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blakfyahking · The IC's Resident Father Figure · ✭✭✭✭✭

I now believe in love at 1st sight SMH


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  • Re: The Official Final Ill Community Read Only Thread

    SMH this shit can't be real

    I literally went from a young adult to an old father figure on this forum

    I went from posting as a young married soldier on my 2nd deployment

    to getting out of the military and now being a divorced oldhead running my own business

    along the way I got to know way too many strangers personal business....some of ya'll lives are truly wrecks that always managed to make me feel better about my own shit :joy:

    a couple other posters grew up with me too........never thought I be posting long enough for @Kat to become somebody's wife..........anything is truly possible

    I'm gon try the new site, but I can already tell it might not be my speed..........looks like I'm gon be one of those OGs lost to the upgrade

    ya'll IC yungins need to use my sad smiley face game to carry on the heritage :(
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Westie wrote: »
    How you look like this
    And think this is who she's really talking to

    wow that is so superficial to judge that girl's looks

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  • Re: 25 Yr Old PHilly Rapper PNB Rock gets 15yr Old Girl Pregnant (3 IC posters Exposed As Pedos On Pg.6)

    PILL_COSBY wrote: »
    wow @ some of the uppity shit I'm reading in here

    mofos on the IC always taking it to the extreme to front like they got high and might morals

    nigga in his 30s said he wouldn't smash a chick under the age of 25? lemme find out niggaz really need internet friendships with the way ya'll fronting to seem like u got real standards

    especially with all the simpery I've seen on this forum :joy:

    I got no compassion for pedo ass niggaz at all........but some of ya'll took it to the extreme with ur noses in the air like these 18yr olds ain't getting smashed :(

    Sup original rudeboy simpin don dada!!! It aint really morals and standards. It's just with a lot of us that shit just seems weird and uncomfortable. Like even in high school when I was a senior. I felt like freshmen were beneath me lol. So just take that and use the same logic as I age. Not saying the though of smashing never crossed my mind, I just wouldn't go any further. when u were a senior, sophomores and freshman were too young to get took down?

    a 2-3yr age difference?

    see that's that bullshit I'm talking about


    as much as youngins like jcapri used to get simped by niggaz on here

    and niggaz already done even admitted fucking family members and shit on the IC, but a minor age difference is an issue now :joy:

    plus majority of them illpix broads niggaz lust over are under 25.........ya'll really need to cut the shit
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  • Re: Cinema Etiquette and (some) Black People (especially Black Women).

    I'm not loud at movies but I think it's funny af when someone is being loud and seeing white people get so mad. They start snickering or doing loud SIGHS, or they do a lot of shit talking under their breath but they never confront anybody. Lol

    Once in awhile they'll go snitch though lol

    yeh that shit do be funny..

    but whats funny is they are now creating a disturbance reacting to the disturbance.. muthafuckas be too wound up..

    babies.. and the kickin my seat shit will misplace my cool..
    but someone talkin here and there. enjoyin the movie i aint trippin.. sometimes that shit be funny.. but i enjoy people enjoyin themselves.. iunno..

    i aint walkin thru life angry so lil tidious shit aint pissin me off.. its jus whatever..

    SMH @ niggaz cosigning Cap B's fuckery haha

    this nigga really got ya'll agreeing that it's ok to act an ass in a public wonder nobody likes niggaz

    ya'll are sheep for thinking a mofo talking all loud during a movie is acceptable

    u my nigga bruh but I would be that guy to get irate and tell u to STFU :(
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  • Re: IC Hall of Fame Nominees

    Kat wrote: »
    man I hope that shit about Du e-simping Khaleesi ain't real

    as many convos we done had on here about him judging other niggaz for cheating in their relationships

    I almost hate being right in situations like this :(

    It's not true and you still wrong.

    SMH @ u quoting me like u really know what's going on haha

    U got real uppity since u got that ring on ur finger now :'(