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  • Re: Two black corporations sold off to whites.. (Sundial & OWN)

    Having a business and being in business are two very different things. Both can foster a legacy and empower the lives of others.

    You don’t have to retain a brand/product in order to build wealth for your future or community.

    What you overblack Mfs are forgetting is the simple fact that MONEY IS MONEY. You don’t need to be associated with a popular brand in order to have shit for the fam. I’m more than certain the rulers of the ruling class are running businesses you’ve never even heard of. Majority of the millionaires in the country are rich off shit mfs don’t even buy everyday.

    Expand yourselves. Stop being a victim of “white oppression”. Nigga empower yourselves and stop being a goddamn race monger.

    the bolded reveals that u don't see the bigger picture

    how many black folks will keep having to re-learn the lesson that money doesn't insulate u from racism

    what is better to have in ur opinion:

    fiat money that can be devalued at any time?

    or physical resources/assets like real estate/manufacturing facilities/raw materials?

    ownership goes a lot further than just money.........cuz what has pure spending power alone done for us when we just rush to give our bread back to other people who don't respect us anyway?
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  • Re: Them Massage Joints

    Kat wrote: »
    They don't massage your ass and upper thighs at a legit massage parlor?

    I've never gotten one..I'm sensitive.

    they are supposed to do that at a legitimate spa/massage place if u ask for it

    but don't worry, I'd take care of u :tongue:


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  • Re: Some men mistake sexual interest for consent,

    Felt like I was clear about me wanting to take things slow previously

    And after I seen what was up wasn't totally truthful about why I had to leave because I was concerned with how I was going to get home

    Prior to that not every time I'd been to the houses of guys I was dating alone was I pressured or even asked to do anything physical ...can't say I was being completely naive

    The real problem is that still men see women as something he can buy .... and there are women who will take advantage

    U got men walking around thinking a drink or dinner and a few compliments guarantees him a woman's time or body off rip... Half the time without much consideration if there's chemistry and the woman is actually sexually attracted to him

    Opposed to blaming women, why not ask men to view women as individuals worth giving the benefit of the doubt and more than just sexual objects to be brought

    the bolded is not the problem at all

    the REAL problem is women naturally like to test/play games, and they like being part-time adults who seldom are held accountable for their actions..........even the women claiming they want equality don't want all the shit that comes with it

    if u sincerely tell a dude no, he gon respect ur word unless he truly a psycho/degenerate

    otherwise, a nigga is always gon try because women seldom follow their own word

    I've literally met "religious" chicks who gave up the drawls w/ literally no effort........and I've met females with all the pre-qual slut indicators that have attempted to make me do work for the pussy

    it's disingenuous to tell a young nigga to take a woman's word seriously :(
  • Re: Some men mistake sexual interest for consent,

    jetlifebih wrote: »
    When i worked corrections ....they had a very important part of the training called “the games inmates play”

    Basically they would put you up on game about the shit inmates do to manipulate officers.....

    There needs to be a class called “the games women play”

    Fuck you mean your interested in fuckin but you don’t want to you fuckin or not?? Your girlfriend requested me on fb was eyeing me the whole fuckin night anyway ...stop playing games....

    This really sounds like some shit chicks used to do right around that age where you stopped listening to your parents when they WASNT there...this issue seems adolescent in nature

    early 20s. had a guy I'd been dealing with invite me over just to watch a movie... no discussion of sex....its like 6 pm...i accept because our first couple of dates was cool and we had chemistry... get to his house. eat. there is no tv in his living room. the only working tv is supposedly in his bedroom. now he tryna get me to drink. wasn't ready to go there with him. I make up an excuse to leave and even then he didn't want to take me home at first

    now I'm thinking had he told me to find a diff way home he prob would have plenty of boys ready to dap him up

    or if I'm down to just hug up and kiss, times you got men who will pressure u to do more after 2, 3 rebuffs

    and based off what other women shared with me it happens a lot...

    that said, i don't even think a lot of men are actively trying to do harm...or rather they aren't consciously aware of how intimidating or grating it can be after a while because obviously y'all are rarely on the receiving end, bigger, etc... and its almost expected behavior and has been tolerated up until usually is chalked up to boys beings boys... to youth...etc

    agree things are kind of getting muddled....but that's why what is consent is a necessary convo though...and getting to a consensus what is acceptable

    the bolded/underlined just indicated u were naive as hell back then

    if a nigga dating u and invite u to his house it's pretty much an assumption that he trying to smash

    did u ask him upfront if he was only inviting u over to maybe fuck? if not, how are u not just as guilty of sending mixed signals?

    the problem is women love being approached the vague way to lessen the transactional nature of most sexual encounters..........usually women who see their pussy as a bargaining chip have a problem with being upfront about sex

    the reason being is they always want to have to opportunity to back out of the responsibility of participating......afterwards if shit doesn't go her way in her mind for whatever reason, the fact that she never explicitly agreed in a firm legal affirmation gives her the opportunity to back out and play victim

    not saying this applies to u @Madame_CJSkywalker , I'm just pointing out that u can't act like dude did something wrong when he was being vague......most women encourage the vague way of initiating sexual encounters
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    blackrain wrote: »
    blackrain wrote: »
    So one moment women can't think for themselves and can barely operate their brain past the level of a 10 year old...but the next they got military style natural ability to plot and plan to destroy your universe...which is it?

    fam, why do u think divorce attorneys get paid so much?

    what do u think they do for a living?

    do u think that a profitable industry who makes money out of exploiting these situations doesn't influence these women with the mentality of a 10 yr old?

    And that same industry also helps these dumb ads men who on their 4th marriage too. Y'all really keep pushing this concept of only women being behind the demise of marriages. Niggas will have all the evidence that the man is behind the fallout and still be on some "Well its her fault" and got the nerve to talk about being mature and man enough to stand behind and accept the consequences of their actions but can't man up in situations with women. Thread right now where T/S admits to being the reason behind distrust and you pass giving niggas talking bout "Well yeah you fucked up...but what did she do wrong by not trusting you after you gave her a reason not to". You cant run around talking about being responsible and man up yet also talk about lying and dealing with women like a scared little bitch which is what some of these mgtow dudes sound like. People in general ain't shit. Being a man or woman don't increase that and dudes who sit around and blame women for all their life trouble ain't nothing but some hoe ass niggas who ain't the men they think they are

    how so @ the bolded?

    and I'm not even disagreeing with u on the whole concept of men needing to take responsibility

    I don't think the issue is responsibility being equally shared between both men and women.........I think the issue at hand is leverage and the ability to take advantage

    it's one thing to say someone is responsible for breaking up a's a whole different story to create a society that provides a safety net for someone to be an undesirable spouse and they can choose to get a divorce and get unfairly rewarded for it at the expense of someone else under the premise of "love"

    "love" shouldn't be used as a way to reward and/or control people........and unfortunately the govt gives women unnecessarily leverage........and if u can't admit that then u aren't living in reality/being honest