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I now believe in love at 1st sight SMH


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  • Re: Adulting - Alcohol = What, exactly???

    haha @ u niggaz with social "anxiety"

    SMH @ a grown ass man getting anxious in public like a teenage girl

    ya'll niggaz is some lesbians for real tho :joy:

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  • Re: Fellas, would u accept a marriage proposal from your woman?

    blackrain wrote: »
    blackrain wrote: »
    tbh... I have this view that ALL!! women want to be married.
    Even the ones that don't want to be married deep down want to be married.

    I mean, It could possibly be just the women i meet......
    ..... but, when I see some lady down on 1 knee... it just reeks of desperation.
    Like she just wasn't willing to wait for her man to propose.

    like stop being desperate. Either wait it out or leave.

    Nah nigga...there's plenty women who don't want to be married

    Damn. They got you.
    Women tend to say wild sh*t like that
    Just hit em with the...shaq-face.jpg
    and keep it moving.

    Theres only one woman in the whole wide world who doesn't want to be married and her name is Oprah.

    Oprah considered marriage at one point too..... but then she came to her senses when her bank statement email alert came through.

    Lol nah nigga it's from actually knowing women who don't want to be married and having conversations with them as to why. You know you can actually find out some shit about women when you actually talk to them and listen to what they say

    haha @ still believing what women say is what those same women will actually do

    of course they don't want to get married when there is a high probability that no one wants to marry them :(

    ya'll bullshitting out u know who that is?

    I mean that's Ms. AHH 2014 ya'll niggaz curved............she practically a certified celebrity in these streets :joy:

    instead of being shook u could've at least got an autograph or something :(
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  • Re: USC Student Says She Was Raped, The Nightclub Video Determined That Was A Lie

    @jono is correct tho

    the footage just undermines shorty's doesn't truly disprove whether or not she was raped

    if there are laws where if a woman can say stop in the middle of intercourse, and the man can be charged for rape if he continues

    then it's possible that she still could've been raped.......I think that's the point that @jono has raised

    bottom line is ol boy is lucky as shit that some DA/judge wasn't pressed to try to prove a point

    dudes gotta be smarter about fucking with drunk chicks........I learned that shit personally in the Army, seen it go bad way too many times in the barracks

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    i ro ny wrote: »
    So y'all niggas didn't link up with ol' OB at the strip club when she was in yalls city.


    bruh I was gonna post the exact same thing

    SMH @ u ATL niggaz letting shorty go to a strip club in the daytime by herself in ur town

    u supposed to call off work/take leave for an opportunity to escort @obnoxiouslyfresh around ur city :joy:

    niggaz betta not ever talk that running a fade shit to nobody on here ever again since ya'll was too scared to link up with shorty :(
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