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  • Re: 2017 NBA Off Season Thread: Draft & Free Agency & Summer League

    ckfree wrote: »

    stephen a smith basically broke down the situation and how lebron and others are lucky that he doesnt report half the shit he be hearing as it could get ugly — he then threatened to reveal what really happened during the boston series and dared lebron to respond on what was fake so he could ‘really go deeper’ in the situation

    he said lebron doesnt give him any interviews because he makes him uncomfortable and then ends it with dont worry lebron

    rachel nichols and brian windhorst are coming

    you could speak to them


    Media attention whore

    Remember how Amad rashad and Jordan had the best the Athlete-reporter relationship in sports? They were actually friends. Amad wasn't a weasel. Outside of AI nobody fucks with Weasel A Smith
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    At Chevys eating free nachos cuz the Warriors won.. life is good word to @chompollet
  • Re: 40 Years of Hip Hop Mash Up

    Nice but not enough 2pac
  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

    Warriors in 6

    Anyone who has the Cavs winning in less than 7 is a Clown whos opinion can't be taken seriously
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  • Re: Multiple fatalities reported in England at stadium where Ariana Grande performed

    (Nope) wrote: »
    (Nope) wrote: »
    (Nope) wrote: »
    (Nope) wrote: »
    Huey_C wrote: »
    Huey_C wrote: »
    Was praying for a false flag but now people from my community have been pronounced dead, shit is just sad as fuck man I really feel for all the victims and family.

    See how dumb you idiots sound with that false flag bullshit? Oh it's all so real now that u know the victims?

    He is a fucking idiot, whats new.

    False flags do happen tho you dumb fuck atleast I am smart enough to look through the evidence instead of swallowing all the information given to me and taking it as facts.

    Provide proof

    This video cites Boston as a "false-flag." I live outside of Boston. I had people who were hurt in the attack. I had fucking idiots like you asking me for proof and offering me money on facebook.

    I have a friend who is still recovering and still gets harassed by you "false-flag" low-lifes.

    I honestly fucking hate ya'll.

    They need to take the internet away from you idiots, because you are not well and do not possess the necessary level of discernment to use it responsibly.

    Is it not possible for your friend to tell lies? or you to tell lies? I am 30 years of age and one thing I have learned in my journey so far is that PEOPLE LIE! the truth is I will never truly know the truth about most things so I have decided to stop giving a fuck and stop wasting my time focusing on the conspiracy shit, I will now devote my time to making the world a better place and speaking my truth.

    Why would I lie about that?

    What would I have to gain?

    Do you know how many people are at the marathon each year?

    Do you know how difficult it would be stage something like that?

    Has your perspective changed now that a similar atrocity has hit close to home?

    Or do you believe that all the other attacks are false-flags? And real attacks only happen to you?

    I never said the Boston bombing was a false flag, why do people lie about stupid shit all the time? I don't know how the mind of a psychopath works.

    You posted a video to back your point about "false-flags." That same video, cited the marathon bombings as a false flag. I assumed you watched the video because you referenced it?

    I'm going to to say this in the most respectful way I can, the above shows that you are clearly not filtering the information that you take in or put out. Consciously or subconsciously, you enjoy the delusions of grandeur that come with being a member of a self-appointed and exclusive group of 'truthers' that are essentially know nothings. This is not about truth, but your inability to differentiate self from other and accommodate for and assimilate new information. To this end, your 'trutherness' can be percieved as a lack of metacognition (thinking about your thoughts). Skepticism is healthy, but this behavior is not skepticism it is egotist paranoia.

    People are not offended by your truth, they are startled by your ignorance and what many of us perceive as the requisite arrogance that comes with it.

    You don't know me as a person all you have to go on is my posts on here, so tell me mr smart arse what have I posted on this site that had you typing all of that bullshit? yes I am very much a lover of a good conspiracy theory I have been for many years, let me have a guess you are one of them people who think 9/11 happened just as your news channels told you even tho it is obvious that shit was a controlled demolition?

    More nonsense.

    He's right about 9/11 tho... Obvious controlled demolition and inside job
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