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  • Re: Kendrick Lamar album #4 Discussion

    Hope it's GKMC part 2 or Section 80 part 2.

    What I came to say hopefully its more in the vein of those 2, the subject matter on TPAB was good but the execution of it and his knowledge on most of the topics was juvenile. It felt like a nigga with an 8th grade education was trying to teach niggas about blackness on top of that west coast legends already made better versions of the majority of the songs from tpab.
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  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion

    lookdude wrote: »
    roc battling chess on NOME 7

    I really dont think Chess is ready for a nigga of Rocs caliber.
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  • Re: Remy Ma - shEther (Nicki Minaj diss) She goes in

    My niggas we talking about the pros and cons of Nicki mentioning a miscarriage for a whole page?

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  • Re: Will Remy Ma snatch Nicki's crown in 2017?(Update Remy MA drops "ShEther" )

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    Nicki holds the spot similar to drake....mostly off popularity and not based on quality music

    Nicki never been on Remy's level as a rapper

    Im convinced most of yall havent listened to Nicki out side her singles, she is as talented as Remy if not more. Remy has one album that flopped which signifies she wasnt rapping that good on there, and a bunch of crew songs she really aint got enough music out to even vie for the spot. Nicki got several successful projects under her belt and Remy has 1 flop its pretty clear who raps better based off the data.

    The fact that Nikkis album sold does not mean she's a better rapper than remy...that's a Drake style arguement which goes back to my original point

    Listen to them rap...Remy got a better flow and better lyrics than nicki

    If she is so much better than Nicki and such a better rapper why is nobody listening to her? Why are all of her songs features? If she such a dope rapper where are the dope projects that she spazzing on solo? I been tuned in to both since they hit the scene and there is not much of a skill gap but I think Nicki is overall better and is more diverse.

    The same could be said for nicki.....why are no real Hip hop fans checking for nickis music? Why are all her fans teenage girls? Where are her dope projects?

    Even if you hear a Remy feature it makes you want to check for her album which I did....Nickis features don't even do that...which is why I wouldn't
    This is true. Don't forget that gay fanbase, cuz alot of these faggots are into Nicki's music too (FYI I'm not 'homophobic' or discriminating against that lifestyle). Nicki can spit, but she's been spitting alot of wack verses or a few dope lines sprinkled inbetween filler lines. She's been releasing commercial garbage as well and been featured on commercial sh*t. While she's talented, she tends to make up for her lack of substance by making silly faces and doing voices. Real heads peep right through that sh*t.
    i think Remy has it in her to snatch that crown. You saw how she got at her in that Hot97 freestyle about a month ago. I wondfer if Nicki has it in her to respond to that work, cuz she's yet to respond (unless I missed something).

    Yep, she has the "crown" because of popularity and not because of quality music....similar to drake

    Drake has the crown for several reason and one of them is the quality of his music bruh.

    Inb4 someone brings up the ghostwriter

    His ghostwriter is one of those several reasons.
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  • Re: Woat games of 2016


    Niggas bought this?