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I now believe in love at 1st sight SMH


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  • Re: Assistant chief at a Louisiana police department to resign after he post racist meme on facebook.

    HafBayked wrote: »
    Shreveport AKA Ratchet City

    Shreveport got some bad chicks tho

    I almost fell in love er, lust in Shreveport :(
    HafBaykedOlorun22blackgod813Crude_Young Stef
  • Re: Fellas and Women in a relationship, need some real help

    Westie wrote: »

    Telling Him how she feels isn't blaming him of anything.

    Telling him to have a conversation with her is telling him to settle?

    oh you'd be so understanding if someone you have no other problems with Leaves you because your dick doesn't work, something that is out of your control. Don't be lying now Mr "keeping it real".

    but she ain't say she is the one with the issue....she said he the one who want sex too much SMH

    and lol @ the bolded
    maybe I'm different cuz I see relationships as being deeper than the typical transactional methods most people are used to settling for

    being in a relationship means that u should feel even more free to be who u truly are, cuz if u with someone who really loves and supports u unconditionally then they gon motivate u even more no matter what u do

    if u a nigga who like 3somes, then ur chick should be just as into 3somes just as much as u are........u like to smoke crack, u and ur main should be in love smoking crack together IMO.......u into some cuckold shit (which it seems like a lot of mofos are into these days haha), then u should be with a chick who enjoys cuckolding u

    but by no means should u ever settle.........cuz that just means u doing shit out of fear, instead of doing shit cuz u really want to

    too many mofos out here doing all kinds of shit out of fear, hoping to be accepted, hoping to be (transactionally) many people u see fucking for companionship, fucking for food, fucking for popularity, hell even fucking just to have a roof over their head

    meanwhile if I been with a woman for 6mos and for some reason she don't think my dick is up to par, then she is free to leave to get what she want........cuz in 6mos I shouldn't be an emotional hostage like that anyway

    but let's say I was into her like that.......if I'm really into her, then I want her to get what truly makes her happy

    that is unconditional love to me, which is really what makes relationships endure........because ur love for that person is bigger than ur own selfishness.......and when two people truly feel that way about each other, then it's easier to "compromise" cuz u ain't really compromising.........the shit is way bigger than just being about sex

    and t/s don't even seem to be in deep with his yungin like that for mofos to be encouraging him to settle this early in the game IMO

    EmM HoLLa.AZTGblacktuxsilverfoxxrip.dilla
  • Re: Tulsa female race soldier faces trial for killing unarmed black man Terence Crutcher…

    shit was done once the report said he had PCP in his system

    niggaz shouldn't protest over this one.......we gotta just hold that L
    CopperTrillfateAlready Home_17JusDre313Swiffness!soul rattler
  • Re: Tulsa female race soldier faces trial for killing unarmed black man Terence Crutcher…

    ghostdog56 wrote: »
    shit was done once the report said he had PCP in his system

    niggaz shouldn't protest over this one.......we gotta just hold that L

    What does him having PCP in his system have to do with whether or not the shooting was justified or not? I can see using that if he was trying to attack her but he wasn't

    my nigga u really gon waste ur time protesting a situation where they can prove a nigga wasn't on point before he got shot? and then u think white folks gon prosecute a white female cop at that?

    there are too many better cases to put ur efforts than to fight for a dude that they can prove was gon off of prob some dippers.........PCP ain't no regular drug bruh

    it's hard to make progress against police brutality when mofos want to protest for everybody, instead of the cases where it's obvious it's an innocent person who was killed

    it's not a coincidence that the media pushes the controversial cases over the obvious open and shut ones....the controversial cases give these fucked up cops an excuse
  • Re: Ex-WWE Diva Cameron Says That She Only Dates White Men

    somehow I don't believe her

    never met a black chick that truly does what she says when it comes to this issue

    usually it's reverse psychology she putting out there to see if niggaz are really interested