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  • Re: Asking for a friend

    deadeye wrote: »

    What's your take on this?


    @ another ic chick....
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  • Re: Asking for a friend

    Look at u up at 3am Chicago time, all out of character...

    Lol ay.. Remember when u were in LA and asked me if pico would be down to fuck? I tried my damnest to quarterback that hook up but it was for nothing cuz she curved u.. im not gonna tell u the reason cuz it would hurt your fragile self esteem

    You tried to cheat on your bf with a bitch cuz "its not really cheating"

    You're not innocent
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  • Re: Asking for a friend

    Someone can't separate in their mind what I've told them from what they learned by dissecting every word of someone else's posts.
    ReppinTime wrote: »
    I remember once I was demolishing a ex in a argument and she got so mad she was losing that she whipped around the block and pulled up to the police station she worked at. I almost murdered that bish and her boss right there in the street. Its one thing to call the police but you can avoid actually seeing them usually in that case, its another thing entirely to actually put you in physical proximity of them..thats a murderable offense.
    You told me that story directly. That's foul.
  • Re: Asking for a friend

    I shouldve known i couldnt trust u when u told me the story of how reppintime was in your car and u drove to the police station and told some cops to make him leave... u tried to turn that man into a hashtag. Thats dirty af no matter how u slice it
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  • Re: Asking for a friend

    I've been calling you for 2 years? We've probably spoken on the phone a good 6 or 7 times in those 2 years. We are not people who talk on the phone on a regular basis.

    I can't tell if you are willfully being dishonest or if you legitimately interpret things different than most people would. I don't know what it is. The bottom line is I want to be left alone. Like, that's really the bottom line. And you wanna fight me about it.

    Lies. Way more than 6, 7...

    Bottom line. You betrayed your boyfriend and the guilt caused you anxiety.

    You're not innocent.
    deadeyeOmegaConflictChi Snowa.mann