker skinned individuals and/or brown/dark skinned blacks...exactly like these white folks. I will help out, but I don't think I can or should depend on them to be an ally of mine. Truth of the matter is, some of these immigrants and their families here in the US and their home countries think and treat us just like white folks do.

    I'm mixed (about a quarter white). I'm not really light skinned though. I do understand what you're saying, but I'll also point out that Hispanic Americans and Hispanics in their countries of origin don't think the same. The same African Americans don't think the same as Africans. Part of the reason the DACA people are so upset is that they feel no familiarity or solidarity with their old country or the people in it.

    I'm not saying all these people are going to be our friends. Of course not, but what is wrong with advocacy groups for our causes and advocacy groups for their causes coming together when there is a common interest. They support our protests when we need the bodies. We do the same for them. They get people out to vote for causes that concern us but don't hurt them. We do the same for them. I ain't saying you have to invite these people over to your house for BBQs, but blacks only make up 13% of this country. We're quickly going to get to a point where we are basically powerless. Meanwhile these Hispanics will essentially have the power we used to have, and some of the people in here want to make enemies out of them. That's not tactically sound.
  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    MR.CJ wrote: »
    lol I was mostly joking about T.I. winning, but you Floyd dickriders are hilarious if you think he would survive longer than 10 seconds against anyone with even a basic understanding of takedowns. Hell T.I. has just as much experience in combat sports as Floyd has with defending takedowns or kicks to the leg.

    Then you woke up

    Come on bruh? Be objective for a second. Floyd has no takedown defense skills whatsoever and he does not have one punch KO power. How exactly is he going to defend himself against someone with even basic wrestling skills? How many times during their fight could Conor have slammed the shit out of Floyd if he really wanted to? Stop confusing the mastery of a combat sport with invincibility in a fight. Boxing may be one of if not the best striking art, but it has weaknesses that are easily exploited by people with a more versatile skillset.