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  • Re: Considering leaving the Military.

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    Serious question;

    What is your rank?

    I've heard that it takes approximately 20 years to make it to Captain, and another 20 years to make it to General.

    How old are you? Have you been promoted? Realistically if you stick around for another 9 years what do you think your rank will be?

    Lol naw 5-7 years to get CPT, enlisted and commissioned are different. Based on the fact he even made this thread means he's enlisted.

    Whats the difference between enlisted and commissioned?

    Enlisted are privates, specialist, corporal, sergeants & Sergeant major.

    Commissioned are lieutenants, captains, majors & generals and shit.

    Commissioned calls the plays. Enlisted carries them out.


    T/S still didn't tell us his rank.

    That makes all the difference. If you're still a private get out. But if you're a sergeant you could stay for another 10 years and maybe get promoted to Captain.

    Captain looks really good on your resume.

    U don't know what your talking about, just stop

    I know I don't know what I'm talking about.

    What is the T/S rank?

    You an awkward muthfucka you know that?

    I’m an E-5. Could be an E-6 by the end of the year. If I stay in realistically I could be an E-7 at 20.

    no diss but SMH @ u being an E-5 in the Army after 11yrs

    how u figure u can make E-6 within 7mos unless u plan on re-enlisting? u got to have at least 2 yrs left in order to get promoted to E-6 (unless shit has changed)

    besides if u only a SGT after 11yrs then that tells me u ain't doing so good as far as being a Soldier(ie. u fat/injured/got an Art.15).......after all the deployments lately there is no excuse to be less than an E-6(p) by 10yrs in

    u need to get tf out and at least finish school..........then if u don't like civvie life while in school u will at least have an opportunity to come back in as an officer as long as u are still under the age limit

    do another 9 yrs as O1 thru O3 with enlisted bonus pay is way more beneficial than being an NCO struggling to not get QMPed

    how did u end up with 11yrs in and only made it to SGT?

    but then again the Army thrives on mofos being comfortable and not really having ambition

    Got damn bruh! I felt some of that.

    nah I didn't intend to offend t/s

    I'm just talking to him like how real NCOs who give a fuck really talk to their soldiers

    when I was coming up we had mentors who would keep it real to make sure u were on point as far as ur career/life was concerned

    by the time I got out, the Army was no longer breeding young NCOs to have leadership skills cuz DA was only interested in deploying mofos for unnecessary wars

    depending on his MOS he only cheating himself if he ain't striving to "be all he can be"

    I hate to see cats get caught at a crossroads cuz they weren't set up to succeed by their leadership

    no soldier should be needing advice about what they are going to do next if they have been working towards specific goals like they should

    Army life is too harsh to just be taking checks and chilling without a real plan......especially with the way mofos been forced to deploy

    that's like an Airborne soldier waiting until he actually gets to the door of the plane to jump, and now he wanna be confused on whether being a paratrooper is a good idea...........if he got doubt at that point then his leadership obviously set him up for failure

    and that ain't how it's supposed to work from my personal experience

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    I'd make the doll wear University of OK jerseys and boo the longhorns whenever a game comes on

    and I'd also make the doll bake me cookies AND wash the dishes afterwards

    she gon learn today :(
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  • Re: What's the last thing you got in trouble for?(MPR tells it all)

    Beta wrote: »
    Asked my girl how much she weighs and after her reply I said "sheesh"

    I weighed more than my bf for a little bit. I was ashamed at first.
    Then I told him to get his weight up ctfu
    MPR be walking round her home letting her naked ass swallow her sweatpants whole, and then wonder why her son feel some type of way.

    Ass crack eating half of her shorts and she got the nerve to ask "why that boy like staying the night so much?"

    Gon fuck around wake up to some lil shit pullin pud over her as she sleeps.

    You aint sliiiiiick put some draws on!

    Not even close.
    I still have some weight to lose, so I all I wear is leggings and oversized shirts or dresses.

    Prove it.

    I had another baby, dude.
    I'm a solid 153 lbs and I'm only 5'5".

    yeah them proportions sound like they would work nicely

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  • Re: What's the last thing you got in trouble for?(MPR tells it all)

    damn niggaz jumped all over shorty in here

    the IC is a ghost town when it comes to women available for simping

    niggaz looking extra parched in this thread :(
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  • Re: What's the last thing you got in trouble for?(MPR tells it all)

    My oldest son told me that I'm not allowed around his friends anymore because 'they like me'.
    I told him that they like me because I have snacks. He doesn't believe me.

    oh u def got "snacks" that they want :)

    but anyways I'm a grown ass am I supposed to get in "trouble"

    adults don't get in trouble unless they still subscribe to childish thinking
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