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I now believe in love at 1st sight SMH


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    I want a real sex doll that looks like @MsSouthern

    I'd make the doll wear University of OK jerseys and boo the longhorns whenever a game comes on

    and I'd also make the doll bake me cookies AND wash the dishes afterwards

    she gon learn today :(
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  • Re: What's the last thing you got in trouble for?(MPR tells it all)

    My oldest son told me that I'm not allowed around his friends anymore because 'they like me'.
    I told him that they like me because I have snacks. He doesn't believe me.

    oh u def got "snacks" that they want :)

    but anyways I'm a grown ass am I supposed to get in "trouble"

    adults don't get in trouble unless they still subscribe to childish thinking
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  • Re: Considering leaving the Military.

    I was at 10yrs 6mos when I decided to give it up

    because of my last deployment I was stop-lossed for 18months

    the stop-loss shit was revealing cuz I had two other mofos in my same unit who were stop-lossed and they died while we were on deployment
    I would tell anybody at the midpoint who is thinking about getting out (especially if u are enlisted and don't have ur degree) to consider the following:

    VA compensation benefits can be equivalent or even more than full retirement benefits

    full retirement pay gets taxed, while VA payments do not

    if u do the full 20 u and ur fam will NOT get free healthcare, u will have to pay for Tricare

    and Tricare can either be good or bad.....depends on if u cool with using military doctors who sometimes practice on u.............also access is a big benefit or disadvantage to using Tricare

    if u want to work for the govt/military and receive the same stability, then civil service provides a lot of the same benefits

    if I had to do it again, I def would've taken the same path and got out even tho I did enjoy my time in the Army

    if u have health issues - get out
    if u aren't getting promoted fast enough - get out (and maybe get ur degree and consider going back in)
    if u have a nest egg to carry u for at least a year - get out
    if ur kids are young enough to appreciate u coming home everyday - get out
    if mentally u can't stand working for people locked into groupthink - get out

    otherwise if none of those situations apply, and u and the fam are happy............then another 10yrs ain't shit

    u should be deep enough in the game to where u can navigate easily and knock out the last yrs until retirement
  • Re: The black man beaten at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville now faces a felony charge

    so when ya'll ready to join my Black Nationalist Army? :lol:

    I keep telling ya'll niggaz to get ya gunz up and be serious about ur physical fitness

    cuz these crackas def want to bring jim crow back

    PureYang wrote: »
    PILL_COSBY wrote: »
    Look, y'all leave my dog sleep walking in japan/trill fate/the homie nolte/kavio alone!!!!!!!!!!! He's been though enough.The mans suffering from a broken heart damn it! OB is a baaaaaaaaaad motha..........shut cho mouf! So give him a break. She was cute in the past, but now she a fully developed grown ass mothafucking woman, and she killing the game!! A lot of y'all just late and didn't peep that shit. Told y'all she could have shut this bitch down if she felt like it.

    His only sin was being up the mother of dragons ass knowing damn well she only like dudes who don't have insurance, is a green card holder, and doesn't pay taxes. When the king of the wizards swooped her up. He switches up, bends the knee, and now he wants to join house ObnoxiouslyFresh? Trying to act like he been team OB fresh since day 1 smh. Them frisco cats aint ordinary. Stay yo ass over there with them dragons bruh. We don't allow this lame shit over here


    Nah. Ob is actually mentally stable.


    well then that means that khaleesi prob got way better sex game than OB since she is legitimately crazy

    I might have to change my vote

    khaleesi looks like she'll let u do anything......ANYTHING :love:

    OB looks innocent like she still fuck with her bra on out of insecurity :(
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