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  • Re: In All Seriousness, Would You Wife A Chick With Fake Ass, Boobs and Lips?

    y'all like to chastise and shame women for opting to get plastic surgery

    but never have much to say about the insane beauty standards of our culture

    it's no coincidence more and more women are getting things nipped and tucked ...not to mention its getting cheaper

    and yes there are women who do it to get to boost their careers, future monetary/social gain

    i get not wanting to date a lil kim, someone with obvious issues.... but if it looks natural why not?

    we are all insecure about certain things about ourselves....plastic surgery has the potential to help ppl feel more positive about themselves, why is it necessarily so wrong?

    we would chastise and clown men for the same vain shit tho, it ain't just exclusive to women

    stop playing victim shorty

    and it's funny that a black woman would support this shit when most white broads getting fake lips and asses are just doing it to imitate the natural features u would normally find on a black woman

    bu when nigga drop sistas and cuff them a pawg, black women be 1st to get in their feelings haha

    but I guess in a time where everybody is an "instagram model" it only makes sense to accept more fake shit

    ya'll youngins got me seriously worried about the future cuz it's obvious u don't love urselves :(

  • Re: Two black corporations sold off to whites.. (Sundial & OWN)

    5 Grand wrote: »
    5 Grand wrote: »
    My $0.02

    If you have an extra 100k, rather than deciding if you should pay off your debt or start a business, there's a third option. Sadly many people don't fully understand the third option.

    There's something called a series 7 exam. Its what stockbrokers take to be registered with the SEC. The information on the series 7 exam isn't taught in schools. You can't go to college and take courses that will teach you how the stock market works. You have to figure it out for yourself.

    Once you understand how it works, if you have $100k you'll be set for life.

    a series 7 exam is for if u want to be a stockbroker.............u don't need to be a stockbroker to invest in financial markets

    and yes u can go to college to learn about how the stock market works......that's what people like me did when we got degrees in finance lol

    it's actually prob better to get a full degree vs just trying to use the series 7 exam as a shortcut to knowledge

    unless u literally plan on working on Wall Street or a bank with a brokerage arm, there is really no point to getting a series 7 license just for the fun of it

    plus there are better investments u can make with 100k vs just hitting the stock market

    Well the point I was trying to make is that once you understand how the market works you don't need a job on Wall St, all you need is $100k.

    And the point of getting a series 7 exam isn't necessarily to get a job working for a firm. It's an IQ test. You need a 72 to pass. A lot of people study for the test and can't pass.

    If you have a college degree in anything (I have a degree in Criminal Justice) all you need is an understanding of how the market works, how investments are taxed, how to calculate yields and most importantly how to buy and sell securities.

    There's people out there with PhDs that don't know how to buy a stock.

    I'll be real with u and admit that the series 7 exam really doesn't prepare u for shit except to be a stockbroker

    and it doesn't even prepare u to be a good stockbroker at that, cuz most stockbrokers barely understand how markets work

    and stockbrokers are basically the car salesmen of trading stocks, so even if u prepared to be a stock broker u still ain't really prepared better than either the serious amateur investor or the college kid who's been studying for years

    u can open a brokerage acct today at many banks at be trading stocks immediately afterwards for $100, not $100k

    books at Barnes and Noble and internet websites are a cheaper more efficient way to learn how to invest......the series 7 would be a waste of time and u would still need assistance from others
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    so u texting back and forth with a new chick u trying to put on the team

    so u ask her what her hobbies are/what she like to do for fun

    she says: the stereotypical shit like watching tv, volunteering, writing, drawing, reading books, etc like it's an interview

    so u ask: what was the last book u read? :)

    her response: "long awkward pause " :s :|

    SMH never ask these pseudo intellectual deep chicks about the last book they read :(
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  • Re: In All Seriousness, Would You Wife A Chick With Fake Ass, Boobs and Lips?

    nah cuz I know she gon get that booty cancer in the future

    everybody just wait......that epidemic gon be hilarious when we all start hitting our 50s :lol:

    so many females u meet today gon be doing chemo and talking about the regret of filling their bodies full of cement/silicone SMH

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  • Re: Two black corporations sold off to whites.. (Sundial & OWN)

    5 Grand wrote: »
    It all depends on what they do with the money.

    For example, I can think of a certain music industry exec that claimed that he made so much money he didn't do his laundry, he just threw his clothes away and bought new ones. If a person like that sells his interest in a company he's going to have long term problems.

    However, if a music industry exec was in the same position and was frugal with his money (e.g. driving a Toyota Camry instead of a Bentley) and invested it wisely then selling his interest in the company and re-investing it makes sense.

    Like I said its not black or white, its green.

    From my perspective, the most important thing the Black community needs is more people in the financial industry. People with series 7 licenses and MBAs. There's nothing worse than signing a $10 Million contract and not knowing what to do with the money or how to invest it. As soon as you get that $10 Million check the sharks and vultures start circling they'll sell you a dream and rip you off. Then you have to take them to court, and if you win your lawyer gets 1/3.

    Thats why its important to understand finance and the stock market.

    There's a lot of rappers that should be multi millionaires that are broke because they didn't know what to do with their money.

    I feel u at the bolded but u typed a lot of misconceptions that many black folks are taught

    we don't necessarily need to be more frugal, we just need to be more efficient and savvy with our money

    the problem isn't buying Bentleys, the problem is that Bentley isn't owned by a group of people who have our best interests at in point if Bentley was owned by black folks interested in reinvesting their bread in black communities, it would benefit us all if all these rich niggaz only bought Bentleys

    but unfortunately whether u buy a Toyota or a Bentley, u should buy what u can afford and the goal should be long term ownership since neither company really helps us long term anyway

    as far as the finance shit, I work in finance and once u start making bread u start seeing how shit is really rigged

    even if u get a series 7 license u still need to go thru a bunch of white folks to participate in the stock market, u don't just get in the game and just automatically become a broker/dealer

    what really hurts black folks on the finance side is that we don't have access to the same investments........venture capital would help us out a lot

    but we don't have a shared culture where investing in each other on some legitimate shit is common like other groups........we don't have enough banks with resources.........we don't have enough black millionaires/billionaires who prioritize having black financial services

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