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  • Re: In a PR blitz before his trial, Bill Cosby blames racism for sexual assault claims

    for anyone talking TV dad shit...

    Kevin Hart is a sambo on screen but employed black folk an worth like $75mil

    And if Kevin Hart was a accused of drugging and raping hoes, he would need to be investigated too.

    you totally missed the point

    lol Nah, just sidestepped it.
  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

  • Re: Bow Wow out here stuntin on you broke niggas

    DaBull wrote: »
    yea, i guess im in the minority here, I didnt really feel anything racist on the post, just felt like he was speaking facts and calling Bow ignorant, which ironically is the meaning of N word

    Wasn't no racial untones. Slim just clowned a clown.

    Nothing more nothing less

    It's definitely there. White men aint stupid. They know how much rappers identities and manhood hinge on bold display signifiers of wealth. That's how disenfranchised people show that they've made it. Meanwhile, wealthy white men don't ave to flex like that because they can assert themselves and their power in other ways. So him talking bout.... "I dont drink sizzurp and hennessy...hang out with broke ass musicians....I use my brainpower.... #Stockmarket this and that He know exactly what he saying.

    Yeah, cuz the white man made them do that shit.

    Dude pretty much regurgitated what CTG said about Bow Wow last week. Was there racial undertones then? Or was he just calling out an idiot?

    Ok so a white man randomly shares that "I dont drink sizzurp and hennessy" and that has nothing to do with the fact that he talking to a black male. Okie doke

    Nope. That cac was shitting on Bow Wow, not me, my brothers,my cusins,ect. Bow Wow

    Don't know about you, but I as a black man, don't equate myself w/ sizzurp or hennessy. Sorry

    So if a white boy calls somebody a nigger, your response would be "Well I don't equate myself with niggers, so that wasn't a racial statement. What are you even talking about? It doesn't matter who this man was shitting on or what you equate yourself with. The original statement was that there were racial undertones in the post, which is obvious that there are. He wouldn't have mentioned no sizzurp or hennessy otherwise. What you equate yourself has no bearing on what image he was clearly conjuring up. Fuck outta here...he know exactly what he was saying.

    You haven't really shown these supposed racial undertones though. You've proven that the CaC might be taking shots at rappers in general, but unless you believe rapper = black men in general, I don't see how the CaC's words are automatically an attack on black men. Maybe he does see things that way. I don't even know who he is so I can't say. But let's be real there are plenty of people out there that think the average rapper is a joke, but don't necessarily feel that way about all black men or women.
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  • Re: Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...

    I think that's a fair stance to take. Whether you agree with Kaep or not, his presence is polarizing amongst the fans and probably could lead to a loss of revenue for a team. Kaep isn't really good enough to warrant that. It's not fair for him because what he did shouldn't have been met with the backlash that it did, but from a business standpoint, what Thomas said wasn't wrong.
  • Re: gotdamn idiot drops old lady on her head then throws her in the pool

    7figz wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    Black people have been brushed with a broad stroke for centuries, so what's new now? You think this incident made a difference in their viewpoint about black people? This didn't "reinforce" anything. And BLM is a code word for black.

    You're brushing them (whites) with the same broad stroke that you accuse them of brushing us with. Yes, there are some that are just hardcore racists and it doesn't matter what happens, they hate blacks. All of them are not like that though. A lot of them are very much influenced by shit like this. Yes, it's stupid to allow isolated incidents like this to mold your opinion on an entire group of people, but Donald Trump is our president now, so that should tell you everything you need to know about the intelligence of a lot of people in this country.

    I'm treating them like they treat black people. This incident didn't influence most if not all of them who already think the way they do.

    Well, we can agree to disagree. I know for a fact that all racists aren't these hardset unflappable bigots that ya'll seem to think. But regardless of whether you believe that, or not, it's a fact that racists, especially ones in power, use distorted narratives centered around minorities to push their bullshit agendas. The Southern Strategy isn't my imagination. It was real. And incidents like this always play front and center.

    As a matter fact, you're right - most racists aren't bigots at all. smmfh

    This gotta be a candidate for Dumbest Things Said In GnS.

    Are you stupid or what? You can't just pick one word out of a sentence and act like it stands alone. Adjectives serve a purpose genius. The point was not that racists aren't bigots. The point was that they aren't hardset unflappable bigots, meaning that not all of them have an unwavering commitment to their bigotry. Some of them actually do come around when they see the error of their ways. Even hardcore skinheads and klansmen have renounced that shit when hit with truth.