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The Lonious Monk
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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

    CapitalB wrote: »
    CapitalB wrote: »
    So Jon is the actual rightful heir to the throne. Interesting.

    a TARGARYEN is the ONLY rightful heir to the throne..

    now WHICH one is up for debate..

    Jon don't want that shit, but it would be funny for you to have to bow to a Tark TARGARYEN.

    nigga won't be no STARK on the THRONE nigga..
    the thought is asinine..

    only way he'd have ANY claim to the throne is if he drop the "bastard" and accept his Targaryen heritage ..I mean shouldn't be hard considering he MAKES IT A POINT to not claim his Stark heritage and we go from there..

    he'll ride Rhaegal.. he'll do the nasty wit Bae in true TARGARYEN fashion..
    and I'm okay wit that..

    OR he can be a Stark and keep his ass in the North and we keep that THRONE as the RIGHTFUL heir..

    win win for me..

    Sing yourself whatever lullaby you need to, but Rhaegar was the only one from your disgusting line that took it outside the fam. Jon is only half Targ. Must be 2 sides? Yep.
  • Re: Serena Williams Says That She Finally Feels Like A Real Woman Because She's Pregnant and Feminist


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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

    inori wrote: »
    inori wrote: »
    lol cmon now @BOSSExcellence I know the NAWF/Targ feud here is good for laughs n shit but you know damn well both squads need each other.

    We need yalls dragonglass AND shit to fight the real threat to the NAWF.

    Yall had a lot more shit than every other squad in Westeros but lost damn near all your allies... and the ONE battle you got this season.. was from heeding the advise from the king in the NAWF. Dany got to take her dragon out for a spin, used the Dothraki and decimated the lannisters army without any innocents being hurt.

    It aint all about the numbers...Yall could have all the numbers is the world and still fuckin lose like you were before Jon got involved. You remember them giants from the Castle Black battle? Well if them WW giants can use them bigass arrows like before, y'all might be in trouble! Don't act like fighting the WW is gonna be a walk in the park for y'all.

    This aint even mentioning the most non-fighting ass niggas in the realm who might be EVERYBODY's best bet in the war to come.. Samwell and Bran

    who needs who more my nigga!!?
    lets cut the shit JUS FOR A SECOND!?

    if we're to win or lose against the whitewalkers yall play no significant role in that..

    we're basically the USA and yall Georgia or whatever that country was that Russia (the whitewalkers) was punkin..

    how dare yall tell "US" to bend any goddamn thing outside of our ears to hear u plead for our help..

    Jon was soundin pretty desperate in that cave..

    Lol I made one "bend the knees" joke in the cave but i've said several times they need each other.

    If y'all win or lose strongly relies on us even if we don't have the numbers! We don't know yet if dragon fire works on the White Walkers(not the zombie wights.. we know fire works on them) and the undead army is by far bigger than the Dothraki army that Dany has.

    Sam, Jon and Meera Reed are the only ones that done killed WW generals...youd think that information from folks who have seen and battled them would be useful to someone trying to rule the seven kingdoms
    and yall keep sayin we lost our allies!?
    we didnt need them and they really was jus tag alongs cause they were individually too weak to get any revenge against Cersei..

    them muthafuckas was expendable..

    we lost nothin losing them..

    cmoooon man... Dorne and the only way y'all woulda made it to Westeros in the first place(Greyjoys) are expendable? Not to mention the richest kingdom in Westeros(Highgarden) who could have provided gold, troops AND FOOD for yall!?

    Nah bruh... y'all needed them too and are hurting without them.

    they jus showed yall dragon fire is hotter than regular fire.. niggas turned to ash within seconds..

    but even if we cant kill the whites with it dragon glass can.. and we have mountains of it..
    nkt only did yall tell us already how to kill them givin yall no leverage.. the cave im sure has the blueprint to do so as well..

    as far as those allies.. the Greyjoys were never our ally those were the few who defected.. they were never truly a force.. neither was high garden we see how they layed down for the Lannisters.. amd Dorne is still in play.. Cersei fucked up by not killin them bitches so we'll see how that plays out but even then.. its always been about our Dothraki.. our unsullied and our dragons.. and the second sons are in the cut incase shit gets thick..

    ur numbers are insignificant in the grand schemes of things..

    only person of value to us is Bran and he aint no Stark either.. he's gonna do his part regardless.. he's for everybody.

    so what do yall really have to bring to the table??
    like really??!

    My nigga, your Queen didn't even make a move before consulting the Snowman. She might be so grateful for that advice that she does a little knee bending of her own when she gets back to Dragon Stone. We know how she gets down.


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  • Re: Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...

    Isn't Baltimore a majority black city. I mean I know the team represents more than just the city, but still, you'd think the owner would believe that Kap would be accepted there pretty well.
    I Self Lord & Master
  • Re: A Black Woman in Vegas Complains About BLK Men Not Wanting Her:"Black Men They Glorify White Women"…

    Is it just me or are Black women swirling like never before?

    It definitely ain't you. Black women was talking all that shit about black men crossing, but it was really BS and them being made that the white men didn't want them. Now that the white men are checking for them, many of them have no problem going that route.