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  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion

    loch121 wrote: »
    JC vs Twork

    Twork's energy gonna be hard to beat,but JC's pen is hard to beat.

    I got JC leggooooo

    Twork was just on Champion saying JC is the best battler, the goat or had the best pen,
    (cant remember verbatim) that JC is his favorite battler and that he cant beat JC, that was 6 months ago, this should be interesting.
  • Re: 2017 Battle Rap Wrap-Up

    MVP: Tay Roc he battled Hollow and Diz and arguably beat both

    Rookie of the Year: Twork

    Comeback Battler of the Year: Illwill or Ball Game

    Fell Off The Most: Ave

    Most Improved:

    Best Female Battler:

    Best Overall Event of The Year: Traffic 3

    Best Battle Rap Company: URL

    Your top 5 battles this year:

    Bodybag of the year:

    Biggest Upset of the year: Tay Roc vs Hollow or Ars vs Beloved depending how you judge them.

    Best battle in the vault:

    Most Disappointing Battles this year:
  • Re: Star Wars: Battlefront (November 17) (PS4 & Xbox One)

    The Recipe wrote: »
    The Recipe wrote: »
    Something is seriously wrong if niggas is ok with how they put microtransactions in this game. Not a matter of having money to buy or not, they putting out incomplete games and to fully enjoy it, you have to pay for certain content. The backlash for the pay to win is why EA made all these changes and temporarily halted microtransactions. GtaV is the only game that did microtransactions the right way.

    Bruh gta v microtransitions are done the exact same way as others plus they are severely overpriced, you just get dlc free and its usually rehashed trash. GTA microtransactions and Call Of Duty microtransactions are the worst in the industry. But some of yall niggas dont even understand the difference between microtransactions and dlc rofl how we suppose to take yall seriously?

    You dont need to buy anything in gtaV though. Its just for people who dont want to grind at all. No paywall or nome of that shit.

    You didnt have to buy nothing in battlefront, you just had to grind 10 hours 40 at first, to unlock the heros or buy microtransactions just like GTA. I swear niggas be the least informed but the most vocal.

    Ok you a nigga thats ok with how microtransactions are set up in battlefront 2. The sales are down 61% between battlefront1 and 2 in the UK. Obviously people dont like how EA is doing things with the game including Disney's boss. You in the minority with your view of this game man. No beef here though just stating facts.

    They tried to do microtransaction just like GTA which you just praised so idk what your gripe is, those are facts also. EA is shady we all know they sabotaged titanfall 2 last year so they could buy respawn for a steal this year. #karma

    I guess I just I have a better understanding of how business works, games are 60 usd and have been that price for 12 years during this time budgets for games have expanded but the price for games have stayed the same and thats not even taking into account inflation.

    In 05 I was buying jordans for about 120-140$, those same jordans are 200$ dollars now. I use get Mc Chickens and Doubles from Mcdonalds fot 1$ them shits is 2 dollars now. I could buy a bag of chips for 99 cents or a 20 ounce pop they 2 dollars now. I may be in the minority with the amount of common sense I break this issue down with. Prices dont stay the same for anything for 10 years plus and if they do the product is inferior or your getting a smaller quantity for that price.
  • Re: Star Wars: Battlefront (November 17) (PS4 & Xbox One)

    TheGOAT wrote: »
    I dont even understand u gamers.

    If i ever play its never online.

    I dont get the appeal of playing online w/ strangers talkin shit. White teenage boys callin u niggers n bitches & all that shit.

    Single player old school >>>

    Im old i guess

    The appeal is that the cpu just isnt challenging or interesting enough for some people also there are games out that dont attract the kind of base that calls people niggers. Ive been playing destiny since 2015 online only, never been called a nigger, battlefield since 2011 never called a nigger.

    I just seen this on twitter yesterday


  • Re: Star Wars: Battlefront (November 17) (PS4 & Xbox One)

    They removed the microtransactions