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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Boondocks had nor one funny episode.
    That shit was for racist black nerds

    Boondocks >>>> dragon ball z
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

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    say bruh, hows the other 1 seed doing in the playoffs?
  • Re: Name some common things that you have never done...

    Never watched power rangers as a kid

    Never listened to master p/no limit
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  • Re: Look at this coon shit from Stephen A.

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    People are misrepresenting his point. He wasn't just saying that Kap was wrong for his protest. SAS believes that Kap's stance was fake because he didn't vote. I think he's stupid for saying that, but SAS didn't bash Kap for his protests until Kap said he didn't vote. He thinks Kap not voting cancels everything else he's ever said or done. He actually said that.

    but didnt Stephen A. admit to not makin an educated vote??!

    whats the fuckin difference??
    if anything he's worse and the underlining problem with today's politics..

    niggas jus out here voting jus to fuckin vote.

    If you have as strong an opinion as Kaepernick on issues facing black America, why wouldn't you vote?? This is the issue I have with niggas that are "for the cause". He came out pro Bernie, I believe. So why not at least vote for bernie?? Or, be intelligent and see that there are 2 viable options, and go with what is closer to your views. Niggas want to be reactive and not proactive. Fuck all this picketing bullshit and holding up traffic with protests if you're not following it up by being politically active (i.e. voting). Kaepernick is still american.

    So regardless of him not voting, he'll still be governed by the officials he chose not to elect. His kneeling becomes a futile act because what did it accomplish?? It brought attention to black injustices more than video of unarmed blacks getting killed??? Was he hoping these racist whites were going to look at him kneeling and say "I get it now. We've been unfair. Let's change!". Lol the fuck did the shit accomplish with no follow through??

    He spoke on why he didn't vote in detail.

    Whether anyone agrees or likes his reasons for not voting is on them.

    A quick google will answer you question on why he didn't vote.

    Kap did plenty of follow through google can help with that as well.

    Nothing changed for all the kneeling that he did, his inaction and encouragement of said inaction has resulted in an attorney General that will look the other way when cops kill blacks and then punish those who try and sue cops, and has actually killed a lot of the credibility that he may have garnered when he started. Kaepernick won lol. This is an era where niggas look at the civil rights movement as an example of how to get things done but don't follow through all the way. And small shit like kneeling is heralded as activism. Ok....

    This bullshit ass response not even worth a reply.

    Enjoy your alternative facts!

    No response?? Cool...

    When you post something actually worthy of a response I will gladly respond.

    Ill simplify: What tangible thing did Kaepernick accomplish with kneeling?? Further, what could he have done that wouldve achieved more than him voting and encouraging others to vote with the platform he has?? And go....
    whats tangible is subjective

    In the broad spectrum, he raised awareness and touched a lot of people, let alone donated his time and money in the Bay Area

    His kneeling didn't hurt anybody who wasnt a bigot or a coon
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  • Re: Soulja Boy/Chris Brown fight called off. Big Draco said Breezy is ducking him

    Wack single handedly ruined it
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