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I now believe in love at 1st sight SMH


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  • Re: Faux News Host: ‘Last Acceptable Form Of Discrimination’ Is Of White Men...

    Andrea would get smashed

    I might even EBRC that conservative smut cause she fine as hell bruh
  • Re: These Niggas done shocked the f**k outta me: The Official 2013-14 Boston Celtics Thread

    I never understood how niggaz are Celtics fans tho

    that entire city couldn't give a green fuck less about black people as a whole
    its....JOHN BTommy bilfigerIceBergTaylorPanchoYoSanchoKellmillKNiGHTS
  • Re: Obama: "I'm Sorry Obamacare website don't work" LOL

    if you know anything about how insurance works.....there is no way you can logically support Obamacare unless you just blindly following rhetoric like a sheep

    black people need to be honest enough to call each other out when we on some bullshit

    Obama was wrong for this shit all the way around.....I don't even see how a rational mofo can even attempt to debate this

    it ain't even about Republicans/Democrats......the ACA ain't doing shit but padding insurance companies pockets
  • Re: When That Attraction To Your Woman Ends...

    Well typed LMFAO though.

    I feel you though playboy...hard liquor and some good oldies always have you taking a look back.

    At least you recognize your wrong in the situation at its core.
    evilchuck wrote: »
    Smh jomer. It's easier to be honest than a liar.

    Sayings like "truth hurts" exist for a reason. Its way easier to lie than tell the truth in any situation that the truth may be abrasive.

    But why not just be forthcoming & say how you feel? Cheating, deceiving & wasting someone's fertile years is far worse than just leaving.

    ROFL @ indirectly admitting that a woman's only worth is her ability to squirt out niglets

    a lot of females would starve without their pussy as a bargaining chip :(
  • Re: California Considers Ending Rule That Penalizes Low-Income Women For Having Kids

    Dr.Chemix wrote: »
    Feelings have nothing to do with this

    Men are just tired of these dumb ass broads shit. Simple as that.

    The stupidity that comes out of their mouths is horrendous.

    Read some of their posts, this shit is crazy.

    Men are held accountable in so many ways when it comes to children

    Yet that same accountability is not even considered with these broads

    Oh, let the state take care of em. But if that child grows up to be a statistic?

    "Gurrrl, his daddy? That nigga ain't shit! That's why he fucked up now and in jail, with his broke ass"

    It's a cycle that must be stopped.

    It takes a WOMAN AND A MAN to make a child, so when a child is involved the men will always share the blame. Stop going raw in these girls and/or be more picky with who you choose to put your dick inside of. The risk of STDs and an unwanted child should be enough to outweigh 30minutes of feel good.

    Also, the woman are still taking care of the children. If you have a problem with the way your BM is raising your son or daughter, file for custody and prove your case. Shit, you might not have to prove your case, she might be happy that you actually gave a fuck and let you raise him/her for whatever amount of time y'all agreed upon.

    ..But like I said earlier, all of this can be prevented if you clowns stop trying to get your pussy count up and realize the risk that comes with having sex, and the simple concept that quality always takes precedence over quantity.

    women can't close their legs to prevent this phenomenon? it's all on the men right? haha

    I'm doing my best not to go in :(
    [Deleted User]gorilla