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  • Re: Dame Dash is selling EVERYTHING on ebay....

    People outgrow shit I have about 10 pairs of Jordan's in the closet I don't even touch, I'm in my Tommy flip flops everyday. I need to sell them shits they just collecting dust.
  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion

    Rain signs to MMG

  • Re: Destiny 2 Open Beta is Live

    Hevalisk wrote: »
    I'm getting old.

    I suck at shooters, so I usually avoid them, but I saw Destiny had mmorpg aspects, so I decided to giev the original game a try.

    Bought my first used game from Amazon, Destiny complete edition, now I'm reading it's a requirement to be online, and play with others to actually play the full game, wth, I suck at shooters, I want to avoid playing with others.

    @Hevalisk another great thing about destiny is you dont have to be great at shooters, you can just play PVE activities which are solo or co op and you can run around the open world dolo until you feel more comfortable then start doing strikes, nightfalls and raids, when you come over to D2 holla at your boy stcfinest on PSN as long as you dont wine and complain about shit 24/7 and belch into the mic I will roll with you through some of the difficult content regardless of your skill level. I rocks with Kindergaurdians too.
  • Re: Destiny 2 Open Beta is Live

    How to level up alternative characters

    I actually did this earlier today and was contemplating posting it, then I saw this video.. Also save some lower level exotics and legionaries to use on your alt character so when they hit about level 15 give or take you can grind out those Heroic Public events with no sweat. (It only takes about 2 heroic events to go up a level and there are also chances to get exotics) Then hit level 20 throw your guns on and the armor from xur and you can ease through the rest of the campaign.

    Keep in mind his weapons are like 300 my weapons are between 280-285 and I got up to 274 using this strat.

    edit dont be like me and forget to add the plus 5 mods if you have them on deck from your main you can equip them on your alt before 280 im at 279 now and my main is only like 283.
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  • Re: Destiny 2 Open Beta is Live

    Make sure y'all ain't sitting on 99,999 glimmer and y'all buying blue mods so when you hit 280 y'all can trade them in for legendary +5 mods and level up 5 levels instantly.

    Also if you have enough legendary shards grab the exotics for other classes that Xur has so once you make those characters you have 270 gear, which is really 265 with the plus 5 mod level gear to infuse once you get to level 20 and start getting legendary gear.
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