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I now believe in love at 1st sight SMH


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  • Re: The Official Final Ill Community Read Only Thread

    SMH this shit can't be real

    I literally went from a young adult to an old father figure on this forum

    I went from posting as a young married soldier on my 2nd deployment

    to getting out of the military and now being a divorced oldhead running my own business

    along the way I got to know way too many strangers personal business....some of ya'll lives are truly wrecks that always managed to make me feel better about my own shit :joy:

    a couple other posters grew up with me too........never thought I be posting long enough for @Kat to become somebody's wife..........anything is truly possible

    I'm gon try the new site, but I can already tell it might not be my speed..........looks like I'm gon be one of those OGs lost to the upgrade

    ya'll IC yungins need to use my sad smiley face game to carry on the heritage :(
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  • Re: Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...

    farris2k1 wrote: »
    What these white fans and owners are doing to Kap just kills me.

    They are saying that, at the end of the day, they run this shit, and there is nothing that you (black people) can do about it.

    Do y'all think players should be doing more to help Kap?

    Are black fans coons if they watch?
    Yes, but you see only a few have even spoke up about, niggas is afraid to do more cause they dont wanna get criticized/deal wit the consequnces, they just worried bout gettin paid, which i understand, but best believe if they all got together than shit would change..we are the majority of nfl.. but its all bout the money to 95% of them

    So why can't the highest paid athletes in all sports pool the money/resources together to start their own leagues?

    Us blacks are talented in football, and basketball but yet we don't own a piece. SMH

    for the exact same reason that average black folk spend their lives gladly working for others instead of trying to build their own shit..........then they even teach their kids to go to fucked up schools and work for good grades hoping to grow up and keep the cycle going

    just cause these athlete niggaz are millionaires doesn't mean they are any more ambitious then the average person working a regular job

    black folks are one of the few groups still fighting to participate in an economy that was never designed to include us

    mofos severely underestimate how important it is to own your own shit, instead of working hard to help build someone elses

    side note: I hate whenever people refer to team/franchise owners as just "owners" instead of actually saying "team or franchise owner".........just emphasizes that these niggaz are still for sale like some slaves SMH
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    i ro ny wrote: »
    So y'all niggas didn't link up with ol' OB at the strip club when she was in yalls city.


    bruh I was gonna post the exact same thing

    SMH @ u ATL niggaz letting shorty go to a strip club in the daytime by herself in ur town

    u supposed to call off work/take leave for an opportunity to escort @obnoxiouslyfresh around ur city :joy:

    niggaz betta not ever talk that running a fade shit to nobody on here ever again since ya'll was too scared to link up with shorty :(
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  • Re: National Guard, Air Force Reserve or Army Reserve?

    silverfoxx wrote: »
    So it's August, still jobless, and I'm seriously considering the National Guard Reserve. I'm probably gonna set up a interview with a recruiter soon,

    Any more advice guys ? Anything to ask or look out for?

    bruh I thought u said u got a girlfriend in another thread tho?

    how u got time for that when u broke/jobless my nigga? :(

    nah but 1 thing I would tell u if u seriously considering the military is 1 recognizing ur personality traits

    a lot of people half ass with their career decisions and end up wasting a lot of precious time

    the only real difference between the services is that the cultures are different..........if u a like doing manly, rugged shit, u can do it in any service u just have to pick the right job

    if u just looking for employment and trying to chill behind a desk then I suggest the AF reserve is ur best shot, even tho going active duty may even be better

    I would also see about becoming an officer regardless of the service u end up choosing.....enlisted folks get shit on especially in the Army/Marines......since u already got college u need to look into the requirements for coming in as an officer to avoid the bullshit
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Westie wrote: »
    Westie wrote: »
    How you look like this
    And think this is who she's really talking to

    wow that is so superficial to judge that girl's looks

    I'm judging the comparative looks

    but u still judging looks tho

    don't act like shorty couldn't still pull dude

    u don't know what her talents are :(
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