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I now believe in love at 1st sight SMH


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  • Re: Fair or Foul?: Underage boy "sexts" girl.... Labled a sex offender

    this shit is so fucking foul

    the law doesn't consider the availability of technology

    there was HS QB that was potential college prospect that just got fucked over for this same shit

    the girl and the boy were both 16 and sent each other nudes.....they were bf/gf

    the laws gave the girl probation(which is crazy to me), but the media posted the boy's face all in the news and the parents are still fighting so that the boy ain't got to register as a sex offender

    and this is happening way more frequently than a lot of people realize
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    MsSouthern wrote: »
    MsSouthern wrote: »
    What makes it so weird is that ...These men are dating these dolls

    They are taking them to restaurants and then beach...Having picnics ... giving them showers.... holding their hands and thighs

    And this man has his interacting with his kids !!

    They are not just fucking a doll !!

    Damn you a hater girl lol. Why you mad at them doing their thing and enjoying life? The guy in this video is not even ignoring his wife and she accepts it because of that. The guy has his whole family involved and they are happy

    Cause it's twisted and weird

    Since I am a hater for not accepting this lifestyle as normal .....You're not cause what you just aren't into it ?


    Nice try

    dead @ the bolded sounding like the same criticism aimed at gay folks

    if a straight person thinks gay shit is weird or disgusting then they are called homophobic

    I don't understand why are women so disgusted by these sex dolls

    I'd rather these same dudes have a doll instead of out here targeting innocent human beings

    but yet women think there is a difference between one of these doll loving guys and the women out here using mechanical dildos and shit LMAO
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  • Re: What's the last thing you got in trouble for?(MPR tells it all)

    My oldest son told me that I'm not allowed around his friends anymore because 'they like me'.
    I told him that they like me because I have snacks. He doesn't believe me.

    oh u def got "snacks" that they want :)

    but anyways I'm a grown ass am I supposed to get in "trouble"

    adults don't get in trouble unless they still subscribe to childish thinking
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  • Re: The black man beaten at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville now faces a felony charge

    so when ya'll ready to join my Black Nationalist Army? :lol:

    I keep telling ya'll niggaz to get ya gunz up and be serious about ur physical fitness

    cuz these crackas def want to bring jim crow back

    PureYang wrote: »
    PILL_COSBY wrote: »
    Look, y'all leave my dog sleep walking in japan/trill fate/the homie nolte/kavio alone!!!!!!!!!!! He's been though enough.The mans suffering from a broken heart damn it! OB is a baaaaaaaaaad motha..........shut cho mouf! So give him a break. She was cute in the past, but now she a fully developed grown ass mothafucking woman, and she killing the game!! A lot of y'all just late and didn't peep that shit. Told y'all she could have shut this bitch down if she felt like it.

    His only sin was being up the mother of dragons ass knowing damn well she only like dudes who don't have insurance, is a green card holder, and doesn't pay taxes. When the king of the wizards swooped her up. He switches up, bends the knee, and now he wants to join house ObnoxiouslyFresh? Trying to act like he been team OB fresh since day 1 smh. Them frisco cats aint ordinary. Stay yo ass over there with them dragons bruh. We don't allow this lame shit over here


    Nah. Ob is actually mentally stable.


    well then that means that khaleesi prob got way better sex game than OB since she is legitimately crazy

    I might have to change my vote

    khaleesi looks like she'll let u do anything......ANYTHING :love:

    OB looks innocent like she still fuck with her bra on out of insecurity :(
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