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  • Re: What's Kanye West's WORST album?

    Yeezus is his worst but its better than all Drakes albums outside of Take Care and better than most niggas shit.
  • Re: Kendrick Lamar Album Discussion 4-14-17

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    Kendrick the only nigga that can catch Nas. Album is mad emoji flames.

    Blasphemy. Kendrick is the King of this era music wise but Nas is GOAT so let's not get carried away. He and Cole carrying the torch.

    That said, this album is really dope and smooth musically. The beats and cohesion really standout. Whereas TPAB was comparable to Nas Nigger Album in its theme and vibe. This is similar to Gods Son album. Like Nas, his earlier work is tough to match. GKMC is his illmatic vibe wise but I still take Section 80 as the joint I feel the most. This album is nice nonetheless. 8.5 - 9 out of 10 on first few listen. I hear the Kanye, Quik and Andre 3k and even Lil Weezy/Future type influence on this album.

    I didnt really do a breakdown album for album im just looking at the back to back to back to back, He got four great albums out the gate he is on a great pace.

    I noticed you didnt compare any of Dots albums to I Am, It Was Written or Nastradamus which are comparable because they are part of Nasir's first four albums including Illmatic. We get to cherry pick Nas's very best shit from his whole career to put against Kennys first four consecutive albums.

    Thats not really fair put Section 80, GKMC, TPAB and DAMN vs Illmatic, IWW, I Am and Nastradamus and lets see how much stuttering is involved.

    That being said Nas is the Goat, I said Kendrick has a chance to catch him, not surpass him, not that he is better, just that he has the best chance to be in the same breath.
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  • Re: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is coming to PS4 this October

    1 & 2 aged like milk barely made it through 1 dont know if I can will myself through number 2 so I can get to 3 because I never finished part 3.
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  • Re: Where does Kendrick rank all time? Whats his ceiling? Is he as good as Biggie?

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    Big's music has aged very well, like fine wine.

    A lot of people from that same era dropped good albums that didn't age well.

    To compare Kendrick to Big you'd have to wait 20 years to see how GKMC ages.

    Imo life after death didnt age to well listened to it recently skipped 75% of the album and it was one of my favs when it came out.
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  • Re: Kendrick Lamar Album Discussion 4-14-17

    GKMC is a masterpiece he probably will never make an album better. Thats his Illmatic, Reasonable Dobut although niggas hate its going down in the books with the likes of those albums.
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