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I now believe in love at 1st sight SMH


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  • Re: What's the last thing you got in trouble for?(MPR tells it all)

    damn niggaz jumped all over shorty in here

    the IC is a ghost town when it comes to women available for simping

    niggaz looking extra parched in this thread :(
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  • Re: Parents: R. Kelly Holding Our Daughters in Sex-Obsessed, Abusive ‘Cult’

    R. Kelly has inspired me to go hang out at the local colleges so I can catch some incoming freshmen

    I need to smash me some 18yr old women too :(
  • Re: In a PR blitz before his trial, Bill Cosby blames racism for sexual assault claims

    I just happened to be listening to that UOENO Remix, and Ross spit this line:

    Put molly in her champagne (She ain't even know it)
    Took her home and enjoyed that (You ain't even know it)

    Niggas is real cavalier about this date rape shit. That's why I don't believe Cosby is innocent in this shit. A lot of dudes don't see anything wrong with it especially in the past, but it's not like drugging a chick for sex was legal back then either. People just didn't make as big a deal about it as they do now.

    wow @ the bolded for an argument

    I hope u are not an attorney :lol:

    u straight implying real guilt that would land someone in jail off of a rap lyric SMH.........ur bias so blatant it blinds u bruh

    so could Rick Ross rhyming about drugging women means all black men who get pussy must like raping these broads

    Lil Wayne also said something about beating pussy up like Emmett I guess Emmett got what he deserved right? :(
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  • Re: What was it like when u were broke/lowest?

    HafBayked wrote: »
    nun wrong wit $49 kicks.....shit thats a welcoming sight these days and I got more than I've ever had

    just got everybody in the crib some chucks the other day.....spent like $120 w/ shoe cleaner, socks, and tax and felt damn good about it

    u right ain't nothing wrong with $49 shoes

    but I only got @2stepz_ahead about his cheap shoes because of how he fronts in threads

    nigga had a problem with how Lavar Ball run his own business, but he proud to wear Nikes tho

    nigga I dinet want lavar to destroy him or his kids...what don't you understand. I'll by Nike ao adidas or pumas.I just need comfort when I walk.

    an how I front nigga?

    tell me...maybe you looking at it wrong

    u a silly hypocrite fronting like u know what u talking about when it comes to this money shit

    I'll give u an example:

    as far as drive...that's why I make motivation threads.... to hell motivate an push you to be better. all it takes it a second of undistracted attention to spark a change.

    ill give this names cause he was my homie.

    nigga i know on a playground in Philly....ballin his ass off. I often asked him why didn't he go all the reasons but this nigga was the truth. I always told him he was better than AI...but he won't know unless he tries.

    years later his people got lit up..but he made cuz he knew he could have gotten them out have he pushed harder an at least went abroad an took them.

    he never really go over himself up almost everytime I see him about it.

    now while I tried ultimately uo to him.but others saw his potential an wanted him to stay talking that...they will make you a slave shit...

    now look where we are.

    but let's get it. what value do sneakers hold? I don't play ball. I don't jog. nigga I walk. $49 is all I need to walk comfortably.

    now wait a min u gon advise ur man to go to the NBA yet u claim u wear cheap shoes cuz u ain't even athletic worth a damn? u ain't have no connects to give that man a path to the league, and u can't even ball to understand the game urself

    but yet u was frustrated at ur boy cuz he didn't take ur valuable advice :lol:

    how arrogant are u to think u qualified to be a tutor to niggaz when u ain't even passed the class urself

    u really think niggaz who trying to learn to hustle gon take advise from a nigga in cheap tennis shoes who bragging about riding the bus? :(

    and u know the only reason I clown them cheap Nikes cuz of that coonery u was doing in the Lavar Ball thread.....cut the shit my nigga
  • Re: Tulsa female race soldier faces trial for killing unarmed black man Terence Crutcher…

    shit was done once the report said he had PCP in his system

    niggaz shouldn't protest over this one.......we gotta just hold that L
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