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  • Re: What's The Most Money You Spent In 1 Month? (On Entertainment)

    aneed123 wrote: »
    im a electronic/car stereo junkie. a couple years ago I went on vacation, hooked up my car, and hooked up the living room with home theater. I spent bout$5k. I had save up for it tho


    I spend a few g's on my car stereo system too! And to get it stolen at that smh.. Eventually I had to replace it and purchase an entire new system.. I did this a few times smh.. Untill I purchased lifetime warranty..
  • Re: $745 a month for child support!!

    I have a cousin who sought child support for her baby daddy, and guess what???? all she get's is 1.00 a month smfh..

    she said she don't even cash those checks because its embarassing.. she just sends them back to him every month...
  • Re: Why do you write poetry? (for all the poets that post in here)

    goldenja wrote: »

    I don't know..

    Lol. Start finding a purpose dammit! J/p

    I hear you though :)

  • Re: Have you ever been embarassed by your ride....

    LMAO at some of ya'lls story.

    Like wayyyyy back in the day, I had a friend who had took her mom's car, not a ugly ass car but it was rideable okay.. like a 95 buick, and one night we had gon out clubbin and you know how after its closing time, people are all outside and everybody car hopping to go party else where and everybody drunk and feeling tipsy.. Well me and her got back into her car to leave home right. Anyways some kats hit us up and keep waving us down to stop and talk, well her dumbass stops, and she forgot non of her windows roll down lmao..

    Shit was heee-larry-yuuus..

    I'm on the passenger side and them dudes is coming to the passenger window, and I"m trying to roll down the window, and she was like "that window don't go down" she was like "my window goes down but only 2 inches down" lol...

    Soooo embarasssing... because they was like "Roll down your window" and I'm over here lmao telling them "wait, we gonna pull over"

    We pull over and stop the car, and they invite us to a party.. Guess what??? the car isn't starting... I"m like O' hell na! lol. It was embarassing.. The car never started, and they ended up towing the car back to her place. This wasn't even her car, it was her mom's.. She had taken off with it too..

    Well they tow it to her drive way, a few minutes later the porch light turns on and her mom is like "Shayyy, get yo ass back inside RIGHT NOW" lmao..

    This is like wayyy back in the 90's...
    Young Stef